Have A Merry Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix — It’s Bark Time

These two dog breeds are one of the most cheerful doggos out there. They will greet you with a happy tail wag and a bark anytime you come back from work or just wake up from a nap. Now, imagine mixing these two exuberant dog breeds. What do we get?

We get an amazing mixed dog called an Aussie Beagle or a Sheagle.

This crossbreed means double joy and double affection! This dog crossbreed is a dog to cheer you up when you feel the blues. Being a mixed breed, a Sheagle will have the traits of both parents. That means you can enjoy the temperamental traits of both the Australian Shepherd and the Beagle.

But they do have some physical and temperamental traits that are not a good choice for first-time dog owners. That doesn’t mean you can’t have them, it’s just a better choice for someone who has more experience with energetic dogs and their grooming.

Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful Australian Shepherd Beagle mix and find everything you want to know about its traits — from its looks and trainability to health.

Meet The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

australian shepherd beagle mix looking into camera
Photo from: @dog.monty

It is time to meet the Beagle Aussie mix. Or the Aussie Beagle mix. Whatever you put first, it’s the same crossbreed — a Sheagle.

These are active dogs. They also have a high prey drive. The Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a designer dog — a type of crossbreed purposefully made to have traits of two purebred dogs mixed in one dog to meet the needs of people.

So, what did people want when they mixed these two dogs? First thing — a great hunting instinct and high obedience trait. Secondly — an affectionate dog with a great sense of loyalty to its owner.

The Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a medium-sized dog. They can weigh from 30 to 50 pounds and their height is from 15 to 20 inches. These physical traits can be different. An Aussie Beagle can be larger than 50 pounds or taller than 20 inches. It all depends on the parent dogs and their physical traits.

As with all other mixed dogs, both temperamental and physical characteristics of a mixed dog breed depends on the parent dogs. If you mix a German Shepherd with a Pitbull, you will get something in between a GSD and a Pitbull.

The logic dictates the same with our cheerful Sheagle. So, let’s see the main traits of these two dogs so that we can understand our Aussie Beagle better.

Who Are The Parents?

australian shepherd beagle lying in his bed
Photo from: @ziggie_smalls0

The dog parents of the Sheagle are two amazing purebred dogs. Our merry mixed dog comes from mixing an Australian Shepherd with a Beagle. As we already mentioned, both of these dog breeds are very cheerful dogs.

They’re just happy to be your friend and they are happy to show it. But it’s more than their happiness and friendliness. These two dogs are also gorgeous dog breeds.

Have you seen the amazing coat color of the Australian Shepherd? Or the beautiful eye colors these dogs can have? The Australian Shepherd dog is truly a beautiful dog.

But Beagles are not far from Aussies, either. They too have beautiful coat color combinations, and they are just as stunning as Australian Shepherds. And even more than that — they have big puppy eyes that are impossible to say no to.

It is time to read and find out more about the two dog parents of our Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog.

The Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a very intelligent and energetic dog. They were originally bred in Spain, but they were brought to the States from Australia, hence the name. The Australian Shepherd we know (and love) today was developed in the US.

So, it is a Spanish dog, developed in the States that has an Australian name. I see no problems with that. It makes it even more interesting.

As the name tells us, these dogs were bred for herding purposes. They are one of the best Shepherd dogs and they still do an incredibly good job on farms all around the world. But they found their place in rodeo as well.

The Australian Shepherd is an amazing Rodeo Dog, swiftly moving between the barrels, jumping through a hoop, or catching a frisbee. As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine a Dog Rodeo Stunt Show without an Australian Shepherd. Can you?

To sum it up, an Aussie Shepherd is a wonderful dog to mix with a Beagle. They produce incredible and beautiful offspring.

The Beagle

And the other dog parent is a celebrity among dog breeds. Maybe not a lapdog kind of celebrity like Chihuahuas are, but a celebrity among hunting dogs, for sure.

These are working dogs, too. But this time it’s not a herding job they are good at. Beagles were originally bred for another type of work. Yes, you’ve guessed it — they were bred to hunt.

Beagles are medium-sized dogs too, just like Australian Shepherds, but they are smaller than the Aussies. They do have the same brave heart that beats strong for their owners.

The Beagle we know today was originally bred and developed in the UK. But it is believed that the Beagle ancestors were bred in Ancient Greece. The purpose was the same — to hunt small game, for example, rabbits.

The Beagle can also be an amazing family pet. Our lovely Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog has an equal possibility of inheriting  the traits from both dog parents.

We will see what traits are most likely to be inherited from a Beagle and what traits are dominantly inherited from an Aussie Shepherd.

Origin Of The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

australian shepherd beagle dog in the field
Photo from: @aussie_beaglesammy

A Sheagle or Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a dog crossbreed that has an unknown year and place of origin. That is quite normal for designer dogs.

