Clean-Up Crew Shocked To Discover A Black Trash Bag Moving On Top Of Garbage


Sometimes, the most unexpected things come from the most ordinary places.

For Brian Waldrop, the Stream Team Coordinator at Missouri Department of Conservation, and his colleagues, the day started like any other. 

Together with the Stream Teams, Beyond Housing and citizens from a Tiered Community Teams, he was scouting locations for clean-up when something unexpected happened.

The group accidentally discovered a pile of trash and a big, black trash bag on top of it. But, what they found inside really shocked them to the bone.

What Was In A Bag?

dog in trash bag
Source: Missouri Dept. of Conservation

The black bag lying on top of a pile of garbage seemed to be moving, so Bryan decided to investigate. When he got a little closer and finally opened the bag, he immediately stopped in his tracks.

Tucked between bottles and candy wrappers, there was a little puppy!

white dog in trash bag
Source: Missouri Dept. of Conservation

This Missouri man and his co-workers couldn’t believe their eyes. When he at last realized that the puppy was the victim of cruel abandonment by his previous owners, his heart immediately broke. 

“It’s a happy ending story or at least a happy beginning story. He was found in a black trash bag in a pile of trash,” Brian told FOX 2 St. Louis.

He just couldn’t believe that someone would do such an inhumane thing to an animal. So, he decided to intervene!

The Most Heartwarming Love Story

old guy holding white puppy
Source: Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Instead of giving up the pup and making its future even more uncertain, this giant-hearted man made a lifesaving call!

Without any hesitation, Brian decided to give the puppy a forever home and a family. When the Department announced the good news in a Facebook post, hundreds of people all over the country met this decision with happiness!

“Thank you for saving this little guy! So thankful your crew was in the right place at the right time,” one wrote.

“Handsome little guy! Glad he’s finally home,” another one added.

When he first took the dog home, he appeared to be yellow. But, after a nice, long bath, Brian realized that he was getting a brand-new, white pup

sweet white puppy with red leash
Source: Missouri Dept. of Conservation

“He was quite yellow. When I got him home and washed him, he magically turned white,” says Brian.

Even though he didn’t land on the name right away, Brian decided to name his little rescue buddy – Dude!

“His first name could’ve been Hefty. And then it was Be Well My Son, and then it turned into Welston…A good name could be, like, Shawn, or Riley… Right now, it’s just good ole’ Dude. He’s just a cute little puppy,” he continued.

After the horrible events that followed the pup’s abandonment, he’s just happy that Dude finally has a home where he can feel relaxed.

Now, Dude’s only job is to think of creative, new adventures to embark on, as from now on, he’ll never, ever have to think about being abandoned again.