Anxious Senior Pup Who Was Locked In A Cage By Previous Owner Refuses To Leave His New Hooman’s Side


The only one who is having a better day than the person who is adopting a dog is the pup who is being adopted.

Finding out that a hooman likes you so much that they are willing to make you a part of their life forever is every puppers’ dream.

So, when a senior dog named Taro found out he was finally leaving the shelter and going to his new forever home, he was determined to be the best fur baby in the whole wide world.

New Life

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Marusha and her family made sure that they always had a furry friend running around their loving home. However, when their last dog passed away, Marusha’s mom was so heartbroken that she just didn’t have the strength to adopt again.

“We had three family dogs before, but after the tragic passing of our last dog, my mom decided to stop having dogs because she couldn’t bear the heartbreak when they passed away. I felt really empty without one and decided to have my first own dog in January,” Marusha told Newsweek.

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Deciding to give a home to a dog that was less likely to find a home, Marusha was introduced to an 11-year-old pup by an organization that was saving dogs from being euthanized.

Naming him Taro, which means ‘older brother/first child’ in Japanese, Marusha and her new baby were ready to start their lives together.

Easy Does It.

Unfortunately, Taro’s previous owner was extremely abusive, so he didn’t really know how to react to his new hooman.  

When it was finally time to pick Taro up, he was super scared. But I gave him time to sniff me before signing the adoption papers, and we brought him home,” she stated.

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Even though it took him some time to get used to his new, loving surroundings, he was determined to become the best pupper ever!

On his first night with his mom, he slept next to her the entire night and was constantly around her unless she was going upstairs…

He wasn’t really comfortable navigating the stairs.

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He also had some trouble riding in the car, but after he had a little trip with his mom, he was totally in love!

However, he has to be next to mom the entire ride.

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“I could see relief in him; he was immediately extremely cuddly and chose me as his owner. Since then, he has become very attached to me. He follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom when I shower,” she explained.

Unfortunately, Taro’s past still follows him. Because he was locked in a cage and was not able to walk for the entire day, he developed some issues with his joints. But, since Marusha’s aunt is a vet, he is getting all the necessary treatments that will allow him to feel as good as new.

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Thanks to his new family, Taro is truly living the life he always deserved. And, he couldn’t be more grateful for it!

“He loves to walk, cuddle, and play. He’s still scared of men but is incredibly loyal and loving towards me and my family. My mom always says that he’s smiling,” Marusha concluded.