Woman Realized There Is An Unusual Animal Near The Road And Went To Investigate It


It’s not too uncommon to see stray dogs who have been beaten up so badly by life that they lose their sense of direction or self-preservation.

Many times, their hunger and fear will cause them to act out of character and do something extremely dangerous.

In this story, we will talk about a stray dog who was badly hurt and ended up on a highway where he was in extreme danger.

A Raggedy Furball

stray dog
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A few months ago, a woman driving on a highway in Southern California came across something odd. 

It took her a second, but she realized that it was a stray dog who had been trying to move onto the highway.

She stopped her vehicle and tried to help the dog, but he just bolted as far as he could from her in the other direction.

The woman realized she couldn’t just stop like that on the road, so she left. Before she did, however, she called Suzette Hall, from Logan’s Legacy, to help.

She was on the scene as fast as she could be. Hall tried to find the dog, but she was nowhere to be seen. She waited a bit, then she showed up.

dog in a cage
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Hall said for The Dodo: She would come out by the freeway and just sniff the ground like she was looking for food. But there wasn’t any food, so she would go back into the junkyard and hide somewhere.

Since she couldn’t find the place where she was hiding, Hall placed a few pieces of bait to try and catch the dog.

Each trap had food in it, so now, all she needed to do was wait for her to show up.

Raggedy Annie’s New Life

stray dog on the blanket
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Hall didn’t have to wait long, as the dog, now named Raggedy Annie, showed up pretty quickly because she was starving.

She said: I couldn’t tell if it was her. But after a minute, I looked up, and I could see this little furball inside the trap.

Now that she was in the trap, she just continued to enjoy the food, but Hall took her to the veterinarian in Southern California where they ran tests on her in order to decide what the next step would be.

The first thing they did was shave off her matted fur. While she was afraid the whole time, Annie relaxed after it was done.

woman smiling with dog in hand
Source: Facebook

Hall said: She wasn’t touchable at all at first. But when she knew she was safe and once she got all those mats off, she just came out of her shell. She was ready to begin her new life.

A few days later, the veterinarians told Hall that she was now healthy enough to be taken to foster care.

Before they did that, however, they tried scanning her for a microchip, but couldn’t find one. Hall assumed that she perhaps had owners before due to her kind nature, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

She was taken into foster care where she will wait for her adoption. Currently, we don’t know if she has been adopted, but one thing is for sure – this happy dog has a lot of love to give and can make anyone happy if they give her a chance.