Any type of hybrid dog (another name for a designer dog) is not registered by the American Kennel Club. The AKC recognizes purebreds only. So, when someone decided to mix the Australian Shepherd dog with the Beagle, they didn’t have to make it official at the AKC or the UKC (United Kennel Organization).

They just had to follow the protocols of safe and humane breeding programs. That means breeding two healthy purebred dogs to make healthy mixed offspring, in our case — Australian Shepherd Beagle mix puppies.

But it is safe to assume that the first Sheagle pups were bred in the US. Why? Because both of these dogs are very popular in the States. Beagle is an excellent dog for hunting and an Australian Shepherd is a Rodeo Dog.

So, my guess is that Sheagle is either one of the American dog breeds or the English (UK) dog breeds. But we’re just guessing. The exact origin of the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is unknown!

We don’t know much about the origin, but we sure do know a lot about the possible looks this lovely crossbreed can have. You read that correctly — looks, plural. Let’s see why the emphasis is on the fact it’s plural.

Appearance Of The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

australian shepherd beagle dog sitting on the grass near the flower field
Photo from: @paula.tessa_

We already acknowledged that this is a mixed dog, but I am mentioning it again because the fact that this is a mixed dog plays a huge role in its appearance characteristics.

The Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog can have all the physical traits of the Australian Shepherd and all the physical traits of the Beagle, plus all of those traits mixed together. That is 90% the case — Sheagles are in the middle, somewhere in between the looks of an Aussie and a Beagle.

If you want to know all the possibilities of what your new puppy might look like, it is very important to know the looks of its parent dogs. So first, we will learn a bit about what the Australian Shepherd and Beagle look like, and then we will summarize the facts and see the possible Sheagle physical traits.

The Australian Shepherd Appearance

Let’s go straight to the facts. The Australian Shepherd dog is a dog of medium size, with an average height of up to 23 inches, and an average weight of around 65 pounds.

But bear in mind that there is a Mini Australian Shepherd, whose  size is much smaller than the standard-sized Aussie dog. Because the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog is made by mixing the standard Aussie and standard Beagle, we will talk only about the standard versions of these dogs.

The Aussie Shepherd has a medium length and double coat. It can come in various coat colors. For example, red tri Australian Shepherd, red merle, black, etc. This dog breed is a moderate to high shedder, and it will require thorough weekly grooming.

Because of their wits and incredible beauty, there are a lot of Aussie mixes. One of the most popular is an Aussiedoodle, a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. But people often mix Aussies with Corgis and Collies, too.

The Beagle Appearance

The Beagle is a purebred dog that can grow up to 15 inches. They are usually between 13 and 15 inches in height, but some Beagles can be smaller than 13 inches. If the Beagle is smaller than 13 inches, its average weight is less than 20 pounds. If they are taller, their weight is up to 30 pounds.

As we already mentioned, the Beagle has many coat color variations. The most famous one is a red-black Beagle. Their coat is double-coated, smooth, and short. No matter the length of the coat, they are moderate shedders too.

Just like stunning blue eyes are a common trait of the Aussie Shepherd, floppy ears are a recognizable trait of a Beagle.

This trait is something our cheerful Australian Shepherd Beagle mix can inherit and proudly flop around.

So, What Is The Aussie Beagle Appearance?

australian shepherd beagle dog sitting on the chair outdoors
Photo from: @aussie_beaglesammy

Now that we’ve seen the general physical traits of both dog parent breeds, we can paint a clearer picture of a possible Sheagle look. As we already said, they will inherit traits from both purebred dog parents.

Depending on the dominant genes, some Australian Shepherd Beagle mix puppies will have more of an Australian Shepherd look while others will have more of a Beagle look.


The size of our crossbreed dog will be, in most cases, between 15 and 20 inches. Their weight is from 30 to 50 pounds. If you mix a smaller Beagle (the one under 13 inches) then we can expect a smaller Sheagle, too.

They can inherit the Beagle body shape, with more muscles and shorter legs or long legs and a deeper chest from the  Australian Shepherd. In both cases, they will have a proportional body with a muscular neck.


The head usually resembles the Aussie Shepherd head. It is pointier and narrower . But if they do inherit the  head shape of a Beagle, then they can have a more square-like upper jaw and broader face. The eyes are round, and they can be either blue, brown, or amber. The blue eye color comes from the Australian Shepherd dog.

As for the ears, they can be either floppy and long as the ears of a Beagle, or they can be triangular rose ear type like the ears of an Australian Shepherd.

Coat Type

Australian Shepherd Beagle mix will have a double-layer coat. Both dog parents have this type of coat, but the difference is in the coat length. There is an equal chance for an Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog to inherit a medium or short coat. The puppies in the same litter can have different types of coats. Some will be short-coated while others will be medium-length coated.

