Witness A Beautiful Moment When This Sweet Dog Approached A Journalist And Gave Him A Big Hug


All the friendships in the world are great. If they are filled with trust and love, they are the best. But, the one between a dog and his hooman is truly special. 

There are really various ways in which this bond can be created. Each and every one is beautiful, but if it is love at first sight, it is meant to last forever. 

The story that you are about to witness will be the one that will melt your heart for sure. 

Love At First Bark

dogs in the shelter
Source: Youtube

It was a regular working day for one news reporter as he was heading to a shelter to make a story about dogs that were waiting to be adopted. 

In the whole world, especially in the U.S., the number of dogs in shelters has become a burning problem recently. So, it was not a surprise that this reporter got the job to cover the story and make people more aware of this topic. 

However, he could not dream that something would happen to him soon, which would change his life forever. 

When he came to the shelter, there were many dogs waiting for him, and they were all excited and observing him with curiosity. Deep in their hearts, all of these pups were hoping that someone would come to save them and make them a new part of the family. 

No dog was brave enough to make a move until one nice pup came closer to the reporter and gave him a hug. At first, he was surprised, but he thought that she was just bored and that it would not last very long. 

the dog jumps on the owner
Source: Tailster

But, she didn’t give up as she was holding his leg even stronger. The hug was so heartfelt that he had no choice but to embrace it. He started petting her, rewarding her with the same positive vibes he was receiving. 

the dog caresses the owner
Source: Tailster

The people who were witnessing this scene were so touched that they couldn’t resist recording it. 

Covering a story at an animal shelter, a journalist was grabbed by this dog and wouldn’t let go. The journalist eventually adopted him!
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From this heartwarming moment, the lives of both of them would change forever. 

An Unexpected “Happily Ever After”

It was clear from the dog’s eyes that she wasn’t going to let the reporter go so easily. She directed all her love towards this man, which she did not have the opportunity to show during her stay in the shelter. 

And then, as if the stars in the sky aligned, he could no longer say “no” and decided to adopt her. 

It seemed that they were really meant to be, as from one moment of love, the strongest bond between a dog and a human was created. 

a man strokes a dog
Source: Youtube

This beautiful short story appeared on all social media platforms, and people were so touched and delighted that the positive comments just didn’t stop coming. 

A popular site, Bored Panda, had this heartwarming story on their official Facebook Page, and the reactions were just incredible. 

comments for a dog that needs to be adopted
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There is nothing to add, as these beautiful reactions said it all.