Dog With His Head Stuck In A Pretzel Container Stumbles Upon A Neighboring Farm, Begging For Help


Dogs often find themselves in the most unexpected predicaments while pursuing a delicious treat. 

Such is the story of this Great Pyrenees puppy who somehow got his head stuck in a pretzel container. 

In his search for help, he wandered onto a neighboring farm, pleading with the kind landowners for help. 

Despite getting himself into quite a serious mess, the smile never left his face, peeking through a transparent bottle on his head. 

Emergency Rescue Mission 

dog on the farmdog on the farm
Source: Youtube

Rocky Kanaka is a pet rescue advocate who constantly tries to raise awareness about homeless dogs and the importance of adoption. 

He usually looks for dogs that need rescuing – this time, however, a dog in need of rescue walked right up to him. 

He was doing his morning chores on his farm when suddenly, a white, fluffy dog came running to him. 

Kanaka was shocked when he spotted a large bottle stuck on this dog’s head. “He seems pretty happy for having a bottle stuck on his head,” Kanaka remarked, surprised by the dog’s cheerful behavior. 

dog stuck in pretzel containerdog stuck in pretzel container
Source: Youtube

However, he knew that the situation was serious and that he needed to take action right way. Keeping the dog calm was crucial to freeing him.

“Because I could fit my fingers in the bottle, I knew he had plenty of air. The important thing was staying calm so he would too,” he said. 

man helping dog to get container offman helping dog to get container off
Source: Youtube

The kind-hearted neighbor rushed to help free the dog, grabbing scissors while Kanaka watched the dog so that he wouldn’t run away. 

The scissors proved to be too dull for the bottle, so they grabbed heavy-duty clippers. 

Pretzel Puppy Is Free 

men rescuing dog's headmen rescuing dog's head
Source: Youtube

They slowly cut the plastic container so as not to harm the dog. “My heart raced as I made cut after cut, this curious canine having really jammed himself in there good,” Kanaka said. 

Eventually, they were able to take off the container and free the puppy, who greeted them with a smile. 

Thankfully, the puppy had a collar with a name tag on it, so they were able to notify the family immediately. 

However, the family did not respond to the texts, so they had to figure out another way to bring this pup home. 

Since he was a working dog, they guessed that he must belong to their neighbors who had a ranch, so they went to visit them and ask. 

dog got helped by mendog got helped by men
Source: Youtube

It turned out that it was actually their dog – a puppy named Puppaluffagus!

The owners were so happy to see him and have him back safe and sound. 

“As I watched the happy reunion, I felt that same warm glow I get anytime I can lend a hand (or clippers) to an animal in need. While Puppaluffagus’s pretzel predicament was certainly a silly one, it was also a reminder to keep your eyes and heart open. You never know when a furry friend might require your assistance,” Kanaka said. 

Luckily, he was at the right place and at the right time to save Puppaluffagus from his pretzel predicament.