A Hilarious Furry Face Emerged In The Photo Taken By Delivery Driver


Although many owners think that their dogs are perfect, in reality, this is not the case. Postmen and delivery people know this best because they often find themselves face-to-face with dogs that are capable of doing anything to protect what they think is their territory.

In such situations, continuous and irritating barking is the least problem that can befall these people. However, not all dogs are the same, and sometimes, some can become the center of specific and hilarious situations that only man’s best friend can produce.

That’s exactly what happened when an Australian Shepherd named Indy heard that a DoorDash driver was in front of the house with delivered food one day. His facial expression would soon go down in history. 

Unique Delivery Proof

It is an established practice that the DoorDash driver takes a picture of the delivery he leaves at the door and sends the photo proof to the person to whom the delivery is intended.

That’s exactly what the delivery man did one day when he left a food package in front of the customer’s door. However, he did not expect that one hilarious face would appear in that photo, which would completely overshadow the food. 

In the TikTok video posted by @_its_me_nat, a pair of furry eyes can be seen seriously peering through the glass right next to the front door of the house, overseeing the correctness of the delivery. 

a dog looking through the door glass
Source: @_its_me_nat

The look of this dog is scary and hilarious at the same time, and his owner partially agrees with that.

“When I first saw the photo, I laughed so hard,” the dog’s owner told Newsweek. “My boyfriend was the one who received it and showed it to me instantly. Indy makes a lot of funny faces, but that was something different and unexpected.”

This kind of look is definitely not seen every day, and not even from deliverymen who are used to various situations in their specific work. However, dogs always manage to surprise us with something new. 


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Many Reactions

This TikTok video quickly managed to attract a lot of attention. There were various comments but we highlighted only a few of them. 

comments on social media
Source: @_its_me_nat

“i can’t tell if bro saw a ghost or was the ghost,” one user wrote. 

“thats also how I look when the food arrives,” another joked. 

And, even official @doordash commented: “Indy is a vibe.”

@_its_me_nat later even made a video at the request of one user showing Indy’s face in black and white with creepy music in the background.

One TikTok user jokingly wrote: “This might become a new meme.”

We think that Indy has already become a meme – one that will not only make people laugh but also capture numerous hearts.