Nas, Lil Wayne – Never Die Lyrics


Nas, Lil Wayne – Never Die Lyrics

[Intro: Nas]
Yeah, we ain’t gon’ never die, I’m—
We ain’t gon’ never die, I’m an icon in real time
Why’d I wait this long to let y’all in my ill mind?
We ain’t gon’ never die
We ain’t gon’ never die, I’ma—, um
Yeah, we ain’t gon’—, uh

[Verse 1: Nas]
We ain’t gon never die, icons in real time
Why did I wait this long to let y’all in my ill mind?
I think the hate was strong, so I went to a chill vibe
Could never say goodbye, I let my skill cry
Let my soul bleed, inside a Rolls, wearing rosaries
Homie, I love the new NY ’cause I’m the new NY
And the old NY at the same time (Same time)

I always hit the last shot when it’s game time (Game time)
The Jordan, Kobe, ‘Bron talk, take a long walk

You might start to understand what I’m puttin’ on for (On for)
I left more flows in Pro Tools sessions
Than you ever thought of with old school methods
But what you’re hearin’ is the present day
Over breaks and samples of New York, NWA
The brand new Brand Nubians, N-A-S and Wayne
Don’t threaten me with a good time, we here to stay
Nasty, they don’t make ’em like me
Mask up, all black like I’m Pooh Shiesty, truth too
I’m like Detroit Red in a zoot suit, loose screws
Any great challenges, I find a loop through
Loopholes, why they treat me so bad, Club Nouveau, damn
The times we livin’ in is crucial
This my Tom Cruise flow, top gun, they too slow
Computers ain’t fast enough to keep up with Nasty ’cause

[Bridge: Nas]
We ain’t gon’ never die
We ain’t gon’ never die, we ain’t gon’—
We ain’t gon’ never die
We ain’t gon’ never die, icons in real time
Icons in real time, we ain’t gon’ never die

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Uh, icons, steppin’ on pythons
Spittin’ that cayenne, eat ya like Zion, peakin’ at the skyline
Reachin’ for the stars like I’m reachin’ for the pylon
I seent ya on the sideline, we need to walk a fine line
We need to read the guidelines, instead of readin’ the timelines
Where everybody like lyin’, nobody flow like mine
I’m sonnin’ these niggas, got me coachin’ niggas like Prime
Tongue, I never bite mine, got dough like Taekwon’
To spend all this money, I’ma have to spend a lifetime
You broke, can’t even buy time, should throw niggas a lifeline
You know money on my mind, and I be on your wife mind
I hit her with the pipe bomb, then pass her down the pipeline
But actually, we quite fine
Diamonds on me sparklin’ and splashin’ like some white wine
They love me in the night time, they hate me when the light shine
Shots, I got a hundred, and problems, I got ninety-nine
Bugatti Veyron, take off with no flight time
Bad bitch on the passenger side, she don’t even like flyin’
Booty soft as nylon, you niggas small as micron
I got a Black nina that get nasty as a white blonde
Low credit, high crime, open mind, tight rhymes
When they hear my lines, these rappers gotta catch up like Heinz
Weezy and my slime Nas, ain’t nobody like ours
Like bygones, gotta let icons be icons, hi moms (Hi moms)