Ken Carson – Jennifer’s Body Lyrics


Ken Carson – Jennifer’s Body Lyrics


Two things I ain’t ever seen
A nigga that beat a gun and a bitch I need
If I go broke, I’m takin’ your funds, yeah, bitch, I need it
Gave you the whole book on how to get rich and you ain’t even read it
Jennifer’s Body, my bitch is a hottie, my bitch is a boy eater
She don’t even want no food, this dick the only thing I feed her
This bitch a thot, ain’t no way, huh, I’ma keep her
I made a hunnid K in a hunnid ways, ’cause that’s what I keep it
Keep it a hunnid

I go dumb ’bout my money
And my trap jump like bungee
Flew her out to the Saint, I ain’t talkin’ Laurent
This ain’t no facade, baby girl, I don’t do no stunts
You know I came far, huh, huh, I ain’t have nothin’
I ain’t had shit lil’ bitch, my pockets had lint and dust
Now I put that shit on every day, bitch, it’s a must
He ain’t puttin’ shit on, he just wanna dress like us
That’s why I’m fuckin’ on his ho, I’m makin’ her cuss
I’m all in that bitch throat, huh, I’m ’bout to bust
These niggas, huh, gettin’ old, these niggas get rusty
I was on the south side of Atlanta with Lil 88, that’s my cousin
They ask me why I’m clutchin’, ’cause them niggas over there muggin’
Diamonds on my teeth, lil’ bitch, I ain’t smilin’ for nothin’
VV-VV-VV’s on my body and I know they bustin’
CC, BB, GG on her body, uh, that’s my slut
Two things I ain’t ever seen, a nigga that won’t die and a bitch that I ain’t gon’ fuck