The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Guide

When it comes to getting a dog, the step that is the most important is choosing the right dog breed. It is known that not every dog breed is suited for everyone. Two things that are the most important to match with your family are energy levels and the size of the dog.

Some people will prefer small dogs while others will prefer big dogs. If you are an active individual or family, then a dog with a medium energy level or high energy level is for you, while people who are more laid back will prefer a dog that is more on the lazier side.

Within every category, there are a couple of dogs that you can choose from. You might get stuck on deciding between two breeds, but we are here with good news.

Mixed breeds, or in other words, designer dogs, are perfect for this situation.

Since you are reading this article, we can tell that you probably like both the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd. Well, you might want to consider the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix.

The Australian Retriever is an amazing dog, and there is a lot to go through when it comes to this mixed breed, so buckle up and let’s start the journey.

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Let’s Meet The Parents

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever MixAustralian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix
Photo from: @ylviesadventure

When it comes to mixed dog breeds it is always good to know some things about both breed’s parents. When you know about them, you can have a clear representation of what your mixed pooch may be like.

But, this also depends on which two dog breeds you are mixing. If you have, for example, a dog that is of high energy and a dog that is lazy, nobody would be able to tell what the product of their love would be. You may end up with a dog that is low on energy, high, or somewhere in the middle.

But, in this case, these dogs have similarities so some characteristics will be inherited for sure. Before going in-depth on the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix, we will talk about their dog parents briefly.

The Golden Retriever

When it comes to Golden Retrievers, we think that there is no one on this planet who has never heard about this breed. It is no wonder that these dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds, not just in the United States, but the whole world.

Even the American Kennel Club (AKC) has listed them in the top 10 most popular dogs.

Choosing between their looks and personality is almost impossible. They have a silly nature to them, but not just when they are puppies… oh no.

These pooches will entertain you and make you laugh for as long as they are alive. But, when it comes to their maturity, they will stay in the puppy state of mind until they are four years old. Golden Retrievers can never be aggressive, as far as many people think.

This is true because their loving nature and the will to please and entertain their owner are stronger than their needs. But, don’t let that fool you. These dogs, just like any other dog, need proper socialization and training.

This is best done when they are still puppies.

They are amazing with kids and with other dogs, so you will never have to worry if they will get along with other dogs in the dog park.

Now that we have seen their personalities, which are just amazing, we need to talk about their appearance.

Golden Retrievers are known for their amazing long and golden coat. There are a couple of colors in which they can come in, but they are mostly within the shades of golden and light brown.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a Golden Retriever run. Their coat makes them so graceful, and they are truly candy for the eyes. But, when it comes to the coat, you need to know one thing.

They do shed quite a lot, so they are not considered to be hypoallergenic. If you have severe dog allergies, you may want to choose a different breed. This fact and the fact that they have a lot of energy make them perfect dogs for living in a house with a yard.

They can get along in an apartment, but a house is a much better option.

The Australian Shepherd

The interesting thing about the Australian Shepherd is that they do not originate from Australia. They were originally bred in the United States in the 1840s. They were working dogs then and they are working dogs now.

People tend to confuse them with Border Collies even though they do not look that much alike.

They were bred to herd livestock. Today, they can do anything you want them to because the sentence that describes them the most is that they are the happiest dogs when they have something to do.

Their brain and energy is the perfect combination. These pooches are super easy to train, and because of their high energy levels, any task you give them, they do it in a heartbeat. Aussies can be thought of as a dog for anyone because they are super eager to please their owner.

But, you need to keep in mind that these pooches need a lot of physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis.

They are good with kids, but since they have a herding instinct, they might start herding the kids throughout the house or the apartment. In the socialization process, it is very important to introduce them to as many kids as possible so they can get used to them.

This does not mean that they will be aggressive towards kids. This is more to teach them that herding kids is a big no-no.

We can all agree that their personalities are just the best, but their looks are just as mesmerizing. They come in the most interesting coat colors and color patterns. Some of the colors they can come in are blue merle, black, red tri color, and many more.

When it comes to dogs and Heterochromia, or in other words, dogs that have eyes that are of two different colors, Australian Shepherds are the champions. When you search about Heterochromia in dogs, the Australian Shepherd will pop up first.

This is one of the features that they possess, which, when you mix it with their extravagant coat patterns, you get one of the most beautiful dogs.

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Personality And Temperament

Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is sitting and looking at the cameraShepherd Golden Retriever Mix is sitting and looking at the camera
Photo from: @ylviesadventure

The Aussie Retriever (or the Golden Aussie) has great potential of being a dog to die for when you look at both of the dog’s parents. Both the Australian Shepherd parent and the Golden Retriever parent have amazing personalities.

