Tee Grizzley – Robbery 6 Lyrics


Tee Grizzley – Robbery 6 Lyrics

Oh yeah
Fuck she thought, nigga?
Damn, she crazy

[Verse 1]
Ayy, that bitch thought she had one (What?), I ain’t goin’ (Not me)
Took the gun, put it to her head, started blowin’ (Switch)
This time the media gon’ have more to speak about
Get all my shit, pack it up before I leave the house (I’m gone)
Blower still in my hand, walkin’ out the front door (I’m out this bitch)
I thought I had one, but, fuck it, I got other hoes
I hit the porch, runnin’ to the whip fast (Let’s get it)
12 ran down right before I hit the grass (Freeze)
Damn, I’m surrounded, thinkin’, “What the fuck?”
Ain’t no goin’ back for me, I got a stick, I’m ’bout to bust (Let’s get it)
It’s helicopters comin’, so I know I’m on the news (Damn)
I tried to blow my pole, but my arm couldn’t move (Fuck)
They on me with them sticks and they all yellin’, “Freeze” (Get down)
Hit the back of my leg, I fell to my knees (Baow)
Neighbors comin’ out, feds tryna cause a scene
I wake up out of breath, it was a motherfuckin’ dream

What the fuck?
Wait, what the fuck goin’ on, man?

[Verse 2]
Girlie next to me (Damn), my mind takin’ flight (The fuck?)
She open up her eyes like, “Baby, you alright?” (I’m good)
I shook my head, “Yeah, but I’m up for the night” (Can’t sleep)
I’m lookin’ at the dresser and I see the same pipe
I was usin’ in the dream, then my phone ring
They say my lil’ brother out here tryna cause a scene
I’m like, “Fuck that lil’ nigga, he just tryna prove a point” (Fuck him)
“That boy left me for dead when they had me in the joint”
I hung up, but I was woke ’til the next day (Damn)
I gotta get my mind right, I’m catchin’ me a play (I need it)
I hit my DM, see a nigga from Grand River (Who is this?)
I play it real cool, I been workin’ on my temper (What up?)
He like, “Welcome home, I hope to see you soon” (Okay)
I’m lookin’ at his pictures, he don’t strike me as no goon
Last time I hit his hood, I put niggas on the moon
But that message was a threat, that’s how real killers move (Let’s get it)
I gotta give it to ’em, these niggas ain’t givin’ up (They on it)
Another nigga on me now, but I don’t give a fuck (Let’s do it)
I’m through the city strapped, don’t nobody know my truck
I’m a fuckin’ big dog, all these lil’ niggas muts (Oh yeah)
One my homies, he be trappin’ out his mama house (He trappin’)
And everybody call bro when they be coppin’ out (That’s the plug)
I ain’t heard from him since before the bid
I’m really kind of broke, so I pulled up to his crib (Yeah)
A lil’ nigga on the porch, he know me from the way (What up though?)
He gotta be security, he clutchin’ on the K (I see you)
Niggas from the hood probably think I’m still gone (Nah)
I walk up, shake his hand, he like, “Brodie, welcome home” (Welcome home)
I’m like, “Where Juan at?” He pointed at the house
I’m strapped up, but he don’t know ’cause I ain’t got it out
I walk in and smell good food, good loud (Oh yeah)
Juan mama see me, put her hand over her mouth (Oh my God)
“I got my baby back, when you get home?”
I’m like, “Hey, ma, I ain’t been out for that long” (I just got out)
Music real loud, she playin’ her favorite song (I hear you)
She walked me in the kitchen like, “You want some neck bones?” (Hell yeah)
Now we in the kitchen, her every move I’m watchin’ (I’m on ’em)
She turned around, I put the kitchen knife in my pocket (Let me get that)
She look at me like, “I know you lookin’ for my son” (Uh-huh)
“He in the back, tell him get up here, the food done” (Bet)
I head to the back, clutchin’ on the strap
And the knife, let me tell you where my head at
This nigga was my dog, he was broke, I put him on (No cap)
When I was locked, this nigga wasn’t pickin’ up that phone (Fake as hell)
I walk in his room, he breakin’ down, baggin’ up (What up, bro?)
He see my face and jump out the chair, he backin’ up (Chill out)
I’m like, “Damn, chill, my nigga, it’s all love
Why you tell me you was broke though and really you the plug?” (Why you lie?)
He jittery, but still started pullin’ money out (Okay)
Pockets buldgin’, but he only pulled a couple twenties out (That’s all?)
He like, “Welcome home, that should put you on your feet” (Yeah)
“That’s all I can give, my baby, I gotta eat” (Yeah)
I’m in his face and he still can’t keep it a hundred (Bet)
I upped the knife and hit him twelve times in his stomach (Come here)
I found eight bricks and ninety K, nigga, run it (I need that)
I’m fillin’ up the bag, then I hear his mama comin’ (Shit)
I turn the light off, room dark, she can’t see nothin’ (Okay)
I pull her in and hit, I can feel her bones crushin’
I left that nigga and his mama in that bitch gushin’ (Leakin’)
It’s blood on my money, I ain’t trippin’, nigga, fuck it (Fuck it)
That lil’ nigga on the porch, you know I gotta get him (He next)
Head tap, a switchy, he ain’t even know what hit him (Brr)
The neighbors ain’t trippin’, they hearin’ shots every day
I ran through his pockets, then I took off with the K (Let me get that)
I shoot back to the crib and put everything up
She still don’t know nothin’, we good, she still in love
I got they blood on me, so I jump right in the shower (Yeah)
Washed up with the bleach in that bitch for ’bout a hour (DNA)
My plug hit me, say he got a package he gon’ mail me (Oh yeah)
I get the gun that don’t shoot, it’ll never fail me (Never)
Give it to my bitch like, “No more takin’ Ls” (Tuck this)
She look in my eyes, “Is there somethin’ you wanna tell me?” (Huh?)
I’m like, “Hell nah, what the fuck you mean?” (Huh?)
My mind racin’, so I started thinkin’ ’bout the dream
She say, “I’m strung out, you got me feelin’ like I fiend” (What you mean?)
Went in her pocket and pulled out the weddin’ ring (Oh)

Damn, so that’s what you talkin’ ’bout though, I got somethin’ I wanna tell you
Nah, that’s crazy, I thought you was talkin’ ’bout some other shit
Yeah, I bought that the other day, I wanted to surprise you, man

[Verse 3]
Knock at the door, I’m so relieved at my bitch
I walkin’ up like, “Alright, I hear you, who is this?” (Who this?)
I’m thinkin’ like, “What the fuck? I ain’t got my pole” (Damn)
I turn around, niggas started blowin’ through the door (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
Two shots hit me in the stomach and I curled up (Boom)
It was food and blood when I urled up (Boom, boom)
Third shot hit me in my neck, I couldn’t breathe (Shit)
I’m drownin’ in my blood, but I’m hearin’ niggas leave (Fuck)
God tellin’ me it ain’t my time, I can’t believe it
Niggas caught me slippin’ like, how? I can’t believe it (How?)
I’m worried ’bout my bitch, I’m hearin’ her lash out
I heard her on the phone right before I passed out

Yeah, y’all hit him
Y’all hit him ’bout three, four times
I’m ’bout to come outside, come get me
Meet me around the corner
I think y’all got his ass though, I think he dead