Rescuers Shocked To Find Three Tiny Puppies Abandoned Outside In The Cold


Every day, we can hear warnings from various organizations about how animals are increasingly endangered and how shelters are fuller. Despite this, many cold-hearted people continue to do bad things to their pets, and abandonment is one of the most heartbreaking. 

Unfortunately, this can always be brought to another level, and the best proof of that is the people who breed dogs for profit. As their priority is money and not the love that these beings carry in their hearts, the outcome can often be tragic.

That was the case this time as well when a group of rescuers found three shivering puppies outside of the Paterson shelter. Their story is a lesson for all of us. 

Poor Little Lives

photo of rescued puppiesphoto of rescued puppies
Source: Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

On March 22, 2024, Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI), a rescue organization located in Oakland, New Jersey, announced a dramatic title in their Facebook post. 

“!! Urgent Rescue in Progress ‼️ Sick puppies dumped outside Paterson shelter!” they wrote. 

According to them, the little ones were in a very bad condition – cold, sickly, and malnourished. 

They assumed that the puppies were “some sort of micro breed of Boston terrier.” Aside from that, they were approximately eight weeks old and they were all male

Their mother wasn’t anywhere around, and the rescuers had no information about her or the other puppies. 

Nevertheless, these good people didn’t want to wait any longer but immediately rushed to the hospital to provide much-needed help for these poor babies. 

Glimpse Of Hope

puppies lying on a gray blanketpuppies lying on a gray blanket
Source: Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

Later that day, after they found the puppies and brought them to the hospital, a rescue organization from Oakland, Wisconsin, wrote another Facebook post about their situation. Fortunately, the news was quite positive. 

“The three tiny micro-Boston pups abandoned outside in the cold are now stable and receiving the medical care that had been so neglected,” they wrote. 

In that honor, they named them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. All three of them were very malnourished and had pot bellies. Aside from that, they were also suffering from an upper respiratory illness. 

After that knowledge, everything was finally clear to these people. They were now sure that the puppies were the product of microbreeding from people eager for profit, but also that their illness “helped” them to end up on the street

“In the world of backyard breeding, you can’t sell a sick dog,” they wrote. 

However, this only motivated them even more to help the puppies and provide them with a better future. They gave them the needed medication and TLC, as well as the best quality food, so they were already feeling much better. 

Soon, the puppies were able to be released into out-patient care in a medical foster home, where they had a better chance of staying healthy. Aside from all the necessities, they were also showered with a lot of love, and that helped them in their recovery, too. 

“Alvin, Simon and Theodore are finally being doted on as precious lives instead of a rejected commodity,” RBARI wrote. 

An Eye-Opening Tragedy

Their saviors knew that the puppies would have to go through a tough recovery due to their health issues. Fortunately, with the help of all the good people who were taking care of them, everything went quite well, and all of them were full of hope that there would be a happy ending. 

“All three pups are spunky, running around, wrestling and playing hide and seek one minute – then snuggling and giving love the next,” RBARI wrote in their new Facebook post. 

However, just when they thought that nothing could go wrong and that all three puppies were doing fine, the saddest moment came

“Yesterday, Alvin, one of the three puppies we recently rescued, passed away,” RBARI wrote in their latest Facebook post from April 1, 2024. 

photo of puppy named alvinphoto of puppy named alvin
Source: Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

They wrote that Alvin came to them with “a severe cleft palate, suffering from congenital hydrocephalus as well as other defects affecting his neurological function.” All these were the consequences of bad breeding, which was subsequently the cause of his downfall. 

Although it was hard for them to go through all this, the people who cared for Alvin and the other puppies had to share his story. They didn’t do it to make it easier to cry their tears or spill morale but to save some future Alvins and all other pups whom someone decided to give such a fate to. 

After reading this story, it’s up to all of us to take a look into our hearts and decide if it’s more important to have a few more dollars in our pockets or a heart filled with joy because one little life continues to live.