Mixed-breed dogs can sometimes be hard to determine when it comes to their personalities and appearance. This is partially the case with this mixed breed, but there are some personality traits that are quite common among them.

Here are some personality and temperament traits that are quite common with the Aussie Retriever.

1. Playful

This is one of their main traits. Playing with their owner, kids, and other dogs is something they love to do. Playtime is a must on a daily basis for them.

Every type of game you can think of, they will enjoy it very much. Playing fetch, catching a frisbee, tug of war, agility, puzzle games for dogs, and playing catch are just some of the things they love to do.

The Golden Retriever parent is the one that is more on the playful side, but Australian Shepherds love it as well. Because of this, playfulness is one of their main personality traits.

This is accentuated the most when they are puppies, which is quite logical because all puppies love to play, but this breed is on a higher level.

An hour a day of playtime should be enough for these pooches. If you let them play in the dog park for an hour or so, you should also set some time aside so you can play with your beloved dog one-on-one.

They will appreciate it very much.

You can also experience your dog refusing to walk because they want to play some more. This can be cute when they are puppies, but make sure to teach them that this is not acceptable behavior.

2. Energetic

This goes hand in hand with their playful side. These dogs have a lot of energy, and this is something that they inherited from their Aussie parents.

They will need their fair share of exercise whether it is playtime, agility, letting them run, taking a hike, or some type of small task.

You need to make sure that they are active for at least an hour or even longer. If they do not get their energy out, they can become a bit of a menace. This crossbreed can become destructive, aggressive, and quite anxious if not trained properly.

Socializing an aggressive dog can be quite difficult.

Living in a house with a yard is a great advantage for owners of this mixed breed. You can always let them out in the yard to let them release all their energy on days that you may be a bit busy and don’t have time to spend a lot of time with them and provide them with a lot of exercise.

If they are properly exercised, they will reward you with a session of cuddles and kisses. We think that this is an offer you can not refuse.

3. Intelligent

Both parent breeds are extremely intelligent dogs, and the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is no exception to this. They will have double the DNA when it comes to them being very smart and easy to train.

The training needs to start early. You might think that a puppy can not remain focused for a long time while learning new things, but this is not the case with Australian Retriever puppies.

They are extremely focused, love pleasing their owner, and are energetic, which makes them want to learn new things for long periods of time.

But, make sure that in the beginning stages of the training program, you start slow and short. Gradually prolonging the time of training is the best way to go.

Including positive reinforcement and some delicious dog treats is great when it comes to this crossbreed.

Obedience training is something they excel at, but if you find training a puppy overwhelming, you can always hire a professional trainer.

4. Friendly

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix and golden retriever mix are playingAustralian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix and golden retriever mix are playing
Photo from: @wbk9train

Making new friends is not that difficult of a task for this pooch. They love meeting new dogs and people. There can be an example of this dog being cautious, but in most cases, they just go as the wind blows.

If you meet this dog somewhere and decide to call it over to pet it, you can bet that they will not think through it twice. They will immediately come to you for a petting session.

This can be tricky if you want them to be a guard dog or a watchdog, but don’t worry – you can train this puppy to do anything. They are not very vocal, and their barks can be very quiet, which is perfect when they are playing with kids.

They are gentle so for dog owners who have children, these pooches are perfect.

If you love to invite your friends over frequently, you will also have no problem with that. These dogs will greet them straight at the door. Let them sniff the people out a bit just so they can remember their smell, especially that of frequent guests.

Some other dogs will need some time to assess if the situation is clear and if the people who are entering their home are good according to them, but not with this crossbreed – they will let anyone enter their home.

This dog can also be super comfortable to the point where the dog will sit on you, but easily transfer to another person. This can be too much for some people, but we believe that your friends are big dog lovers and that they won’t mind.

5. Hard-Working

The Golden Retriever Aussie mix is a dog that is prepared to do anything for its owner. Both parent breeds are working dogs so this pooch will be as well.

They excel in any type of job or task. There isn’t a specific thing that all the dogs of this mixed breed love. This is something you need to figure out as the dog owner.

Some of them will like agility while others will enjoy show rings the most.

Trying to figure that out can be an amazing bonding experience and something that can turn into a tradition between you and your doggy.

6. Possessive

This can sound a bit scary when you hear it at first. This does not have to be a bad thing necessarily, but it can turn into something bad pretty quickly.

This is sometimes connected with their friendliness, but it can turn out to be quite the problem. If you do not set boundaries when they are young, you can have a dog that will get angry at other dogs really fast.

This means that you won’t be able to let them play freely with dogs in the dog park. They can also get mad at people who come into your home or even at people who are just saying hello to you on the street.

