This Old Dog Spends His 12th Birthday At Shelter After Losing His Beloved Hooman


Big Top has been an excellent companion all his life. Yet, when the time came for this big boi to enjoy his well-deserved retirement, the true heartbreak unfolded.

Through no fault of his own, he found himself in the shelter again. His owner, sadly, passed away, leaving his beloved buddy devastated.

After all those wonderful years in a loving home, Big Top was forced to embark upon another journey – one filled with uncertainty and hope!

Back In The Same Place

dog laying on blanket on the floor
Source: Allison Gouris

Big Top’s life was full of ups and downs.

Before he even got to his forever home, he endured what can only be described as the worst of times! At the very start of his life, Big Top and his siblings were found in a dumpster, fighting for their lives.

Fortunately, the good team of Austin Pets Alive, Texas, came to their aid.

“Big Top’s life started off rough. He was found in a dumpster with ants crawling all over him and his 2 surviving siblings. They found their way to APA! and soon after, this tiny puppy found his adoptive home. His new dad loved him beyond belief and they spent nearly 11 years together,” APA wrote in an Instagram post.

dog on the floor with his toys
Source: Allison Gouris

Before he knew it, his life took an unexpected turn!

He spent eleven amazing years with his dad, being a good boi and living the life of his dreams! But, all that changed when Big Top’s owner passed away.

Over a decade later, he found himself in APA again

The rescue did everything in their power to make this big change for Big Top go as smoothly as possible. On his twelfth birthday, they threw him a surprise party – and the dog loved it!

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The video shared on APA’s Instagram shows Big Top walking into a well-decorated room with his caregivers. He even got his very own celebration hat to wear on this special day!

You can just tell from the look on his face that he really enjoyed being the center of attention! And, boi, those belly rubs – they were just amazing.

After the cuddle session and a happy birthday song, Big Top received the nicest gift ever – a dog-friendly cake and a bag filled with toys

Looking For A Home To Spend His Retirement At

dog laying in the grass
Source: Allison Gouris

Still, at the end of the day, the volunteers have only one wish for Big Top – a loving home where he could spend his golden years.

He’s pretty much everything you could ever ask for in a dog, which means that the future family doesn’t need to worry about Big Top being high-maintenance.

“All Big Top wants to do is sleep by your feet while you work at the desk or watch TV on the couch. He is affectionate, and after you give him some chin scratches, Big Top will thank you with a kiss,” Austin Pets Alive wrote on their website.

dog snuggles with owner
Source: Allison Gouris

The only requirement, though, is that he is the only pet in the house. Given that he’s an older dog, it would be best for Big Top to have a family who understands that this big boy needs some well-deserved rest and that he’s still mourning the loss of his owner.

“We don’t know how much longer he has left on this earth before he is reunited with his human who passed, but we are doing everything we can to ensure his remaining time is filled with comfort,” the Texas rescue wrote.

Fingers crossed, Big Top. We hope you find your family soon!