Why Does My French Bulldog Drag Her Bum? 7 Tushie Troubles


So you’ve recently noticed your Frenchie scooting her cute little tushie across the floor. Hey, don’t fret. 

It is a common problem all canine owners face and many of them have also asked themselves “Why does my French Bulldog drag her bum?”

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 7 reasons why your French Bulldog is dragging her bum and what you can do to help! 

So, let’s dive in…ugh, let’s not dive in. I mean, let’s find out why your pup’s behind is feeling blue and how to stop that bum from dragging and get that tail wagging again!

Why Does My French Bulldog Drag Her Bum? 7 Common Causes

French Bulldog hiding under table

From itchy bums to major health problems, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get to the bottom of Frenchie’s tushie troubles once and for all! 

Here are some common causes why she is dragging her bum across the floor. 

1. Dirty Bum

Let’s start with the most obvious and most harmless of all French Bulldog dragging bum causes – the dirty behind.

Now, I am not saying that cats are better than dogs, but they have their ways of cleaning their rear ends that seem way better than the way dogs do it. Especially Frenchies who can’t reach their bum to clean it. 

So, what happens is that excess poop accumulates around the dog’s tushie, causing friction and making them uncomfortable. It starts itching like crazy which is why they try to get rid of leftover poop by dragging her bum across the ground. 

It’s all fun and games when your Frenchie drags her bum on grass, but when she does it in the house, then it’s time for a thorough carpet clean-up. 

It does not matter whether it is a female or a male Frenchie, both genders will do this if their tushie is dirty. 

What you can do to help them is get some dog-friendly wipes when on the go, and clean them up. You can use lukewarm water to thoroughly clean her behind once you get home. 

Make sure to teach them this while they are young, so you don’t have trouble doing it when they grow up into adult dogs.

2. Anal Gland Impaction

lazy French Bulldog lying on floor

The biggest reason why your female French Bulldog is dragging her bum is due to anal gland problems. In the doggie world we call this scooting. 

While it may look funny seeing your pup drag her behind, she may be in pain, and once you realize that, all the laughing stops. 

Well, anal gland impaction in dogs is not as painful as an infection, but it comes with its own set of different types of discomforts. 

The smelly, fishy fluid that is produced and released from Frenchie’s anal glands gets trapped in anal sacs. 

Your dog will probably smell like fish due to the accumulation of such fluid that is trapped in those sacs because it can’t get out on its own. I mean, it naturally goes out on its own when dogs poop normally, but when your Frenchie is having diarrhea, the loose stool fails to put pressure on these glands. 

In other words, loose stool fails to squeeze out the fluid, whereas solid poop succeeds in doing so. 

If you think your dog is dragging her tushie because of anal sac congestion, it is time for the extraction of the smelly fluid. You can either call your vet to help you or try to do it yourself.

3. Anal Sac Infection

Moving on to anal sac infection, which can be caused by prolonged anal gland impaction. If you leave your Frenchie’s anal sacs full, they will eventually become infected. 

Her tiny scent glands (anal sacs) become so full that they start to cause a lot of discomfort and irritation which is why your female French Bulldog starts dragging her bum excessively. 

The gland’s secretions build-up is smelly, thick, and gooey, kind of like mucus. When these glands are infected, they become even smellier!

Treating such an infection at home might be a bit difficult. It is best to seek help from a licensed veterinarian, as your dog is likely to receive antibiotic treatments along with anal gland extraction. 

4. Anal Sac Rupture

lazy French Bulldog looking at camera

Again, we are talking about overfilled anal sacs that can lead to anal sac rupture, which can cause your Frenchie to feel under the weather and her poop to change color.

When anal sacs become so full, the delicate tissue tears apart and ruptures due to the fluid pressure. Of course, it becomes quite painful too!  

Alongside overfilled anal sacs, this condition can be caused by various other factors, including infection, congestion, tumors, or injury. 

After you see your French Bulldog dragging her bum on the floor, check for blood stains as they could indicate anal sac rupture.  

To help your furry pal, it is important to take her to the vet as soon as possible. After diagnosis, she will be given proper treatment to get back to feeling comfortable and pain-free. 

This health problem usually heals in about two weeks, when proper treatment is administered. 

5. Allergies

Food and environmental allergies can cause some serious itchy tushie business for your female French Bulldog. In addition to breaking out in hives and getting a runny nose, your dog will most likely develop flaky skin, watery eyes, scabs around mouth, and an itchy bum. 

Irritation and itching due to different types of dog allergies is very common in the Frenchie breed. 

Once it occurs, it becomes impossible for them to resist the urge to scratch, making the problem even worse. Over time, this constant scratching can cause redness, bleeding, and scabs around the dog’s bum. 

Feeding your Frenchie new food can cause an allergic reaction to certain ingredients. Even though it is rare, dogs who eat cat poop may also indirectly develop an allergic reaction to the digested food. 

If you suspect your pup is suffering from food or environmental allergies, take her to the vet for allergy testing.

6. Intestinal Parasites

French Bulldog dragging his bum

These creepy, crawly, intestinal worms are such a pain in the Frenchie’s bum. For real! 

Intestinal parasites in dogs are a very common health hazard that leads to scooting, excessive farting, constipation, diarrhea, and many other problems. 

White specks in your puppy’s poop could be a positive sign of parasites, but it could also be caused by other things like a change in diet. 

And yes, French Bulldogs can get parasites from eating poop, so it is important to keep an eye on them when they play and stop them from this icky behavior. 

While parasites can affect dogs of all ages, it’s more common in newborn Frenchies. 

In most cases, a simple antiparasitic pill can help get rid of these pesky crawlies. But it’s important to take your Frenchie to the vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. 

In some cases, the pill may take a little while to start working, so don’t be surprised if your scooting pal still scoots for a day or two after she has taken it. 

But there are times when your dog can poop herself instantly after taking this pill. 

7. Tumors Or Masses In Rectum Or Around Bum

Unfortunately, there are times when Frenchies develop tumors or unusual masses in their rectum. These are more age-related health issues, but they can occur at any time. 

Your female French Bulldog can develop these masses in or/and around her bum. They can cause a lot of discomforts and excessive itching, leading to scooting behavior. 

In some cases, these growths can cause your Frenchie to poop blood, which is an undoubtful sign that something is not right.

Depending on their type, tumors and masses can be dangerous because they can grow and spread, causing serious health issues for your pup.

The treatment will depend on the size and location of the growth, but in some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove it. Therefore, it is best to ask your vet for help as soon as possible!

What Can I Do To Stop My French Bulldog From Dragging Her Bum?

tired French Bulldog sitting on bed

In order to help your female French Bulldog with her bum scooting troubles, you should maintain her hygiene by cleaning her booty regularly. 

Additionally, you should pay attention to her diet to make sure that there are no food ingredients that might be causing allergies. Raw food diet is usually the best way to go, but there are many high-quality kibbles specifically made for preventing this kind of problem. 

Of course, deworming your Frenchie pup regularly will do the trick in preventing parasitic infestations. 

In addition to maintaining proper hygiene and deworming your pup, you can try some home remedies for dog scooting to help your Frenchie with her irritated bum. 

In the end, call your vet if you notice any unusual signs that may appear during scooting! 

Final Words 

close shot of tired French Bulldog

We hope that our comprehensive guide helped you uncover the root cause of why your French Bulldog is dragging her bum, as well as provided some bottom-line solutions to get her tushie feeling better!

Remember, regular cleanliness, a balanced diet, and plenty of love and attention can go a long way in keeping your Frenchie’s behind simply pooch-fect!