12 Yorkie Poo Haircuts That Are Trending Right Now


Dog grooming is a serious business these days. Seems like every dog lover / dog owner wants to learn how to make a DIY grooming salon at home. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn how to groom dogs.

As one of the cutest dog breeds born, by mixing Yorkies and Poodles, Yorkie Poos are entitled to lots of popularity. These dogs are little fashionistas and they know it. No wonder groomers are coming up with so many cool Yorkie Poo haircuts!

But, a haircut isn’t only a fashion statement. Haircuts can also save your dog from being too hot or too cold. These nifty styles keep the hair off their face and make living a lot simpler.

If you’re a Yorkie Poo owner, or you’re simply learning to groom dogs, then you’ll definitely appreciate this dozen of cool haircuts I have for you!

Which Coat Type Does A Yorkie Poo Have?

black yorkie poo

The Yorkie Poo is a lovely hybrid dog – a cross between two purebred dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle, usually the miniature or the toy Poodle. When you’re crossing two breeds with contrasting characteristics, you never know what kind of puppies you’ll get.

Yorkie Poos are mixed-breed pups, and as such, they don’t have a breed standard. These pups can either resemble one of the parents or be a combination of both. Usually, they feature either curly or silky hair.

What’s so great about a Yorkie Poo is that they don’t have any undercoat. This means that shedding won’t be an issue for these pups at all!

The easiest way you can determine what kind of coat your Yorkie Poo has is by looking at its hair. Even the slightest waves can mean you’ve got a Yorkie Poo with more Poodle genes.

The bottom line is, Yorkie Poos can be great low-maintenance dogs if you can handle the grooming of their coat.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Yorkie Poos are lovely little Teddy bear dogs. Of course, a Teddy bear haircut is a must, and one of the most popular Yorkie Poo haircuts. In fact, this haircut is so popular that other Doodles are fashioning it, too.

What’s so great about the Teddy bear cut is that it’s pretty easy to maintain. This cut keeps the pup’s hair from getting into his eyes and bothering him. It’s perfect for busy owners, and it doesn’t require touch-ups too often.

The Teddy cut is a lot similar to the puppy cut, but it’s a bit longer. The groomer usually leaves the hair longer (around 2 inches in length). The facial hair and the hair around the pup’s head will be shaped to resemble a Teddy bear. It’s super sweet, and it makes you want to immediately cuddle that pooch.

You can take your dog to the groomer for a Teddy cut and have him maintain this haircut. You won’t need to visit the groomer all the time because a Teddy cut doesn’t get out of shape easily.

Or, you can create this Yorkie Poo haircut alone at home. All you have to do is round up that lovely, silky coat. Some practice and a few grooming videos will make a professional groomer out of you!

2. Puppy Cut

yorkie poo with puppy cut
Photo from: @doggiesmilesalonandspa

Another favorite haircut is the Yorkie Poo puppy cut. When people take their Yorkie Poos to the groomer, they usually go with the puppy cut or the Teddy cut. Both are pretty easy to maintain.

The puppy cut is named puppy cut because Yorkie Poos featuring this haircut look like adorable puppies.

What’s so great about this cut is that you can easily do this at home. The puppy cut is pretty effortless, but it gives great results.

The puppy cut means the hair all over the pup’s body will be short, approximately 1/2 inch. Facial hair will be left a bit longer, around 1 inch, which will give a softer look to your pup.

To achieve the smooth texture of the coat, the hair will have to be cut all in one direction. You should use clippers for this procedure. Start clipping hair around the dog’s neck first, then move on down his body. You should never do it the other way around if you want a smooth puppy look.

Clippers and scissors will be enough for you to achieve this Yorkie Poo haircut.

I’ve saved the best part of this haircut for last: the puppy cut needs touch-ups every few weeks, which is great! If you’re too busy to groom your dog all the time, then the puppy cut is your magical answer.

