100+Cane Corso Names: Find A Perfect Name For Your Puppy


There are many great Cane Corso names out there, but we’re looking for a special one. It’s no simple task. We have to go through a bunch of standard, boring dog names to find the best of the best dog names for your new puppy.

Now, the Cane Corso is no Chihuahua or Retriever. This is a big dog, huge to be precise, with a big heart and even bigger needs. You’ve gotta act according to the dog’s needs. Watch your dog’s personality closely. Is he cheerful or serious? What does the Cane Corso breeder say? What’s his coat color? Black, maybe brindle?

There are numerous ways to find inspiration for naming your Cane Corso.

Today, we’re going to help you out by teaching you how to become the finest name giver of all time.

Your best friend deserves something special. Show him HE’S special!

What Is A Cane Corso?

four black cane corso puppies outsidefour black cane corso puppies outside

The Cane Corso is a large dog breed that can be traced back thousands of years. Their ancestors, Mollosers, were a mighty working breed named after an ancient Greek tribe, the Molossi.

After the Romans conquered ancient Greece, they brought back these dogs to today’s Italy. There, Mollosers were bred with native breeds to get Cane Corsos and Neapolitan Mastiffs. Fun fact: Cane Corsos were used as “pireferi,” the first military service dogs used in Roman warfare. They used to carry flaming buckets of oil on their backs to assist in attacking the enemy.

After the Roman Empire dissolved in the 5th century, this Italian breed was given somewhat less exciting jobs hunting wild boar, herding livestock, and guarding farms, which is why many think they’re an aggressive breed. They served successfully until the two world wars, economic crises, and other 20th century mishaps.

The breed almost became extinct, but thanks to a group of dog lovers in the 1970s, they made it through. By the 1990s, the Cane Corso dog breed made its way through Europe to the rest of the world. Sadly, the American Kennel Club (AKC) only recognized the Cane Corso breed just a few years ago, in 2010. They had to go a long way before an official organization said they’re purebred dogs.

If you’re thinking of adopting this gentle giant and making it a part of your family, you will need to pay around $1,800 to $3,000. The price is high, but their sweet, protective temperament is absolutely worth it. Expect to spend 10 to 12 loving years with your Cane Corso.

What Are Cane Corso Name Trends?

two dogs sitting outside looking awaytwo dogs sitting outside looking away

Majestic and powerful dog names are the coolest trend for Cane Corsos. You’ll see that numerous dog names on our list are inspired by power, strength, and dominance. Such names are, for example, King, Boss, Bear, etc.

Since Cane Corso is an ancient dog breed, it’s no wonder we have many ancient Greek and Roman names too. For example, Juno, Apollo, Zeus, Thor, Athena, Titan, and even Hercules. Giving your dog one of these names is a nice homage to their heritage.

A Word Of Advice…

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a Cane Corso puppy name is to find a name that rolls off the tongue. The best Cane Corso names are those that make you feel happy. But, how do you go about finding such a name? Well, the best way is to yell out every dog name off our list and check out how it sounds. It is a bit ridiculous, but how else will you know?

Why Is It Important To Choose A Good Dog Name?

beautiful dog standing outside looking awaybeautiful dog standing outside looking away

Every dog has a personality of its own. The important thing is to find a dog name that suits your pup’s personality.

Cane Corso dogs have a rough appearance. They’re dominant doggies, but their hearts are made of gold.

Cane Corsos are undoubtedly tough-looking dogs, even though they are generally big softies at heart!

However, naming your Cane Corso Sparkles or Snowball just sounds wrong, doesn’t it?

Finding Inspiration For Good Cane Corso Names

Inspiration for good Cane Corso puppy names can be found anywhere. Even the most unexpected sources can be inspirational.

Remember the name of your old street. What was your teacher’s name in the first grade? Did you see a cool grocery brand on the shelves? Maybe after your pup’s favorite dog food? Flowers, guns, sports, hunting, movies like Disney or even anime… You name it!

Seriously, anything can be an inspiration. Just exercise those brain cells and figure out one hella Cane Corso name!

Roman-Inspired Names For A Cane Corso

two cane corso puppies standing on decktwo cane corso puppies standing on deck

Rarely does any pooch have a Roman-inspired dog name. To honor their land of origin, we’ve figured out that giving unique Roman dog names for your Cane Corso would be simply… pawmazing! Check out these ancient ideas that still sound modern:

• Albus: Meaning the color white.

