Severely Matted Pup Makes An Amazing Transformation After His Groomer Removes 14 Pounds Of Fur


Thanks to giant-hearted people who dedicate their lives to saving dogs, many of these four-legged canines get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Among them is Borac!

Before Bruno had found him struggling in a local city shelter, Borac knew nothing about having a decent life. His days pretty much looked the same inside those four walls. And, his coat was so matted that no one could see how adorable this dog actually was. 

But, Bruno saw through what happened to be 14 pounds of matted fur. And, one day, he decided to put Borac’s misery to an end – in the best way possible!

Saved After 3 Long Years In A Shelter

bunch of dogs
Source: The Dodo

Bruno, the founder of Save The Dogs Rescue, has been saving dogs for years. But, when it comes to saving shelter dogs, he’s always had the same strategy – save the one that has the toughest time there!

“When we go to rescue the dogs from the city shelter, we always look who is in the baddest condition,” Bruno told The Dodo.

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Source: The Dodo

That day, it was Borac – the dog with an unbelievable fourteen pounds of matted fur. He’s been in the city shelter for the last three years, and he definitely didn’t look good.

You could just tell from the way he looked that Borac struggled – a lot. His days were filled with constant misery, and with the other 1,200 dogs there, he definitely didn’t get the care he needed so badly.

Still, in what can only be called the worst of conditions, Borac preserved his friendly attitude. When Bruno approached him for the first time, he instantly wagged his tail and wanted to play. 

Right there, Bruno knew that underneath those severe mats was such a lovebug that had to be saved!

Time To Look Fashionable Again

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Source: The Dodo

Taking Borac to the groomer was the easier part of the rescue. But, to groom this big dog after all those years of neglect was a real challenge!

The group of experienced professionals spent hours removing the old fur from Borac’s body. And finally, they managed to see how truly beautiful he was!

groomers shaving dog
Source: The Dodo

“We cut the fur from his body, and at this moment, he was so thankful,” adds Bruno.

He looked nothing like his old self. Underneath all those mats was a giant cutie who couldn’t wait to embark upon his new life chapter! And, the team couldn’t be happier, too!

Waiting For A Home With His New Temporary Family

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Source: The Dodo

Borac was successfully moved to Bruno’s rescue ranch after his exhausting grooming session.

This giant-hearted man built a facility for over a thousand dogs that have absolutely no one to take care of them, and now, Borac was there, too!

“Everyone who walks through this door is now safe. Away from misery, fear and worry of finding food and shelter. Away from evil people who can cause them pain at any time,” Bruno wrote on his TikTok account.

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Source: The Dodo

Years ago, Bruno’s first dog, a Frenchie named Mia, impacted her dad to start this amazing story. Years later, there it was – a safe haven for all the dogs that have nowhere to go. 

“Here they have medicare, they have food, water, and they are free. They have their pride back,” says Bruno.

Borac is settling quite well into his new environment. He’s slowly getting to meet all those new furriends, but most importantly, he is safe and loved!

When the time comes, there’s no doubt that this beauty will find his way to a forever home. It is now only a matter of time.