Unusual Movements In The Bushes Deep In The Woods Leaves Florida Hikers In Shock


Isn’t it wonderful how sometimes destiny makes sure you end up exactly at the right place – at the right time!?

If he could speak, Taino would definitely agree with this! This tiny pup was no older than two months when he got stuck deep in the woods, hiding from a thunderstorm and not knowing what was about to happen.

On the other side, Brian Fair and Victoria Martinez, a couple from Palm Harbor, Florida, were on their way back from the beach, enjoying a pleasant hike through the woods, when they noticed some movement on the side.

The perfect timing led them to what was going to be the biggest discovery of their life! Here’s why…

Life-Saving Hike

dog in a car with its owner
Source: @taino_the_rescue

The unplanned hike this couple took turned out to be life-saving! Taino, the scared and lost puppy, was fending for himself in the woods, not knowing when his next meal would come. 

Brian spotted him moving in the bush, as if he was trying to be rescued, but he was just too scared to come out. He and Victoria soon called everyone to help them in what turned out to be the real rescue mission!

“We were going through the woods, on the left side, I saw some movement. We called everyone over, they ran to the car to get a towel and we proceeded to try to entice Taino to come out of the woods,” Brian told The Dodo.

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They eventually managed to pick up Taino and take him to Victoria’s grandparents, where they were staying during their trip. They fed Taino and gave him a nice bath, and this tiny boi immediately started wagging his tail.

He even “talked” during Thanksgiving dinner, leaving everyone stunned by how fast this stray doggo adapted to the family. 

It was his charming character and just the most affectionate nature that made Victoria and Brian fall in love with him. It was that particular moment that made them want to bring Taino back to their Florida home. And, home they went!

Adapting To A New Life

injured dog laying down
Source: @taino_the_rescue

Upon their arrival home, the couple noticed a large bump on his front leg (possibly from getting hit by a car). With every new day, Taino had more and more difficulty walking, so they took him to BluePearl Pet Hospital, in Tampa.

Even though his injury wasn’t life-threatening, Taino needed surgery to recover fully. Fortunately, everything went amazingly! This charming boi needed a twelve-week recovery, but never, ever did he display even the slightest bit of misery.

He had so much life in him, even in what seemed to be the worst of times! He didn’t lack enthusiasm throughout the whole process even one bit!

dog surfing
Source: @taino_the_rescue

Today, this tiny prince has the most amazing life with his pawrents! He loves going to the beach and swimming, and he even perfected his paddle boarding skills!

He enjoys every single moment of his life, whether it’s a cozy nap on a couch or an exciting adventure in nature.

“He is the most affectionate puppy I’ve ever had. All he ever wants to do is just lay on you or be close to you. He’s changed our life in a very positive way,” says Victoria.

little dog in a big city
Source: @taino_the_rescue

Taino travels all the time with his mom and dad. He literally traveled up and down the east and west coasts of the country, including some amazing trips to New York City and Vegas.

He’s easy to travel with and really comfortable on planes, which makes him the perfect passenger!

dog and four guys in a suits
Source: @taino_the_rescue

At the beginning of 2023, Taino even participated in their pawrents’ wedding ceremony. He was the dog of honor who pulled off wearing a little suit like a true gentleman! He sat through the entire ceremony without any problem, proving once again that he’s just the perfect companion!

Taino’s currently preparing with his hoomans for the arrival of his baby sister in February! Despite the fact that this is going to be the first baby hooman in the family, there’s no doubt that Taino will welcome her like the best brother in the whole world!

You can keep up with Taino and his family on their official Instagram!