Dog Was Depressed After She Was Abandoned But Then A Fateful Meeting Changed Everything


Recently, employees have been constantly warned about the fact that the shelters are overcrowded with dogs. Unfortunately, regardless of their warnings, there are more and more abandoned canines. 

That is especially hard for the employees of these shelters because they have to witness various sad scenes every day. The very realization that the dog was betrayed by the ones he trusted the most is heartbreaking, and that’s the least these people have to experience at their workplace.

One of the saddest scenes welcomed the employees of an animal shelter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one morning when they came to work.

Again, it was abandonment, but this time, it was even more heartbreaking. 

Eyes Full Of Tears

puppy in cage with note
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

The five-month-old dog, who was found outside of Pennsylvania SPCA, a non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was left there sometime between the evening of May 7 and the morning of May 8, 2024. 

The dog was tied to a pole, and the person who abandoned her left a note that read: “Cane Corso – pit mastiff. Born 12-15-23. Good Puppy. House Broken. Don’t Have A Name.”

All of this was heartbreaking for the shelter staff who found her there, but something else truly made their hearts cry. In their Facebook post, they wrote that the dog “had discharge from her eyes that made her look as if she had been crying.”

“We literally had to wipe away the tears from her eyes,” they wrote in another Facebook post. 

The only great news was this dog’s health status – they found out that she was perfectly healthy after they brought her to their premises. That gave them the motivation to do everything to ensure this canine a brighter future. 

“Looking For Love”

kind woman touching the dog
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA 

As soon as the staff brought the dog to their premises, they named her Minerva. Gillian Kocher, the director of public relations and marketing for the Pennsylvania SPCA, told PEOPLE that Minerva was nervous, had a tucked tail, and withdrawn language. 

Despite all this and all the difficulties she had been through, it did not break her spirit nor her heart full of love. 

“Though shy, she would wag her tail and approach slowly, looking for love,” Kocher said. 

Little by little, with the help of big-hearted people who were taking care of her, the wounds on Minerva’s soul were slowly healing, and she started to show her true colors. 

On May 10, Pennsylvania SPCA posted a heartwarming video showing Minerva’s interaction with one of her caretakers. “A tentative step. A tail wag. Minerva is learning that the world isn’t so scary. And we are here to show her.”

Minerva was already a very happy pup because she was surrounded by the people who cared, but the best was yet to come. 

Happiest Ending

Already on May 10, Minerva was ready for adoption. The Pennsylvania SPCA announced it in their new Facebook post.

“Today we turn the page for her. She will be available for adoption starting at noon.” they wrote. 

The happiest news came even sooner than they expected. On May 11, a new Facebook post followed with a quote from the famous American author, John Green, which reads: “We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken.”

girls with dog at adoption center
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

Minerva overcame her biggest trauma and all the other hardships that followed and soon met her happiest life moment

“We are ending the day with the best news – Minerva was adopted!” Pennsylvania SPCA wrote at the end.