Firefighters Discover A Dog And Five Tiny Puppies Abandoned In A Zipped-Up Suitcase


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something shocking comes up!

In this case, it was more than a heartbreaking act of abandonment that took place outside the Cleveland Fire Department in Johnston County, North Carolina. Upon arriving at work, the firefighters discovered an entire family of doggos – in a zipped-up suitcase!

A scared momma alongside her five newborn babies fought to catch her breath, until finally these giant-hearted hoomans came to their aid!

The Last-Minute Rescue

puppies in suitcase
Source: The Kris Kelly Foundation

Upon discovering the poor doggo family in front of their station, the firefighters immediately rushed into action. They took the dogs out of the suitcase and gave them food and water.

The team wanted to make sure that all the dogs were fine before calling in the professionals. Then, they contacted Johnston County Animal Services, North Carolina.

The entire department was truly heartbroken to witness such a cruel act taking place. They couldn’t contain their disappointment to see that someone would do this to such innocent creatures.

mama dog with puppies
Source: Johnston County Animal Services

“For someone to abandon any animal greatly saddens our entire department. However, we are glad we were able to provide care for these dogs until the proper authorities could arrive,” said Cleveland Fire Chief, Chris Ellingotn, according to CBS 17.

The news shocked the entire public. Hundreds of people reacted, expressing their concern and love for abandoned dogs, as well as offering financial support.

“The love and concern for these animals showed in a big way and touched so many people’s hearts. We were overwhelmed with the amount of people that stepped up for these animals and offered support for their care,” JCAS wrote on Facebook.

Thanks to a timely response from the people who cared enough to save the lives of these tiny animals, all six dogs were safely transferred to a better place.

Finally Safe In A Foster Home

happy mama dog with her puppies
Source: ABC 13

After the JCAS took over the case, the puppies were safely taken over by Saving Grace Animal Adoption. Their kind team of rescuers agreed to provide a temporary home for the mom and her babies, and the pups couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

Knowing that they were finally on the way to a new, better life, their true colors surfaced, showing the world how truly beautiful and sweet they were.

Even though they had to wait a little to find their foster families, the entire family is now enjoying their new stay!

adorable puppies in hands
Source: ABC 13

“Mom and puppies are now with Saving Grace where they will be cared for until the time they can be adopted out,” the rescue added.

After an appropriate amount of time, the mom and the pups will be looking for a new home – hopefully, one filled with laughter, joy, and lots of exciting adventures! But, for now, the most important thing is that they’d never, ever have to go back to that suitcase again!