Woman Realized There Is Someone Lying On Her Doormat And Then Learned What it Was


That day seemed like an ordinary day for Leilani Slocumb. She dropped her kids off at school, and she was on her way home. 

Little did she know that her day would turn out to be a lot different than she had thought it would.

Just as she was approaching the front door of her house in Georgia, she was surprised to see a mysterious visitor waiting for her. Curled up on a doormat, he looked at her with hope-filled eyes.

Asking For Help

little puppy sitting on a doormat
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When Slocumb came closer, she realized that it was a dog who chose her house, and decided to ask her family for help. Her heart broke seeing him in such bad condition. The dog, later named Bo, was underweight and scared.

Seeing Slocumb approaching him, he got up and huddled in the grass, thinking that she was going to chase him away. 

Slocumb knew that Bo was starving, so she offered him food. As soon as he saw it, he quickly started eating. After he munched his first bite, he looked at his benefactor with gratitude in his eyes. He knew that he chose the right person.

After the pup ate, he seemed very comfortable in his new surroundings. 

Slocumb’s husband and her step-daughter gave him a bath. Slocumb called the vet and made an appointment. She wanted Bo to have a medical checkup as soon as possible.

Seeing that the family took care of him made Bo feel at ease. 

“He has really warmed up to us and is doing well,” Slocumb wrote on TikTok.

His Owners Gave Him Up

dog on the grass
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Once Bo was at the vet, he had a full medical checkup. The sweet dog was diagnosed with mange and he had to take antibiotics, but other than that, he was fine. 

After the vet scanned him and found a microchip, he decided that Bo would spend the day there while he tried to get in touch with his owners.

The vet thought that Bo’s owners were looking for their dog, and that they would be thrilled to know he had been found. However, as soon as he contacted them, the vet was left sad and disappointed. 

Bo’s owners said that they didn’t want the pooch anymore. They renounced him six months ago, and gave him to somebody else whose name they didn’t know. 

A New Beginning

woman and man washing the dog
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The next day, Slocumb came to see Bo. Having heard that the adorable pup had nobody in this world to take care of him, she decided to take him home and make sure that he was taken care of.

“After a long day, we went home and Bo rolled straight in the dirt and was the happiest he has been since he’s been with us. He knows he is home now,” she wrote on TikTok.

Slocumb and her family decided to adopt Bo. They believed that he was meant to enter their life and change it forever.

Bo was overjoyed. He couldn’t stop wiggling his tail. The adorable pooch realized that he was not alone in this world. He finally found someone who would care for him and love him. 

I feel happy to know that Bo found a loving family and a forever home in Georgia. His family got a forever best friend. They will shower him with love that he missed his whole life. He will never be alone again.