The owner placed a camera in the room to monitor his dog and was surprised by what he saw


You must agree with me when I say that dogs are the best… because they truly are. If you ask me, they are the most loyal, smart, and loving creatures in the world that bring us immense joy.

And, they never cease to amaze me, just like this beautiful Golden Retriever girl named Nala. She is one goofy dog whose viral videos became a daily dose of serotonin we simply can’t live without.

She became famous for doing dance-y butt stomps, but now she has learned another cute trick that left everyone in awe. Thanks to the security camera that her dad put up, we can now look at this video over and over again… I know I have.

Adventuring With Nala

Photo of Chris and Nala
Source: @adventuringwithnala

Chris Lindamood, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, got Nala when she was still a small pupper with little legs and big, cute ears. He has been sharing Nala’s content on his social media ever since.

He describes Nala as a goofy and sweet dog with a bit of a sassy personality. The videos of those two just having fun, going on adventures together, and doing silly little things have taken over the Internet.

“Nala is a goofy little dog and I love that I can capture her personality on video”, says Chris.

Nala became a viral sensation with a video of her stomping dances. She does this adorable thing — she dives between her dad’s legs and stomps her back legs while she receives some butt scratches.

Tail waggin’, leg stomping, cheerful singing, and lots of happiness — that’s what this beautiful furry influencer is all about.

She Flop, She Flop… She Do The Nala Flop ♫

Nala doing the flop
Source: @adventuringwithnala

Nala was always good at learning new tricks, but when Chris wanted to teach her to do a trust fall, she couldn’t really learn it, so he didn’t force her.

But then, a couple of months after that, she did it all on her own.

“A few months ago, first thing in the morning, she woke up, sat up, and she fell backwards all on her own. Then, it was my mission to try to get that on video”, says Chris in one of his posts.

He still doesn’t know what prompted her to do it, but he’s very happy she did it.

“I was shocked, but it also made me smile from ear to ear, and I couldn’t stop laughing. She flopped and landed right next to me, so I laid there and cuddled with her for a while, laughing and smiling the whole time.”

She knew it brought him an endless amount of joy, so now she has refused to stop. However, it was difficult to film it since it seemed every time he wanted to film it, she wouldn’t do it.

If you have pets at home, you know that’s usually the case — it’s like the moment you press record, they stop with whatever cute thing they were doing.

“I knew I needed a camera to be constantly recording to catch the moments on video”, explains Chris.

So, he did what every sane dog owner would do — he bought a security camera to capture the precious thing on tape.

That turned out to be the best decision ever. Sure enough, as soon as Chris got into bed, Nala sat up and did one of her famous flops. This time, the camera filmed everything, and now we are blessed with this adorable video.

@adventuringwithnalaNala flops right into position

♬ original sound – adventuringwithnala

She trusts her dad so much that she does this all the time now, sometimes even at inconvenient moments or when he least expects it.

“This might be my new favorite thing she does. She’s literally done this every morning for the past week. One day, she did it before I was fully awake and it completely startled me”, says Chris.

But, he wouldn’t have it any other way.  

First, it was — she stomp, she stomp, she do the Nala stomp — but now, the song has its remix… she flop, she flop, she do the Nala flop, and everyone loves it!

Cute photo of Nala and Chris outdoors
Source: Facebook

A friend once told me something that stuck with me forever: “Dogs are the best teachers of love in the world!”

Nala, to me, is the true embodiment of everything that sentence represents. She teaches us how to love and how to trust deeply, and it’s amazing.

Are you team Nala stomps or Nala flops?