Puppies Were Abandoned In A Crate And Left To Starve But Then Their Luck Changed For The Better


Staff at rescue shelters have unfortunately seen a lot of sad scenes regarding the animals that come into their care.

Pups that are surrendered to shelters are often very confused and anxious, and can even become depressed.

However, the pups that are brought into the shelter as strays are, most of the time, in far worse positions. They were abandoned and are so scared that they could even become violent as they had to endure the hardships and coldness of street life.

The staff have to be extra careful and patient with such dogs in order to gain their trust and show them that they are only there to help.

But, there are some instances where these dogs can immediately sense that these hoomans will actually offer them a second chance – an instance that happened in today’s story.

Curley Abandoned

dogs on the street
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When shelter staffers saw a dog and her pups standing on a sidewalk all alone just 20 feet away from the entrance of the SPCA Westchester rescue center in Briarcliff Manor, New York, they sensed that something was off.

When they noticed that the mother was actually tied to the carrier in which there were four puppies, the staff knew that somebody abandoned this little family.

“Sadly, no note was left with them or any paperwork, and this person had not reached out to us for help prior. Had they contacted us, we would have taken in this sweet dog family,” Lisa Bonanno-Spence, the shelter’s director of development, told Newsweek.

dogs abandoned in box
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The mama dog, later named Nora, was absolutely terrified. However, she did not run away when the shelter staff approached her. It was as if she knew that they were going to make her life worth living again.

Heartbreaking Discovery

An investigation was opened in order to determine what truly happened to this little family.

The identity of the former owner who dumped them was uncovered shortly after they were found. After they were interviewed, they revealed that they were told that the pup would not be impregnated by their other family dog because of their size difference. For this reason, neither one of them was spayed or neutered.

shelter worker with dogs in box
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In the end, this turned out to be false, and this unplanned pregnancy led to drastic behavioral changes in the mama dog, prompting the owner to abandon both her and her litter.

“The owner lived just a few towns over. Mom is about 2 years old and appears to be a mix, resembling a ridgeback and hound. The puppies, around 3.5 months old, bear more resemblance to pit bulls, which is the breed of the father,” Bonanno-Spence stated.

The little family was immediately taken to the rescue center, where they were finally able to relax, thanks to the incredible staff who made sure they had everything they needed.  

“Mom is still quite scared, but she’s getting a little more trusting every day. We have no doubt that with time, patience and support from our staff and volunteers she will start to come more out of her shell,” Bonanno-Spence said.

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I am sure that in no time, both the mama and the puppies will forget all about their rough past and will be able to lead a life full of happiness, fun, and adventure.

And, the SPCA Westchester Rescue Center is doing everything to make that happen.

“We are hoping to find a foster home for mom, one that is quiet and dog-savvy. Otherwise, she will stay at our rescue center to be rehabilitated,” Bonanno-Spence concluded.

Importance Of Being Informed

Conception between dogs does not depend on their size.

This means that a pup of any size can get another dog pregnant, no matter if she is as big or as small as him.

If an owner has two dogs of the opposite sex and isn’t ready to have a litter of puppies, spaying or neutering is a must!

But, if such a thing does end up happening, abandoning the pups is not the solution!

According to research conducted by The Zebra, 3.9 million dogs across the USA are cruelly abandoned and are forced to live on the streets, but it does not have to be this way.

If the pups are well taken care of, unwanted pregnancies will rarely occur. And, even when they do occur, and the owner is left with a litter of puppies, it is better to take them to your local shelter and put them up for adoption than leave them on the streets. They deserve more!

So please, if you ever find yourself in this situation, find a way to offer these animals a second chance at life – you owe them that much.