• Brutus: Brutus means heavy. And, aren’t Cane Corso really heavy dogs? Yup, this name suits all Cane Corso males perfectly. It’s easy to pronounce and still has that unique sound.

• Canis: It’s Latin for “dog,” get it?

Cato: A Cane Corso dog named Cato is wise because this Roman-inspired name actually means “wise.”

• Caesar: Although Cesar stands for “hairy,” we’d like to think Roman emperor Julius Caesar was the inspiration for one of the coolest Cane Corso names.

• Cohort: This was a Roman army unit. In fact, the Roman army hides many amazing ideas that will serve as great dog names.

• Crispus: The true meaning of the word “Crispus” is curly-haired. Well, Cane Corso dogs aren’t curly, but we can’t deny this dog name sounds sharp and hits right in the center.

• Felix: Here’s a name for your happy Cane Corso. Felix sounds cheerful, doesn’t it?

• Ludi: Cane Corso dogs are true fighters of the canine world. What better idea than giving them a name that once stood for Roman games where gladiators had their battles?

• Nero: Nero stands for the color “black.” But, Nero is also that crazy Roman Emperor that burnt down Rome. A totally appropriate name idea for a Cane Corso.

• Omen: Did you know that Omen stands for a sign of the future? Well, now you know.

• Rex: Rex is king. ‘Nuff said!

• Rufus: Even though Rufus is meant to describe red hair, it’s still a cool name choice for Cane Corso dogs.

• Sextus: Simply put, it means “the sixth,” but it sounds powerful.

Female Names

And if you have a girl, you can try:

• Alba: Just like Albus, Alba stands for the color “white.”

• Drusa: Here’s a Roman family name that can be used as a cool dog name for female Cane Corso dogs.

• Juno: Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. It can also stand for the movie Juno.

• Porcia: Back in ancient times, the Cane Corso was used to catch wild boars and pigs, hence why the name Porcia (pronounced like the car, Porsche) is such a good Cane Corso name.

• Venus: Ahh, the Roman goddess of love and beauty!

• Vita: Vita stands for “life” in Italian. An energetic female Cane Corso would look good being named Vita.

Italian Dog Names For Cane Corso

cane corso puppy looking awaycane corso puppy looking away

What is now Italy was once known as the Roman Empire. If none of the Roman-inspired names were cool enough for your Cane Corso, maybe you should try Italian names? Help your pooch get in touch with its roots!

Male Names

• Aldo: Aldo is short for Aldobrandino, meaning “little old sword.”

• Dante: Well, isn’t this the perfect dog name for mischievous pups? We all know what Dante is famous for.

• Dino: Dino is also a nickname derived from Aldobrandino.

• Fredo: The name Alfredo stands for “God’s peace,” and the moniker Fredo stands for one sweet Cane Corso name.

• Gino: Gino or Ambrogino means “little immortal one.”

• Maso: We even have a name for a Cane Corso puppy that was once a twin or one of two puppies from one litter. It’s Tommaso or Maso, meaning “twin.”

• Naldo: All Italian names that end with “naldo” already have a moniker built in the name. It’s Naldo!

• Nico: Here’s Nico, short for Niccolo, a name that means “victor of the people.”

• Nino: Nino is a nickname for Gianino. In other words, it’s a name that means “God is gracious.”

• Orso: Well, we assume that at some point in the past, Cane Corso dogs used to hunt bears. And… Orso is bear in Latin, so… yeah, what a great name for a Cane Corso or Neapolitan Mastiff!

• Pino: Pino means curly-headed person. Although the Cane Corso is not curly, it’s still one adorable name!

• Primo: Cane Corso is first in everything. No wonder they would suit a name like Primo, coming from the Latin word Primus!

• Santo: An Italian Italian form of the Latin word for holy is Santo. Santo is also a cool male dog name for Cane Corsos.

• Sesto: We see many Italian forms of Latin words. That’s because the Italian language was derived from the old Latin language. For example, the name Sesto means the sixth. What a great name for a puppy from a large litter.

• Terzo: For a puppy coming from a medium-sized litter, we suggest the name Terzo, meaning the third.

• Tino: Some Italian names have the same ending -tino. Tino stands for tiny, and it’s a terrific name for a tiny puppy like a Cane Corso weighing “only” 130ish pounds!

