An ‘Aggressive’ Dog Returned To A Shelter By His Owner Ended Up Being The Sweetest Dog Ever


There’s no greater sight than seeing a long-term shelter dog find his forever home. But, to witness that same dog being returned to a shelter again is just heartbreaking.

One such saddening story took place in New Jersey, and it absolutely shocked me.

A dog, Burrito, waited for the day when he’d finally be able to exhibit his true colors in a new home. But, when that moment finally came, instead of a forever home, Burrito faced another heartbreak!

A Word From Burrito’s Foster

a foster dog on the grass
Source: Isabella Strom

Before he was adopted by an older couple, Burrito spent a couple of beautiful weeks with his foster, Isabella.

Then came his adoption day! 

A couple adopted Burrito from South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, New Jersey, and in less than two days, they decided to take him back. They told the shelter that the dog was just too aggressive and bit his new dad on the hand.

“This dog was returned to the shelter in less than 48 hours after he was adopted for biting and being aggressive,” Isabella said in a TikTok video.

When Isabella heard this story, she was both devastated and confused. How come such a snuggle bug like Burrito could go from being the calmest dog to being aggressive in just 48 hours?

What happened?

What triggered aggression in Burrito, or was it just an excuse to give him back?


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She then decided to record a video, showing the dog’s gentle side.

In the video, she can be seen having the nicest cuddle session with this shelter boi. 

“This is all he has done for the last two weeks. This is what we do,” she added.

dog snuggles with his owner
Source: Isabella Strom

After she found out the full story, Isabella decided to take it to the public one more time.

According to the shelter, Burrito bit his new owner when he tried to get him out of the car. 

“They get home, he wouldn’t get out of the car. The husband reaches in the car, grabs Burrito, drags him out of the car. Burrito didn’t like that, bit him on the hand,” Isabella told in another video.

Even though he wasn’t very fond of her father, either, Isabella said that Burrito never displayed any aggressive behavior toward him. He would just keep his distance, and that was all! 

Off To A New Start

dog sitting on grass
Source: Isabella Strom

Being in the shelter again wasn’t beneficial to Burrito, given all the noise and stress triggered by a small kennel.

And, then again, Burrito finally had a taste of freedom, so imagine his heartbreak if he needed to be placed in a small space one more time!

dog swinging
Source: Isabella Strom

Instead, this sweet boi with hauntingly beautiful eyes was transferred to another, long-term behavioral foster.

He’s currently unavailable for adoption and will spend his days decompressing. The good thing is – he’ll still be able to enjoy a home just for himself. And, when the time finally comes, I’m absolutely sure that he will find one forever. 

Good luck, Burrito!