Volunteer At The Shelter Was Surprised When She Met The Most Overlooked Dog There So She Adopted Him


Being a volunteer at a dog shelter and not falling in love with a dog is simply impossible.

If you ever had an opportunity to be at service for these furry creatures for at least one day, you know what I’m talking about!

And, in one North Carolina shelter, Katherine Ellis was about to have her first epiphany, too!

After deciding to sign up as a volunteer, never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that she’d end up making the pawesomest decision of her life!

Then, it happened.

It Was Just Meant To Be

shelter dog wearing a cone
Source: @itskatellis

Together with her partner, Jake, Kate decided to visit the Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina, for one noble cause – to sign up as a volunteer and a foster.

But, on her very first day, the most unexpected thing happened!

As she made a little tour through the shelter and saw countless captivating eyes seeking her affection, one particular pup caught all of her attention.

It was little Santiago officially the oldest pup at the shelter; hence, the most overlooked one, too!

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“We had absolutely no intention of getting a dog but day 1 of me signing up to volunteer at @humanecharlotte we walked in and Jake said ‘I am not leaving without this dog’,” Kate wrote in an Instagram post.

In a matter of minutes, the couple decided to step up and provide a forever home for this adorable canine. And, he welcomed that very idea like the true sweetheart he is!

In their video, Kate and Jake show how enthusiastic and happy little Santiago (now Rookie) was to finally be able to get out of the kennel and walk freely in an open space.

Rookie And The Family Rocking Through Life

couple holding a dog
Source: @itskatellis

Within only a few days, Jake, Kate, and Rookie became inseparable.

The pup truly embraced his new life as if he’d always been a part of the family, and it showed. He became the friendliest little fellow who truly appreciated every second of his life.

“He is the friendliest, most loving, and fastest learning pup I have ever met and have never bought something better for $175. Welcome to the family Rookie,” wrote Kate.

dog lying on the balcony
Source: @itskatellis

On their very first ride home, the couple made sure to supply their (now) dog-friendly home with a comfy bed and food for their newest family member. 

They wanted to provide Rookie with everything he had been missing this entire time, and to see the look on his face once he finally made it to a warm home was just priceless.

Kate couldn’t be more thankful for signing up as a volunteer that day, as she would never have had the chance to meet Rookie.

Even though she had never planned to have a dog, she always thought of a tiny, blonde, non-shedding doggo once she started dreaming. And, this way – it turned out to be a thousand times better!

close-up photo of the couple with dog
Source: @itskatellis

With every new day, Rookie and his family made sure to chase new adventures together. They take walks in the city, have some delicious puppuchino stops on their trips, and give Rookie (sometimes unwanted) baths whenever he feels like it.

The family recently moved to Chicago, where they started a brand-new life chapter, and Rookie couldn’t be more excited!

He now gets to spend his days next to his mom and dad, far away from the life in the kennel and those long, sleepless nights. And, isn’t that every dog’s dream?