Coat Color

This is a wild guess. Of course, if you mix a black and white Australian Shepherd and a black and white Beagle, the chances are you will get a black and white Australian Shepherd Beagle mix. But sometimes, a recessive merle gene from the Aussie parent can pop up.

That means, there is a chance your Sheagle puppy will have a merle coat color. Other than merle, they can inherit the coat color from the Beagle parent — black and tan, lilac, tri-color, or just about any other type of coat color from the Australian Shepherd or from a Beagle.

So, an Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog can be solid black, solid white, bi-color, tri-color, merle, and a combination of these colors.


If you want to get an Aussie Beagle, the shedding trait is an important trait of this dog. The Aussie Beagle does shed.

We already mentioned that Australian Shepherd dogs are moderate to high shedders. The Beagles shed as well. So, if you mix two shedding dogs you will get a shedding mixed puppy.

So, the Sheagle will need regular weekly grooming, and if they inherit the medium-length coat, then the grooming process must get more thorough.

When you have a dog with a medium-length coat, the best option to use for brushing is the Furminator. That is a brush specially designed for double and thick coat types.

But if your Sheagle inherits its  coat type from a Beagle, you’ll need a medium-bristle brush.

Temperament Of The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

australian shepherd beagle dog on a leash sitting in the park
Photo from: @bonnie_diaries

Now, let’s talk about something that will make you forget all those brushes and combs much needed during the shedding season. It is time to talk about the mental and social traits of the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix.

The Sheagle dog is a cheerful pooch that loves to show affection to its owner. They love being by your side and doing things together with you. No matter if it’s having fun or working, this lovely mixed dog breed will love spending time with you.

Apart from being such  cheerful and loving companion dogs, our lovely Australian Shepherd Beagle mix has other temperament traits, too.

1. High Energy

Being a crossbreed of one very energetic dog breed and the other hunting dog breed, it is only natural to expect a Sheagle to be a high-energy dog too. This is not a low-maintenance dog that won’t need a lot of exercise and play.

Remember, every dog is unique. So, you could  be that one person that owns a low-energy Sheagle. Who knows, maybe they got all the genes for running around from their Beagle parent.

But if we are talking about the average facts, and those that happen most frequently — the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a dog that needs lots of hours of exercise. If you want to get yourself a Sheagle best friend, then you must be prepared that they need plenty of exercise.

2. Trainability

The Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a trainable dog. They got their intelligence from both dog parents, but to be honest — Aussie Shepherd is the main intelligence gene pool here. But both Beagles and Australian Shepherds are used to being with their humans and listening to their commands during working hours.

Beagles can be a little bit stubborn from time to time. But that doesn’t affect their learning abilities. They will learn what you teach them, and quickly. They will just have a problem following the order if they find a peculiar smell they must follow!

But, in general, you won’t spend plenty of time training your Aussie Beagle. They have the special “pleasing” gene from the Australian Shepherd parent and an Australian Shepherd is one of the 19 dogs easiest to potty train.

Those are good training genes! Of course, you have to use a lot of positive reinforcement during dog training time, just like with any other dog breed.

3. Socialization

The Beagle is a breed of dog used to working in large groups. They were bred to be able to hunt in packs and to use vocalization to alert hunters if there was potential prey. So, when it comes to Beagle genes, the Aussie Beagle is good with other dogs and good with children.

But the Australian Shepherd does not go well with other dogs. Aussies are the best dogs to herd sheep or even the best dogs to herd cattle, but they need some training to learn that other dogs are friends.

The Aussie Beagle will need proper early socialization. They will also need monitoring when they are off-leash because they can be excellent escape artists. The Aussie Beagle doesn’t want to run away from you.

They want to catch that squirrel or a bird they saw a moment ago. They have great hunting instincts, so leaving them with small pets is a big no unless they were properly socialized.

4. Barking

They are not constantly barking or as vocal and keen to howl as huskies, but the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a moderately vocal dog crossbreed.

This is something to take into consideration if you are planning on adopting a Sheagle. They are not that silent, and they are quite vocal especially when they play.

But don’t worry, there is a solution. In fact, there are 9 anti-dog barking devices for you to try and help yourself and your neighbors.

Health Of The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

australian shepherd beagle lying down on the carpet
Photo from: @bonnie_diaries

As for other traits, the health of an Australian Shepherd Beagle mix depends on the health of the dog’s parents.

While Australian Shepherd dogs are generally healthy, Beagles can be more prone to some health problems and certain health conditions. If we take all of the possible health issues of both dog parent breeds, we can draw a line and see possible Sheagle health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye problems
  • Thyroid problems
  • Elbow dysplasia

It seems like this dog crossbreed can have a lot of health issues. But every responsible breeder will screen their breeding dogs and won’t allow breeding of the dogs that have some of these health conditions or issues.

