10 Boerboel Mixes That Will Surprise You

Can you name all the Boerboel mixes? Neither can we, but that’s why we decided to make a list of the best Boerboel crosses with great qualities.

The homeland of this interesting canine breed is South Africa. They are believed to be bred from old Mastiff types of canines and Bulldogs, so it doesn’t surprise that these pooches have a lot in common with Bullmastiffs.

The name of this canine originates from the Dutch/Afrikaans expression, which translates as “farmer’s dog”.

The Boerboel puppy is indeed a true farm canine, as it has been used for the completion of tasks on farms in South Africa.

If you want to know what happens when you cross a South African Boerboel that is capable of fighting leopards with gentle Shar Peis or lovable Labs, keep on reading this article.

Boerboel Mixes

1. Boerboel And Cane Corso Mix

cane corso boerboel mix
Photo from: @cologne.dogster

This is a powerful hybrid canine that combines two Mastiff types of dogs that have a high prey drive and a protective instinct.

Both of these breeds are working dogs, so there is a high chance your pup will be a working canine, as well.

The mixed-pup of Cane Corso and Boerboel will be a large dog, regardless of whose genes it inherits, considering that Cane Corsos grow up to 110 lbs, while Boerboels might weigh up to an impressive 200 lbs.

The same goes for their height as the average size of both dog breeds is about 26 in, so you can expect your Cane Boerboel to be anywhere from 24 to 27 in.

Cane Corsos usually sport colors such as brindle, black, fawn, gray, red, fawn, and chestnut, while Boerboels come in similar shades with the addition of cream and tawny hues.

There is a small risk of your mixed pup showing signs of hostility, as neither Boerboels nor Cane Corsos are particularly aggressive, although they might be quite protective of their owners and property.

2. Boerboel Pit (Boerboel And American Pit Bull Terrier Cross)

boerboel pit
Photo from: @kedriclajuan

The Boerboel and American Pit Bull Terrier are two sturdy canine breeds that might not belong to the same breed or type of dog, as Pit Bulls are hunting dogs, but they combine into a great designer dog breed.

Pit Bulls are medium-sized canines, while Boerboels belong to the giant type of doggos, so it cannot be said with certainty which size their crossbreed will have when they become adults.

They might be different in size, but they’re both easy to maintain, so you can forget about hours of brushing and bathing, which is common for long-haired dogs.

Pit Bulls are, unfortunately, classified as rather aggressive canines, although they can be great family pets, especially if they’re trained properly.

Boerboels might not be very aggressive, but they are territorial, which is why they’re considered one of the best guard dogs.

Their crossbreed will be completely loyal and obedient to their owner, and they’ll love to cuddle as they’re very lovable to those they trust.

Keep in mind that both of these dog breeds require a high level of physical activity, so you will have to take your hybrid pup outside at least once a day, not only for a long walk but also for other outdoor activities, too.

3. Boerboel Bernard (Boerboel And Saint Bernard Cross)

These two purebred canines share quite a few similarities, as they both belong to the working breeds of canines.

Another resemblance between these canines is their size. St. Bernards grow up to 28 in and weigh up to 200 lbs, just like Boerboels, so you can definitely expect to get a big hybrid dog.

St. Bernard shades aren’t much different from Boerboel’s, although St. Bernards include white, black, and tricolor hues and patterns.

The shade of your pup’s coat will depend on the color gene that it inherits, so there’s no way to know in advance which shade the crossbreed will come in.

Saint Bernards are known as heavy shedders, while Boerboels are moderate ones. Therefore, if you don’t like the idea of having dog hair all over your place, you can keep your fingers crossed that it will inherit the Boerboel’s coat gene.

The mixed-breed puppy might be a happy but stubborn pup, so you will need to train it from an early age.

4. African-American Bull Boerboel (Boerboel And American Bulldog Cross)

american bulldog boerboel mix
Photo from: @susen.ha

What do you get when you cross a strong guard dog with a sturdy working canine? A powerful hybrid that will be loyal and protective of you as its owner and the property it lives on.

Although American Bulldogs have a sturdy stature, they’re smaller than Boerboels, but they’re both categorized as large types of canines.

American Bulldogs rarely weigh over 120 lbs, but when it comes to height, it can be anywhere from 22 to 28 in. According to these parameters, your mixed-breed canine might end up being a slimmer version of Boerboels or a more heavy-weight version of an American Bulldog.

The coat of the Bulldog is straightforwardly colored in white, black, fawn, or brown hues, with a possible combination of these shades, but without traces of other hues.

Therefore, no one can claim with 100% confidence what your designer dog breed will end up looking like in the end, so you’ll just have to be patient and wait until the puppy is born.

When it comes to their temperaments, Boerboels and American Bulldogs aren’t very similar as Bulldogs are much more open and friendly, even to strangers.

However, they’re both fiercely energetic, so you should prepare for a crossbred puppy with high energy levels.

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5. Wire Foxy Boerboel (Boerboel And Wire Fox Terrier)

boerboel wiry fox terrier

This is a very interesting combination of two breeds that seem not to have anything in common at first glance, but get ready to be surprised.

When it comes to their physical appearance, the South African Mastiff and the English Foxie definitely don’t have any resemblance, as the latter are small-sized pups, while Boerboels are known as really big dogs.

A Wire Fox Terrier has a long muzzle that looks even longer because of the beard that is placed around the nose and mouth.

