How Heavy Should My German Shepherd Be?


Hi there!

I’m Josh, and I just got my first German Shepherd puppy a few months ago. He just turned 7 months old the other day! 

All in all, we’re doing great and my Cody is the best boy ever. The vet says he’s doing fine, too, developing just the way he’s supposed to.

But, I can’t help but wonder: how heavy should my German Shepherd be?

Cody loves to eat and always begs me for food. I’m afraid that if I let him nibble on snacks every time he wants it, he’d become massive. 

When do they stop growing? Should my dog be so heavy? He already has 60 pounds, and I don’t know whether to put him on a diet or not…

A little help would be appreciated, thanks!

Well, hello there, Josh, and hello, PupViners! 

I genuinely love when you guys ask me questions about your dogs. It tells me you care and want to get to know your dog the best way possible.

Josh, I hope you knew your German Shepherd would be a large dog. They’re not smol pooches or pupsters that fit snugly into your lap. 

All German Shepherds are big, both male and female versions. Since you have a GSD boy, you can expect him to grow up and be a really big doggo.

But, how much should an average GSD weigh? When do they even stop putting on weight? 

Let’s find out together!

So, How Heavy Should My German Shepherd Be?

German Shepherd running

The good news is, Josh, that you shouldn’t worry about your dog putting on too much weight. He’s a growing pup, and growing pups love to eat because their body signals them that they need more energy. And, where does that energy come from? Food, of course!

Your Cody is 7 months old, right? Well, Cody’s weight is absolutely normal for his age. He’s not overweight or underweight either. He’s a developing boy and will get a bit bigger as time passes.

Unlike most dogs that reach maturity at the age of 12 months, German Shepherds become 100% mature adults at the age of 24 months. But, their growth from months 12 to 24 won’t be that intense. 

It takes time for male GSDs to bulk up their weight so they can be strong doggos that exercise a lot. 

The problem might occur if your German Shepherd keeps on adding weight way past the 36-month milestone. In that case, consult your vet to check whether there are any underlying issues that lead to obesity.

There’s a significant difference in terms of size between males and females. Since Cody is a boy, I’ll explain typical male GSD weight first using a chart that should help you understand things better.

This is an average weight chart for German Shepherd males, months 1 to 12:

1 month 2 month 3 month 4 month
5.5-9 lbs 16-20 lbs 22-30 lbs 35-40 lbs
5 month 6 month 7 month 8 month
40-49 lbs 49-57 lbs 57-62 lbs 62-66 lbs
9 month 10 month 11 month 12 month
64-71 lbs 66-73 lbs 71-75 lbs 71-79 lbs

And, this is a weight chart for male GSD’s ages, 1.5 years, 2, and 3 years:

1.5 years old 2 years 3 years
71-79 lbs 71-84 lbs 79 – 88 lbs

As I said earlier, females are not as heavy as males, so here’s their weight chart:

1 month 2 month 3 month 4 month
4.5-8 lbs 11-17 lbs 17-26 lbs 31-35 lbs
5 month 6 month 7 month 8 month
35-44 lbs 44-49 lbs 49-53 lbs 53-57 lbs
9 month 10 month 11 month 12 month
55-60 lbs 57-62 lbs 60-64 lbs 60-64lbs

And, this is how much females should weigh after they turn 12 months of age:

1.5 years old 2 years 3 years
60-66 lbs 60-66 lbs 66-70 lbs

Of course, these are all general weight guidelines. It’s not set in stone that Cody should weigh 64 pounds when he turns 12 months of age. Not every dog is the same. Cody might be in the rapid growth stage, but his weight gain will stop eventually. 

It’s important to keep track of your dog’s health, take him for regular vet checkups, and feed your dog a proper diet. 

It’s okay if he weighs a few pounds over or under the recommended weight. They’re dogs, not robots!

A balance of a healthy diet and regular exercises is all a German Shepherd needs to stay fit and strong.