This is quite unusual behavior, especially for this breed, and it rarely occurs. This can happen if you are spending 24/7 with your pooch and did not do the socialization process accordingly.

This is a large dog, and you need to set the record straight on who the leader is. If they sense that their energy is bigger than yours, you can end up with a possessive dog.

7. They Do Not Like To Be Alone

These pooches need to feel love and give love every day, and for the most of the day. If you leave them alone for a long period of time, they can turn into bad dogs, meaning they become destructive, anxious, and even possessive.

If you have a busy day from time to time, that should be fine, but if you are frequently leaving them all by themselves, this problem can occur.

Maybe if your life all of a sudden changes and you need to be absent from home for long periods of the day, you can get another dog or hire a dog nanny. Ask some of your friends and family members to spend some time with the dog if possible.

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8. Herding Instinct

Since the Australian Shepherd has herding DNA, your pooch might inherit it as well. This is not bad… it can also be quite positive.

This can, however, be problematic if you have young kids around. They might start herding the kids, which can be cute at times, but you need to be present and stop that behavior.

Not knowingly and not on purpose, they can injure the kids in the process. Even though they are perfect family pets and are amazing with kids, you need to always be around and never leave the dog and the kids alone.

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Appearance

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix standing on a treeAustralian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix standing on a tree
Photo from: @moose_the_lilmutt

When it comes to breeds that are mixed, you can never know for sure what they will look like. There are a couple of examples of mixed breeds that have established their general appearance. Two of those crossbreeds are Labradoodles and Godlendoodles.

Both of these have their general colors, size, and coat length and texture.

The Aussie Retriever is a breed that is not that common and not that popular, and because of that, they do not have their general appearance straight.

Everything from their size, coat colors and patterns, and coat length can vary.

General Appearance

The most important thing that a lot of people want to know about a certain breed is their size. These dogs are considered to be a large breed. They can grow to be 10 to 24 inches, and can weigh 25 to 60 pounds.

This depends on the size of their parents. Even though both the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd come in one general size, there can be a bit of a difference between dogs. They can either have a smaller build or a bigger build with bigger muscles.

So, if both dog parents are of a smaller build, then the mix is most likely to also be smaller, and if both dogs are bigger, then the mixed doggo will be bigger as well. The tricky part is when one of the parents is smaller and the other is bigger.

In this case, you can not be sure how big your dog will get, but the measures we gave are borders in which they do not get either smaller or bigger.

They will have big, pointy ears that are covered with a lot of hair, which makes them very endearing. Their head can either resemble one or the other parent more depending on what DNA is more dominant.

Since they are active dogs and they are always on the go, their body will be muscular, but you will not be able to see them because of their long coat.

Coat Type And Colors

Since both parent breeds have a long coat, this mix will have a long coat as well. The interesting thing is that they can have a bit of a wavy coat. This is something that the Golden Retriever parent can have, but on a rare occasion.

When it comes to colors, they can have a couple of main coat colors. Golden Retrievers always have a solid coat with probably different shades of golden or brownish. But, the Australian Shepherd has many different coat color patterns, and the good news is that this pooch can have that as well.

Some of their main colors are black, brown, and white. They can sometimes resemble the golden Retriever when it comes to their golden or creamy shades, but they can have much lighter shades around the face, paws, and belly.

They can have a brindle or a merle pattern, but it is rarer than with the Australian Shepherd. They can also have Heterochromia, but this is not as common as in their Aussie parents.

They can have a double coat, but a single coat is common as well… this depends on what they inherit. The coat is quite thick, and it can protect them from various weather conditions. This is why they are one of the best dogs to take into nature often.

When it comes to hot and cold weather, they are pretty adaptable. They can handle everything, but extremely hot weather can take a toll on them. This is why you should avoid taking them out for a long time during the day, and concentrate more on taking them out at night.

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Exercise And Training

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix holds a branch in its mouthAustralian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix holds a branch in its mouth
Photo from: @moose_the_lilmutt

We have already mentioned a couple of times that these dogs loooove to be on the go, and they need a lot of exercise. Since this is the perfect family dog, they are quite adaptable to your lifestyle, and whatever type of exercise you like, they will like it as well.

Taking them on long walks may not be enough for them as an everyday activity, but from time to time, they won’t mind it. But, you need to make sure that they get the proper dosage of exercise the day before or after.

Playing with other dogs in a dog park is amazing for them, and also for you because you can just sit and relax while your doggy is playing. This is, of course, if you trained your pooch to behave without a leash and get along well with other dogs.

Any type of competitive dog sport is amazing for them if you have the time and energy to train them for that, and to take them to various competitions and training.

If you have young children, you can always let them play with the dog, but something like playing fetch or hide and seek. It is important for you to be present in case the dog gets a bit more unintentionally rough.

