Sweet Dog Was On A Chain Her Whole Life But Then The Amazing Rescuers Came To Her Aid


Gary was a dog who, throughout her entire life, had not been treated the way she deserved. She was in very bad physical condition, neglected, and tied to a tree, unable to move around.

When the neighbors of the owner saw the state she was in, they knew they had to do something.

Rescue Mission

an abandoned dog lies on the street next to a tree
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When the rescuers came to save her, they were completely heartbroken.

Gary had a chain around her neck and a severe wound to her back leg, preventing her from walking properly.   

However, even in such a condition, Gary did not give up. 

Her rescuers decided to use food in order to lure her into their car, and Gary gave her best to follow them, limping all the way.

At The Vet

When they brought her to the vet, it was determined that Gary’s leg was severely necrotic.

The vet stated that it was probably due to a steel wire she got caught in, leaving the bone exposed for days. Because of this, her doctors were forced to amputate the leg.

In order for Gary to heal properly, she was put on bed rest for a whole month.

abandoned dog at the vet with a collar around its head
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When the month passed, Gary was eager to go outside.

Thanks to all the love she received during her recovery, it took her only a couple of minutes to get used to walking on only three legs.

abandoned dog on a leash
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Forever Home

Despite all the hardships this dog has been through, she did not let them define her life.

Gary was very loving and affectionate, willing to play with anybody she came across. And, because of this, one of her rescuers simply couldn’t let her go, and decided to adopt her.

sad dog with a collar
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As soon as her rescuer brought Gary home, she decided to give her a well-needed bath.

At first, Gary was hesitant to get into the bathtub, but she soon understood that it would do her no harm.

Now, Gary looks like a brand-new dog.

adopted dog takes a picture with a woman
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Gary has completely forgotten about her past life and is enjoying every passing moment with her new family.

She spends her days having fun and playing outside with her doggo sibling, getting all the attention she deserves.

Good girl, Gary!

two dogs are playing in the garden
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