Driver Came Across A Plastic Bin And Was Shocked When She Saw Who Was Inside


Considering that people have very little awareness of ecology, it is no wonder to come across plastic bags and boxes left by the side of the road. 

This is exactly what a woman named Tarriantiara Hayes was aware of when, one day, while driving in her car, she saw a plastic bin right next to the road. However, this woman would not find it strange if she did not notice a small animal running into that same bin.

Then, she realized that someone had deliberately left these helpless creatures on the side of the road, but she didn’t know exactly which animals they were.

She immediately rushed to that place to unravel this mystery. 

Sweetest Surprise

plastic bin
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When Hayes approached the plastic bin and took a closer look inside, she was shocked, but at the same time, her heart melted from the cuteness of its contents.

Inside were three tiny guinea pigs. At that moment, they were not in the best condition as all three of them were very wet and covered in bugs. Those were the consequences of the heavy rains that fell in the area in recent days.

To make matters worse, the guinea pigs were very frightened, and therefore, got outside of the plastic bin. However, this big-hearted woman was determined to save them

Luckily, she had some cabbage in her car, so she managed to lure them in. After that, she took a blanket and covered the plastic bin so they wouldn’t run away while she was carrying them to the car.

Ultimately, this rescue mission was successful, and these tiny beings were on their way to safety. 

New Little Ones

woman holding a guinea pig
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After providing them with everything they needed and helping them recover, Hayes fell in love with these three pigs so much that she could no longer leave them. She decided that her home, at least for a while, would also be theirs.

One of the pigs was male, and the other two were female. She named the male pig, Trevor, and the two female guinea pigs, Belly and Piggy. They were a beautiful little family. 

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However, she quickly realized that this family would soon be bigger because Belly and Piggy were both pregnant

In order to provide these guinea pig moms with everything they needed during their pregnancy, Hayes did all the necessary research. However, her friend helped her the most, who just happened to be a guinea pig expert. 

At her advice, Hayes separated the male from the females and provided the pregnant pigs with a calcium-rich diet. 

three guinea pigs
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Soon after, Piggy met her happiest moment. She gave birth to three babies – one male and two females. Although she never dreamed that she would have so many guinea pigs in her home, Hayes couldn’t hide her delight because of these heartwarming scenes. 

Hayes decided that she would leave the male baby in her home so that Trevor would have company. This was supported by her children who had also fallen in love with these cute animals.

As for the two female babies, she intended to find forever homes for them. 

Instead Of Joy, Bitter Taste

Everything was idyllic in the Hayes’ home and they were all just waiting for Belly’s babies to see the light of the day and bring them even more joy. 

Sadly, something happened that they did not expect at all, and instead of joy, it brought them a bitter taste. Just days after Piggy gave birth, Hayes posted a TikTok clip that saddened her followers. 

“I am so sad to say that Belly didn’t survive delivery. Her babies were all stillborn and she passed shortly after.” Hayes wrote in the clip. 

woman and guinea pig
Source: @the_witch_in_the_holler

It was a devastating moment for Hayes and her family, who strongly bonded with all of these cute beings, including Belly. 

However, the fact that Belly went to a better place while being showered with love from people who did everything to make her and her babies happy brought a smile back to their faces. 

The most beautiful memory of this guinea pig will forever live in their hearts.