Everyone Was Shocked When They Saw A Pair Of Puppies Left In Kennels With Only A Note


Imagine coming to work early in the morning and seeing two pups out of the blue, waiting for you in front of the building! 

Well, that’s exactly what happened to the staff of Forsyth County Animal Shelter, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina!

Two unknown puppies placed in two separate kennels were left by someone in front of the facility. There were no signs of belonging, nor any sort of documentation related to the two – just a short, handwritten note!

Unknown Circumstances

two dogs left in a cage on the street
Source: Forsyth County Animal Shelter – NC

The two puppies of different breeds were sitting in confusion, waiting for someone to extend them a friendly hand.

Even though they were quite shocked at first, the good people of FCAS didn’t waste time! They immediately took the puppies in and made them feel like family right off the bat! 

two dogs left outside the shelter with a farewell message
Source: Forsyth County Animal Shelter – NC

“Thank you for leaving them in a spot where we would be sure to see them right away,” the FCAS team wrote in the post that very day. 

The Note That Doesn’t Explain Much

letter with information about the dog
Source: Forsyth County Animal Shelter – NC

The note that was left on one of the kennels didn’t read much. In fact, just a little brief information could be detected about the puppies – their names, their (approximate) age, their breed, and a little something about their demeanor.

“Simba – very friendly, Australian Shepherd mix,” it read. “Nala – German Shepherd mix, has worms, unknown birthday, approx. 12 weeks,” the note continued.

Despite the fact that the note itself was insufficient to determine the past of these abandoned puppies, the FCAS team didn’t want to pass any judgements.

“We do not know this person’s story or what is going on in their life and we are not here to pass judgment about their difficult decision,” they said.

Quite the contrary – they showed complete understanding of the whole situation, assuming that the owner who left the puppies in front of the facility had no other choice. 

On the positive side – the puppies were at least left on the spot where they could be easily seen and helped. The FCAS team kindly asked the owner(s) who left the puppies to come forth so they could gather more data on their history, but unfortunately, no one has yet come forward.

Still Waiting For The Pawfect Home

a sad dog in a cage
Source: Forsyth County Animal Shelter – NC

Even though it has been more than three months since they were left in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, neither Simba nor Nala have found a permanent home yet

a cute white dog is sitting in a cage
Source: Forsyth County Animal Shelter – NC

The team still hasn’t heard from anyone in regard to the pups, so they are still considered a stray hold. They still won’t be available for adoption, as FCAS decided to wait a little longer in order to give the chance to their previous hoomans to contact them.

The important thing, though, is that both Nala and Simba are doing great in their temporary shelter, and I’m absolutely pawsitive that when the time comes, these two beautiful pups will find their way into someone’s heart!

Until then, we wish them the best of luck!