3. Schnauzer Cut

yorkie poo with schnauzer cut
Photo from: @sr.dogservices

Not every Yorkie Poo haircut will be so simple. However, complicated ones are still desirable because they give amazing results.The Schnauzer cut is one of them.

Now, I have to warn you that this haircut demands lots of time and experience. If you’re a beginner groomer, I’m not sure if you could do this cut. I hate to burst your bubble, but maybe letting a professional groomer do a Schnauzer cut might not be such a bad idea.

The Schnauzer cut was named after the natural haircut of a Schnauzer dog. This means the dog’s hair will be a combination of a short coat and longer hair.

The hair from the dog’s neck to the tail should be trimmed to a short coat. Use clippers to achieve this style. You’ll have to leave the hair around the dog’s legs, neck, and face a bit longer. Facial hair should be long enough so you can create the signature Schnauzer mustache. Leg hair should be long and flowy, like a skirt.

The Schnauzer cut is definitely a Yorkie Poo haircut worthy of your time and effort. Personally, this wouldn’t be my first choice because I’d have to touch up the growing hair all the time in order to keep a nice short-coat to long-coat balance.

4. Lamb Cut

The previous hairstyles work the best with Yorkie Poos that have a silky coat – straight and similar to the Yorkie parent. It would be quite unusual to see a curly Yorkie Poo featuring a Schnauzer cut. In fact, it would be impossible to perform it.

That’s why Yorkie Poos that take after their Poodle parents and inherit the curls enjoy other haircuts. The lamb haircut is pretty special, and many Poodle-like Yorkie Poos enjoy it. It’s super similar to most Poodle haircuts, too.

What makes the lamb cut so special is the fact that the entire coat is shaved to the same length, even the pup’s facial hair and topknot. But, thanks to the curly hair, the lamb cut gets that special, fluffy look. Yes, these pups look exactly like little lambs.

You can either keep the lamb cut short or have it a bit longer. That’s completely up to you. As long as it’s the same length everywhere, it will be called the lamb cut.

This cut is simple to maintain, too. Every few weeks, you should strip down the extra hair and shape it into the lamb cut again. Even beginner groomers can do this at home!

5. Summer Cut

Obviously, the summer cut is ideal for hot days, and you don’t normally see a Yorkie Poo fashioning a summer cut outside this season. This is one of the seasonal cuts designed especially to make pups stand the heat easier.

The summer cut means you’re stripping your dog’s outer coat and leaving only the undercoat. Having a double coat in the summer can mean your dog could overheat easily. The shaved or the summer cut is a happy solution for all pups and pup owners living where the summers are hot.

The simplicity of this Yorkie Poo haircut is what makes it so attractive to lots of dog owners. You don’t have to spend money going to the groomer’s salon. You can shave your dog at home with a pair of clippers.

The summer cut coat shouldn’t be longer than 1/2 inch all over the pup’s body, including the head.

Here’s good advice for you, especially if you’re a novice. Once the spring is over and the days become warmer, you should give your Yorkie Poo the summer cut so your pup can grow out a nice new outer coat once the summer is over.

6. Kennel Cut

Yorkie Poos can fashion lots of lovely haircuts, including the Yorkie Poo kennel cut. This is one of the most popular hairstyles. I’m pawsitive you’ve seen it before, just didn’t know what it’s called.

The kennel cut is a hairstyle featuring an extremely short coat – even shorter than the summer hairstyle. What you do to get the kennel cut is you shave down the pup’s coat very close to the skin. It’s even shorter than 1/2 inch.

The facial hair and the hair on the rest of the head is not longer than ½ inch. This haircut makes your Yorkie Poo look even smaller, but still doesn’t mess up the cuteness factor.

Personally, I find the kennel cut quite fantastic because it means you shouldn’t spend lots of time brushing your dog. It’s super easy to maintain it, but just like the summer cut, do this only if you live somewhere hot.

If you pick the kennel cut for your Yorkie Poo, you can always easily trim extra hair that’s growing for a tidy look.