When it comes to training sessions, you need to know that these dogs are a delight to train if you set the rules from the very beginning.

They can get a bit stubborn when they are puppies, but who can blame them, and who can’t adore their puppy eyes? But, do not let that fool you and make you weak. You need to set the rules straight, and show them that you are the leader from the beginning.

Once you have that set, you will have amazing training sessions. Our advice is to start slowly. Do not overwork them in the first couple of weeks when they arrive at your home. Start small and then gradually make the sessions longer.

An hour a day should be enough, but you can always make some fun games while you are at home during which they can learn some things.

Try using positive reinforcement and treats, but do not overdo it with the treats. They will for sure use the superpower of their puppy eyes to trick you into giving them more treats than they should eat. This can cause your dog to gain weight.

The most important thing is to always stay calm and collected, and never hit your dog because he might not forgive you in the future. That can cause trauma, and if you use a harsh tone and language, they can connect training as something bad.

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Health Issues

When it comes to every dog breed, including purebreds and crossbreeds, there are some health issues that some dogs are more prone to than others. This is especially with mixed breeds because they can inherit some potential health issues from both parents.

We want to say that this definitely does not mean that your pooch will get any of these health problems, but just to keep an eye on them so you can be sure that your pooch is healthy.

Both parent breeds are generally dogs that are in good health, and you do not need to worry much because this is also the case with the Aussie Retriever.

Just to be safe, we made a list of some of the potential health problems that these dogs can be prone to.

Cataracts. This health issue is something that can impact both young and older dogs. The easiest way to describe this problem is that the dog can have problems with eyesight in either one or both eyes.

Hip Dysplasia. This happens when the hip joint does not develop correctly. This is a common problem with dogs that have a lot of energy and that are moving around a lot. The bones can wear down, which can cause your dog to have problems with moving around as they get older. There are some surgeries that can help with this, but it depends on the dog’s general health.

Bloat. This can happen when your dog’s stomach gets twisted. This is a serious condition that can sometimes be hard to detect, especially with dogs that have a long coat. It can be fatal for your dog if it is not caught in time or if it is not treated for a long period of time.

Elbow Dysplasia. This is similar to hip dysplasia, but only in the elbows.

Weight gain. This is technically not a health issue, but it can cause a lot of problems for your pooch. They love dog food so you will need to make sure that the dosage is just right.

The lifespan of these dogs can depend on many things, but if we are talking about a healthy dog that is well taken care of, they can live to be 10 to 14 years.

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Grooming

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix lying on the floorAustralian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix lying on the floor
Photo from: @ylviesadventure

These dogs can be a hassle to groom from time to time. The main thing connecting these dogs with grooming is the brushing of their coat. Since they shed a lot like both of their dog parents, you will need to brush them on a daily basis, especially during the shedding season.

This is very important if you want to keep the hair under control. If not, you need to know that a vacuum cleaner will be your best friend.

You will need to give them a trim from time to time. Depending on your liking, every half a year can be enough for these dogs. It is not advised to shave these dogs, especially if they have double coats. It can mess with the quality of their coat, and it can also be damaging to their skin.

There are a couple of things that you can do all by yourself when it comes to parts of grooming. This can save you some money and time as well. Some of these can be a bit overwhelming, but you can always call a professional groomer if you need some help.

Here are some of the things you can do by yourself in your own home.

Bathing. This is the main aspect of grooming, and the part that a lot of people decide to do by themselves. It can be complicated at times, but try to make your dog as comfortable as possible, and teach them from a young age that bath time is a fun time.

Cleaning their ears. People can sometimes forget this part of grooming, but it is very important. Black gunk or anything in a dog’s ears can be very dangerous because it can cause infections.

Trimming their nails. This is something that can be overwhelming for some people, and we completely understand, especially if you can not make your dog calm down. Asking for help from a groomer or even a vet is good when it comes to this.

Cleaning their snout. This is something you should do on a daily basis and even a couple of times a day. After they eat and after a walk in nature, their snout should be cleaned. This is especially important for dogs that are lighter because they can get some discoloration if not cleaned regularly.

To Sum It Up

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is a loving dog that adores its human family. These dogs are great for people who are a bit more active, and who like to spend a lot of their time with the dog.

They have big exercise requirements, and this can be too much for some people so it is a good thing to do your research and get to know the dog breed that you are considering getting.

Finding a reputable breeder for this type of mixed dog breed can be difficult, but we are sure that with a lot of patience and time, you will eventually manage to find one and unite with your puppy as soon as possible.

We hope that this article has helped you, and that you got as much information as you needed, and in the end, you decide on getting one of these adorable dogs.