• Tito: Cane Corso dogs are on fire! They’re lit! Hence the name Titus, meaning fire, and its moniker Tito.

• Vanni: Vanni is a short but lovely form of the name Giovanni, meaning God is gracious.

• Vico: Choose Vico, as Vincenzo (the conqueror), for a Cane Corso that conquered your heart.

•Vito: Just like Vita, Vito stands for Vitus or “life.”

Girl dog names

dog sitting with black backgrounddog sitting with black background

• Carla: Carla is the girl version of the name Carlo, meaning man. Well, Carla obviously means woman, doesn’t it?

• Dona: Dona or Donna is a popular female dog name. Actually, it’s short for Adona, meaning “my lord.”

• Elma: Elma is a girl version of Elmo, standing for “the helmet.”

• Fina: Or Serafina means “the serpent.” Cane Corso females are mighty, and well, this name surely sounds mighty.

• Gina: a nickname for all girl names that end in “gina,” i.e., Georgina.

• Mimi: Were you aware that Mimi is a nickname for Maria?

• Mona: Mona or Simona means “hearkening.” We love how elegant it sounds!

• Nora: All girl names that end in “nora,” like Leonora, could have the moniker Nora.

• Sandra: Even Alessandra, the longer version, sounds lovely!

• Santa: No, it’s not Santa Clause. Santa, here, stands for “holy.”

•Tecla: Tecla stands for “glory of God.” It’s also a unique name idea for your Cane Corso.

• Tina: Tina, as in Valentina or Leontina.

• Zeta: Zeta is a “little girl.” It’s a perfectly suitable name for your “little” Cane Corso female.

• Zita: Zita’s the same as Zeta, but sounds even tinier to us!

Cane Corso Names Taken From Movies

silver cane corso sitting outside in grasssilver cane corso sitting outside in grass

• Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)

• Blondie (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

• Bluto (National Lampoon’s Animal House)

• Dude (The Big Lebowski)

• Falcor (The NeverEnding Story)

• Ferris (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

• Frankenstein

• Harry (Harry Potter)

• Hollywood

• Jabba (Jabba the Hutt, Star Wars)

• Maverick (Top Gun)

• Max (Mad Max)

• Norman (Psycho)

• Odie (Garfield)

• Yoda (Star Wars)

• Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Female Cane Corso Names Inspired By Historical Figures

close up of dog standing outside looking awayclose up of dog standing outside looking away

• Brunhilde, a Valkyrie in German mythology

• Cleopatra, famous Egyptian Queen

• Delilah, from the Bible; Samson’s beloved

• Rosa, in honor of Rosa Parks

• Venus, Roman goddess of beauty

Male Cane Corso Names Inspired By Historical Figures

two dogs playing outside in fieldtwo dogs playing outside in field

• Ajax, a Grecian hero

• Brutus, a Roman politician and Caesar’s traitor

• Cicero, ancient Roman philosopher

• Dante, an Italian poet

• Goliath, a powerful Biblical hero

• Nerva, ancient Roman emperor

• Plato, a widely-known Greek philosopher

• Rafael, a Renaissance painter

• Samson, a super-strong Biblical hero

• Titan(s), Greek deities

A Mashup Of Unusual Names For Your Cane Corso

cane corso sitting on groundcane corso sitting on ground

• Mia, an Italian name meaning “wished for a child.” Aren’t our pups our kids?

• Xander, a diminutive of Alexander

• Ozzie, “strong” in Hebrew

• Arthur, stands for “bear” (how appropriate!)

• Garvan, Celtic for “rough” because Cane Corsos look rough

•Cameo, Italian for “cultured jewel”

• Lex, an abbreviation of Alexander (“defender of men” in Greek)

Badass Dog Names Inspired by Action Films

portrait of black cane corso with blue backgroundportrait of black cane corso with blue background

• Butch

• Dominic

• Duke

• Floyd

• Gus

• Rambo

• Rocco

• Rocky

• Spike

• Vinnie

Human Names For Your Male Cane Corso

black cane corso sitting outsideblack cane corso sitting outside

• Bill

• Clark

• Craig

• Derek

• Hank

• John

• Nathan

• Rick

• Roger

• Steve

Empowering Female Cane Corso Names

three black dog sitting in snowthree black dog sitting in snow

• Blaze

• Harley

• Rebel

• Roxanna

• Roxy

• Ruby

• Sheena

• Valencia

• Vixen

• Zelda

Cane Corso Dog Names Inspired By Movie Villains

cane corso standing outside with on house behindcane corso standing outside with on house behind

