BIG30 – Blrrrddd Pt. 2 Lyrics


BIG30 – Blrrrddd Pt. 2 Lyrics

Blrrrd, blrrrd
Big Blrrrd
Blrrrd, blrrrd (Yo, YXNGTEE)

It get dangerous in my hood, you can’t come post up in the trenches (Can’t come up here)
It’s so safe up on your block ’cause you wasn’t into it with nothin’ but business
Nigga, all of y’all some pussy (They whores), mine dead, they ain’t got stitches (Stitches)
First, they was scared to tote them fully’s (They scared), we put the city on switchin’ (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
We made the word say “Blrrrd” (Blrrrd), at least we showed ’em what it mean
I been told ’em you can’t say that word you ain’t shot no sticks with me (Can’t say it)
Nothin’ but gangster’s on my side (No, not one), it ain’t not one bitch around me (Around me)
I’m the one made the hood fire (Hood fire), I’m from King Gate back to Bent Tree (Bent Tree)
I ain’t him, nigga, I’m me (I’m me)
In my city, boy, I’m a god (A god)
Real stand-up guy gon’ kill, so I’m exposing all the frauds (The frauds)
Every troll I know dead (Yeah, he dead), plus I’m smokin’ on him hard (Hard)
So you know just what I’m smokin’ on, he buried in that yard (That boy)
Boy, they buried in that cemetery (That boy), buried in that grave (They gone)
Every shot I send, it hits somethin’, I don’t know shit ’bout no grave (No)
We ain’t grazin’ shit (Graze), we hit niggas in that shit (What?)
Head tap, head shot (Head tap)
King, bitch, I’m known for givin’ out head rounds (Head rounds)
DOA, he bled out (He bled out), it’s time to pass that bread out (Pass that bread out)
No sense in no hospital, send his ass to the dead house (The dead house)
Send his ass to the mortician, his ass dead now (He dead now)
I’m Cripping ’til the day I die, but all I see is red now (Is red now)
Blood in my eye (Ow), that boy was scared, his ass done moved away (Moved away)
You can’t get up in his car if you ain’t never used a Drac’ (Used a Drac’)
Even though this shit real life, we done him the movie way (The movie way)
All face, shot down to the feet to his chest, back to his face (Ah)
I say what I wanna, these niggas say what they should say (What they should say)
Choppa Gang for life (Choppa), new Death Row, we do shit the shook way (The shook way)
Now let me switch it up, black truck, black road, all black Drac’ (All black)
Heard he got hit up, back shot (Back shot), chest shot, all in the face (All in the face)
No bystanders, all in the way (All in the way)
Got cloke, made him fall with the K (Fall with the K)
The forensics say they found 762’s in his draws by his waste (In his draws)
I was out of town by the West, stuffing dick in his old lady (His old hog)
She found out he was dead while we was fuckin’, I ran the ho crazy (I ran the ho crazy)

Haha, Big Blrrrd (Blrrrd)
Free Shiest’
Blrrrd, blrrrd