13 Signs You’re A Crazy German Shepherd Owner


So, you think you’re a crazy GSD owner? Well, then you must have some signs you’re a crazy German Shepherd owner like throwing B-day parties or treating him as a child.

We don’t judge, so don’t worry. We completely understand you and your immense love for German Shepherds.

Today, you’ll see what the exact signs of GSD fever are! 

These Are The Tell-Tale Signs

If you suspect you’re crazy about your GSD, then you certainly tick all the boxes listed down below!

1. You Had A Name For Him Even Before He Was Born

girl holding german shepherd puppy in her arms

And, I bet it’s one spectacular name like Max von Fluffyhausen, or Jessie von Sabelhousen.

Okay, my names are cheesy, but these names aren’t!

Every crazy German Shepherd owner already has a name planned for his new puppy, even before the litter is announced! Not to forget, the names for his future siblings, too!

2. Your German Shepherd Is Your Baby

Do you baby-talk to your GSD? Do you call him your baby? Does he love cuddling in your lap, and letting you pet him as much as you want?

Yep, you’re a crazy GSD owner, and your GSD is crazy about you, too!

To be honest, German Shepherds are just big babies. They’re sweet and caring. Big cuddlers with a huge heart! Their barking at unknown people is just their way of protecting you and saying they love you.

3. Your GSD Has More Things Than You Do

german shepherd playing with toys in grass

Do you buy your GSD a lot of things other than his basic stuff like food and collars? Does he have a crate full of toys and a bed that seems more comfortable than yours? 

Oh, yes… he’s definitely spoiled because you’re so crazy about him. 

Frankly, all GSD owners go a little bit overboard and buy all kinds of things for their dogs. I know a guy whose German Shepherd had more toys than he had while growing up! 

If you ask me, I’m pawfectly okay with buying them a bunch of stuff… maybe because I’m crazy, too!

4. You Would Rather Spend Nights With Your Dog Than Going Out

Going out in our teen years and early twenties was an absolute MUST. Can you even remember a Saturday from that period when you stayed at home?

As we grow older, priorities change. It’s much more comfortable to spend a night in, snuggling with our dogs on the sofa instead of visiting noisy, smelly clubs.

If my dog is not allowed in, I’m not going – that’s the motto!

5. You Trust Your Dog’s Gut When You Pick A New Partner

couple walking with german shepherd dog in the park

When a solo person meets someone new, and introduces him or her to pets… in this case, a German Shepherd… it is a big step. Personally, I’d never date someone my dog does not approve of. I strongly believe dogs have sharp senses, and they can sense if someone’s a bad person.

If your dog is restless around your new partner, and doesn’t seem to find eye to eye contact, maybe it isn’t an issue with the dog. Maybe your GSD is trying to tell you something like: Mommy, this isn’t the guy for us.

When was the last time you took a selfie?

Probably years ago because when you own a German Shepherd, your phone’s gallery will be packed with snouts, paws, and happy tails.

I’m one of those people, and if you’re crazy about your GSD, you are, too!

My biggest issue when buying a new cell phone is whether the camera is good and how much storage it has. I’ve got a ton of ideas for our next photoshoot, and I’m sure you have them for your pup, too!

7. You Talk About Your Dog All The Time

girl lying on the grass with her dog german shepherd

Did someone ever tell you to stop talking about your dog because it’s too much? Raise your hand if you heard that before. I know I have.

What can I say… if you’re crazy about your GSD, you’ll definitely talk about him all the time to your friends. Okay, maybe harassing people on the bus by showing them your pup’s photos is a bit too much…

8. You Throw Him Birthday Parties

I see no problem here. Our precious pups should have birthday celebrations! We have two: one is for the day he was actually born, and the other is when he arrived at our home. Every pup would love to have two birthdays!

Dog birthdays mean cake, treats, fun games, and… presents! 

They only live for a short while. GSDs have a short lifespan of only up to 10 years. Let’s make the most of those years!

9. You Take Your GSD Out For Coffee

german shepherd dogwaits for his coffee in the park

I admit, I take my dog for a puppuccino every weekend. How about you?

Our puppuccino is just whipped cream because dogs are allowed to eat it once in a while. Our trips to our local coffee shop are our weekend rituals.

So, what if everyone gives us the stink eye? Me and my buddy love sipping coffee and gossiping!

10. You Spoil Him With Shopping

If you haven’t taken your dog shopping where he can pick up any toy he wants or basically anything in the store, you’re not a crazy GSD owner.

There are a lot of fun videos on Instagram and Tik Tok featuring pups going on a shopping spree. Wouldn’t that be a fun weekend activity?

11. You Schedule Playdates For Your GSD

two dogs playing with a dog toy ring

Playdates aren’t reserved just for kids. Dogs can have them, too!

If your friends are also dog owners, and your dogs seem to get along, why don’t you organize a playdate? 

The kids can play together while the two of you catch up and drink a cup of coffee. 

Everybody wins!

12. Your Dog Eats Better Than You Do

Of course your dog eats better than you do! He’s your precious!

I completely understand when you want to give only the best to your dog. Providing the best dog food possible for your German Shepherd is a must. They’re big dogs. They eat a lot. And, they exercise a lot. German Shepherds simply must have a special diet.

The ideal case scenario would be cooking for them and feeding them raw-diet meals. But, if you’re crazy enough about your GSD, you’re already doing that!

13. You Don’t Mind His Shedding At All

man brushing his german shepherd outdoors

Hair, what hair?

When you live with a dog that sheds so much like the GSD, you begin ignoring the hair. If it’s not in your first morning coffee, then it’s okay.

Every GSD owner must embrace shedding because GSDs never stop shedding. Ever.

To Sum Up…

There’s not too much to sum up here, is it? These 13 signs that you’re a crazy German Shepherd owner say everything.

And, don’t worry: we, at PupVine, totally get you! 

It’s okay to be crazy about your dog. That’s the whole point because our dogs are already crazy about us!