• Bane

• Dr. Doom

• Gollum

• Hannibal

• Lex

• Loki

• Luther

• Norman

• Scar

• Vader

Cool Dog Names Inspired By TV Characters

cane corso posing outside in woodscane corso posing outside in woods

• Andre/Dre

• Carlton

• Chandler

• Fonzie

• Frasier

• Magnum

• Marshall

• Rufus

• Tyrion

• Walter

Badass Dog Names

dog with brown eyes with black backgrounddog with brown eyes with black background

• Bedlam

• Boomer

• Brick

• Brutus

• Chaos

• Chase

• Cyclone

• Damien

• Dash

• Diesel

• Hurricane

• Inferno

• Kong

• Malice

• Maximus

• Mayhem

• Pyro

• Renegade

• Tank

• Tempus

Awesome Dog Names Inspired By Famous Athletes

cane corso sitting on deck looking at cameracane corso sitting on deck looking at camera

• Brady

• Cristiano

• Danica

• Gordie

• Lebron

• MJ/Jordan

• Peyton/Payton

• Rafael

• Serena

• Tiger

Cane Corso Names For Real Gentlemen Dogs

puppe sitting on bench in parkpuppe sitting on bench in park

• Doc Savage

• Dr. Demon

• Dr. Dre

• Dr. Drool

• Dr. Pepper

• Mr. Bill

• Mr. Mackey

• Mr. Miyagi

• Mr. Wonderful

• Mz. Manners

Cane Corso Names Inspired By The Letter “A”

black dog sitting outside on pathblack dog sitting outside on path

• Ace

• Ajax

• Ansel

• Anson

• Apache

• Aphrodite

• Archer

• Ash

• Atlas

• Axel

Cane Corso Names Inspired By Space

dog playing outside in grassdog playing outside in grass

• Apollo

• Comet

• Haley

• Jupiter

• Leo

• Luna

• Orion

• Pluto

• Sirius

• Venus

Music-Inspired Cane Corso Names

puppy standing outside between treespuppy standing outside between trees

• Blondie

• Cardi

• Chance

• Elvis

• Hendrix

• Iggy

• Lizzo

• Motley

• Prince

• Sid Vicious

Booze-Inspired Cane Corso Names

two black dogs looking into distancetwo black dogs looking into distance

• Barley

• Bud

• Captain

• Ice

• Jameson

• Kendall

• Porter

• Spudz

• Tito

• Whiskey

Superhero Dog Names

dog standing outside with tongue outdog standing outside with tongue out

• Asterix

• Conan

• Elektra

• Hawkeye

• Hulk

• Rogue

• Spidey

• Thor

• Wolverine

• Wonder Woman, nicknamed “Diana”

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Cane Corso Dog Names

Before deciding on a name for your Cane Corso puppy, there are some things you should consider.

Always pick a name with a maximum of two syllables. Sure, longer names are fine but remember you’ll have to yell that name in a full dog park. Calling out for “Mr. Fluffy Pants McStuffington” sounds tricky, doesn’t it? You can only imagine how tricky it would be for your dog to learn it.

However, if you really, really want a longer name, you can always figure out a cool nickname as a shorter version.

Top Puppy Names Tips

cane corso puppy lying outside looking at cameracane corso puppy lying outside looking at camera

If you have multiple pets in your household, and you’re getting an addition, a Cane Corso puppy, you should be extra careful with naming. You want to avoid naming your dog something similar to other names in the household.

Also, avoid naming him something that sounds like a command during dog training. Ray sounds pretty much like “stay,” doesn’t it? Avoid confusion and choose a simple name!

If you want, try to come up with a unique dog name no other pooch has. We’ve got plenty of ideas, so you better check them out! Since many Cane Corso pups have black coats, you should check our list of awesome black dog names! And, since they’re quite big, maybe going through our list of big dog names isn’t such a bad idea?


cane corso lyingcane corso lying

Photo from: @canecorso_union

We hope our compelling list will help you decide which dog name is the best fit for your Cane Corso. Always think outside the box. Plain names like Lucy or Nala aren’t trending anymore. You will need a cool male Cane Corso dog name or an empowering female Cane Corso dog name to say: I’m one amazing dog! Watch me rule your heart!

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