So, in general, a Sheagle is a healthy dog. Responsible breeding leads to healthy pups. Irresponsible breeding leads to puppies with inherited health problems.

So, if you are going to get an Aussie Beagle puppy, make sure to get one from a reputable breeder that can show you all the health test certifications of their breeding dogs.

Those tests include the MLS DNA Test for Beagles, the hip and elbow evaluation tests for Australian Shepherds, and ophthalmological evaluations for both dog parent breeds.

The Average Lifespan

Both parent dog breeds of an Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. The Australian Shepherd has a slightly  longer average lifespan — 12 to 15.

So, the average lifespan of a Sheagle will also be around 15 years. Compared to some other dog breeds, this lifespan is one of the longest in the dog world. A dog can certainly live even longer if you feed them high-quality dog food, take them to the vet regularly, vaccinate them, love them, give them a lot of puppy kisses, etc.

In the end, I understand 15 years is too short when you love a doggo. But those 15 years are worth it, and they will forever be some of the best years of your life.

What Is High-Quality Food?

One of the main things to consider when it comes to your dog’s health is the food you give them to eat. A dog is a carnivore, a descendant of the wolves, and as such needs a lot of proteins in the diet.

You can feed your dog:

  • Kibble (dry dog food)
  • Cooked (homemade food)
  • Raw diet (raw meat and veggies)

What type of diet is the best for your Sheagle depends on the dog’s age, health, activity levels, and the free time you have. If you want to be sure you are giving the best dog food to your doggo, talk to your vet and see what they recommend.

Whatever you choose, the point is to feed your dog a balanced diet: lots of proteins and a low percentage of carbohydrates. They will also need vitamins and minerals. You can add these supplements to your dog’s diet by feeding him some veggies and fruits that are safe for dogs.

For example, apples, brussels sprouts, bananas, pumpkins, etc.

The Average Price Of an Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

adorable australian shepherd beagle sitting on dandelion field
Photo from: @aussie_beaglesammy

The average price of an Australian Shepherd Beagle mix depends on several things. Foremost, it depends on the breeder. If it’s a reputable breeder that takes excellent care of their dogs and they are transparent about it — the price gets higher.

If you get a Sheagle from a home breeder that breeds dogs as a hobby and doesn’t pay much attention to the health tests, or they don’t have AKC-registered purebred parent dogs — the price gets lower.

So, the average price of an Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is between $800 and $1500. If some of the purebred dogs come from a famous bloodline or are champion dams and studs, then the price can be as high as $2500.

This is rare because most breeders with such purebred dogs do not make crossbreeds. Their aim is to preserve the purebred dogs they have, with all breed standards according to AKC. Mixing two purebred dogs is something most owners of champion bloodline purebred dogs do not do.

Is The Aussie Beagle A Good Choice For Me?

australian shepherd beagle puppy lying in the grass
Photo from: @ziggie_smalls0

This is an excellent question, especially for a new dog owner. Is the Sheagle the right choice for you?

If you have the time to play with your dog every day and spend a couple of hours daily on walks and other types of exercise, then yes.

If you have a farm and need a working dog or a dog to go hiking or hunting with you, then yes.

If you have a yard and other dogs too, the answer is also yes.

But if you work long hours and you live in an apartment, then the answer is no. You can have any dog breed you want, but there are some dogs that will simply wither without exercise and affection.

This is a type of dog that loves to show affection and loves to receive affection too. Working with them or playing with them is essential. They need to run, sniff, and work around something. If not, they can become bored and anxious. If they become bored, they can become destructive, too.

If they become anxious, there are a series of different behaviors an anxious dog can exhibit. From acting weird all of a sudden to crying while carrying toys, and others.

You can make it work with some interactive toys for dogs, but the bottom line — this crossbreed is an energetic and loyal dog that needs your company. If you live alone and you know you won’t be able to go on long walks every day, then it is better to find a dog that suits your lifestyle better.

You can always find a good lap dog or low-energy medium-sized dog breeds that won’t need that much exercise or attention.

The Conclusion

We’ve come to the conclusion — the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a cheerful and energetic dog that has wonderful working skills.

They are excellent family dogs. But they need to be adequately mentally and physically stimulated in order to keep them healthy and happy. And we all want what’s best for our doggos. So, get ready to take long walks in the park and hold the leash tight.

The Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is loyal but has a good hunting instinct, and it will try to catch small prey — squirrels, birds, even cats if they are not properly socialized from an early age. But don’t worry, they are easy to train and they love to please their owners.

The important thing about this amazing dog crossbreed is their coat type and grooming needs. Because both dog parents have a double coat type, our Australian Shepherd Beagle mix will also have this coat type. That means — weekly grooming and daily grooming during shedding seasons.