Their crossbreed has an unusual look, but that’s what makes them particularly cute.

The Wire Foxy Boerboel crossbreed can be colored in brownish-red and cream shades or a combination of white and black, white and tan, as well as in tricolor patterns of white, black, and tan.

The best thing about these two purebred canines is that neither of them shed too much, so you don’t have to worry about having lots of hair on your furniture, no matter which gene this mixed-breed pup picks up.

Wire Foxes are just as intelligent as Boers, which makes their hybrid easy to train as well.

6. Boerboel Pei (Boerboel And Shar Pei Mix)

boerboel shar pei mix
Photo from: @teddy_thesharpiexboerboel

Shar Peis are an ancient breed of canine that have been known for centuries as great companion pooches. When you mix them with energetic and dominant Boerboels, you can expect either a strong and independent pup or a gentle doggie that will act like a big lap dog.

Boerboels are much bigger than Shar Peis, as the latter usually weigh up to 55 lbs and grow up to 20 in at most.

Therefore, your designer dog can be anywhere from a medium to a large-sized pooch.

Shar Peis have a wider range of coat shades and can be found in black, apricot, fawn, blue, cream, red, and brown hues.

If we take that into consideration, your Boerboel Pei might be colored in a variety of colors, from black to blue.

Although Shar Peis rarely shed, they’re still not hypoallergenic, so neither they nor their mixes are a good option for allergy sufferers.

As we mentioned above, Shar Peis are companion pups, meaning that they’re much more friendly to people and other animals than Boers. Their mixed-breed puppy might either turn out to be a loving and devoted doggie, or a protective watchdog.

7. Smooth Foxy Boerboel (Boerboel And Smooth Fox Terrier Cross)

boerboel smooth hair fox terrier

This type of Fox Terrier is quite similar to the Wiry Foxies, as the main difference between them is their type of fur.

These pooches are also small canines, so if you’re looking for a small-to-medium Boerboel mix, this is the dog for you.

According to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) breed standard, Smooth Fox Terriers don’t grow over 16 inches in height and 18 pounds in weight.

They’re both easy to groom, as none of these two breeds shed a large amount. Therefore, no matter which breed has more dominant genes, their mixed breed offspring will only shed in small amounts.

According to the personality of both purebred parents, the Smooth Foxy Boerboel will become an affectionate, lovable, and playful pup, but with a dose of alertness and stubbornness.

Still, they will be easy to train, but only if you provide them with proper training from early puppyhood.

8. Boerboel And Labrador Retriever Cross

labrador boerboel cross
Photo from: @rehfrau_

Is it possible to have a list of mixed pups without Labrador Retriever being one of the parent breeds? I don’t think so.

The main reason for this is the fact that both male and female Labs are one of the most popular family dog breeds that are present in the house of many dog lovers, especially those who prefer gentle and kind canines of a larger size.

Even though Labs are significantly smaller than Boers, especially when it comes to their weight, they’re both considered big dogs.

Unfortunately, even though this seems like an excellent crossbreed, I have to say that both of these breeds are prone to health issues regarding their size, such as hip dysplasia, obesity, and elbow dysplasia.

Of course, not every large canine has any of the health problems mentioned above, but they’re prone to them.

That is why it’s important to get a Lab Boer hybrid from a reputable breeder that owns parent breeds with high-quality bloodlines and traceable ancestry.

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9. Boerboel And Rottweiler Cross

boerboel rottweiler cross
Photo from: @jonathansterrittpetphotography

The mix between two Mastiff-type dogs can’t be anything less than a dominant and strong canine that excels in every task they’re given.

Rotties are large pooches although they usually weigh about 70 lbs less than Boerboels.

Their crossbreed can become the best friend of their dog owners, but only if they’re properly trained and socialized from an early age.

Obedience and socialization play an important role in making their crossbreed a good family pet.  Boerboel Rott pups will require a lot of playtime, outdoor activities, and mental stimulation in order to prevent destructive behavior that might be caused by boredom or separation anxiety.

Rotties rarely show any signs of aggression, but they’re still unfairly treated as aggressive canines, even though they are great with children and other pets.

10. Boerboel And German Shepherd Mix

boerboel gsd mix
Photo from: @goaldloxx

There are plenty of differences between these two canines, but they still make an excellent crossbreed with a great number of qualities.

German Shepherds (GSD) are long-haired pups that don’t weigh over 90 lbs and can live up to 13 years. They usually come in silver, black, red, or tan hues.

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On the other hand, Boerboels are much heavier canines with a similar lifespan (up to 12 years) and different coat colors.

Some of the things that they do have in common include personality characteristics and intelligence, as both of these parent-breed dogs are confident, dominant, fearless, and alert.

However, GSDs are definitely better watchdogs, but they also shed a lot more than Boers.

Their mix can be a combination of any traits mentioned in the paragraphs above, so no one can say for sure what your hybrid Boer Shepherd will end up looking like.

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Final Thoughts

There are plenty of interesting Boerboel mixes that you probably wouldn’t even think of mixing together.

However, these crosses are additional proof that crossbred pups can have the same – or even more – qualities than purebred doggies and that they deserve to be homed just as much as pooches of pure bloodlines.

Of course, crossbreeds might come with their own set of issues, including breeding issues that might result in health problems.

That’s why it’s important to find a trustworthy breeder that crosses only purebred canines of pure bloodlines.


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