Rescuers Took In A Very Chubby Puppy Who Became A Celebrity In The Shelter For His Charming Personality


When a tiny, adorable puppy by the name of Jammy arrived at Marin Humane, an independent nonprofit rescue in Novato, California, he was an immediate hit.

Having the most adorable smile and the sweetest personality really made him loved among the staff.

However, Jammy was also very chubby, and the shelter staff had to work on this.

Meet Jammy

photo of chubby pup
Source: Marin Humane via The Dodo

When he was surrendered to the Novato shelter after his owner was no longer able to care for him, Jammy weighed 17.6 pounds.

Being such a small dog, his ideal weight would be around ten pounds, meaning that he was really overweight. Jammy could barely move around on his own, so being carried around all the time was something that he thoroughly enjoyed.

Unfortunately, weight wasn’t his only issue. After some checkups, the staff discovered that he had 13 bladder stones that had to be removed immediately. But, Jammy didn’t allow this to get in the way of his happiness.

x-ray photo of the chubby pup
Source: Marin Humane

Despite his health issues, he was a very charming boy who loved spending his time with all the new hoomans he met.

“Jammy is a charming, funny little dude. He’s friendly and easy-going, and he’s been social with everyone he’s met. He also has some silly quirks; for example, he’s enjoyed playing with a cat wand toy! He’s gone through lots of handling in his time at our shelter, due to his health issues, and he’s been a superstar through all of it,” Julia Lamont, social media and marketing specialist at Marin Humane, told The Dodo.

pup looking at the camera
Source: Marin Humane via The Dodo

Looking For A Home

After the surgery in which the vets removed his bladder stones, Jammy spent some time in a loving foster home in order to recover.

The incredible environment allowed him to recover in no time, and Jammy was back at the shelter looking for a warm forever home. In the meantime, however, he is slowly losing his extra weight and dreaming of an active family that will help him become as healthy as he is happy.

chubby pup lying on a pink blanket
Source: Marin Humane via The Dodo

He is an expert snuggler and loves walking around in the sun, pulling his hooman wherever he wants to go.

Jammy is also very vocal at mealtimes and will make everybody aware of his opinions on the food that he is given. Since he has spent his days living alongside other animals, he would undoubtedly love the companionship of a furry sibling with whom he could have fun and adventurous playdates.

Overall, this incredibly sweet boy is a true gentleman who wants nothing more but a loving family to take him in.

pup standing on green grass
Source: Marin Humane via The Dodo

If you are interested in adopting Jammy and providing him with a happy and loving home that will allow him to reach his ultimate goal, please contact Marin Humane for more information.