7. Curls Cut

curly yorkie poo
Photo from: @asprinkleofcinnamon_20

We come to a Yorkie Poo Haircut specially designed just for Yorkie Poos that have inherited lots of Poodle genes. These pooches are rocking the curly coat, and they can’t really sport any other haircut besides the curly cut or the lamb cut. A mustache cut on a curly Yorkie Poo? No, thank you. That looks like a tragedy.

Yorkie Poos that resemble the Poodle parent have more of a chance of being hypoallergenic because Poodles don’t shed at all. It’s their curls that help stop their hair from falling. You shouldn’t mess up these traits if you cut your Yorkie Poo’s hair into a curly cut.

Basically, the curly cut is simply a curly coat of equal length all over the dog’s body. You pick the hair length that you and your dog are the most comfortable with, and try to keep up with it.

What you should know about the curly cut is that dogs fashioning it need lots of brushing, preferably several times a week. This is where you step up and grab that grooming brush. Otherwise, you’re going to spend a lot of money on professional groomers.

It’s super easy to maintain this haircut at home. Try it!

8. Straight Cut

smal yorkie poo with straight cut
Photo from: @lottieselitegrooming

Yorkie Poos featuring a straight cut are puppies that have inherited more Yorkie genes. As with all mixed-breed dogs, you never know what kind of puppy you’ll end up having. Not even the puppies within one litter look completely identical. Your Yorkie Poo litter can have one Doodle- and one Yorkie-like pooch, and that would be completely fine.

So, if you were expecting a Doodle, and you got a straight-haired pooch, don’t be surprised. They’re equally sweet, but they just have different haircuts.

The straight cut usually features a nice and tidy cut around the face. All the facial hair is of equal length. The body hair is also of the same length – not too long and not too short. You can say it’s medium length. The straight cut allows you to run your fingers through that smooth, silky Yorkie-like hair.

I don’t recommend you bathe a straight-haired Yorkie Poo too often as they resemble Yorkies, and Yorkies don’t bathe a lot.

9. Messy Cut

messy yorkie poo

Yorkie Poos don’t have a bad hair day. They have a messy hair day, which is technically one of the many Yorkie Poo haircuts. Of all the grooming styles, the messy cut is the most effortless. This isn’t a short cut or a long cut. This is just Yorkie Poos being Yorkie Poos as nature says they should be.

In most cases, the messy cut will be featured by straight-haired Yorkie Poos. There’s really no rule as to how long the hair should be on the neck or around the dog’s legs. Hey… it can even feature different lengths all over their tiny body!

The messy cut is a special Yorkie Poo hairstyle that says: I don’t care… I’m a superstar.

But, do you realize what the best thing about the messy cut is? It’s the fact that you can do this even without any experience. The only thing you’ll need is a pair of scissors.

What I can advise you on is to cut your Yorkie Poo’s hair if you notice it’s bothering him. For example, the area around the eyes should always be tidy and without any stranded hair messing with your dog’s eyes.

10. Wavy Cut

The wavy cut is a way of styling your Yorkie Poo’s hair if they’re somewhere between a Poodle and a Yorkie. This means such dogs will have a wavy coat as a result of crossing two contrasting breeds.

When a pup inherits more genes from the Poodle parent, they will show up in the form of a curly coat. The tighter the curls, the more Poodle genes are present.

Naturally, straight hair is a work of art of Yorkie genes.

The curly coat is something you want if you’re allergic to dog hair. But, if you’re not, then you really shouldn’t bother with what kind of coat your Yorkie Poo is featuring as long as it’s neat.

The wavy coat isn’t usually too long. It’s more of a shorter cut so the loose waves can be noticed nicely.

A great thing about the wavy cut is that it’s super easy to handle. Besides the occasional hair trimming every few months, you should commit to daily brushing. Personally, I like to recommend a balanced nutrition packed with omega-3 oils, so those waves are nice and shiny.

11. Topknot Cut

yorkiepoo with topknot
Photo from: @beastieboychicago

If you thought it doesn’t get any cuter than the Yorkie Poo Teddy bear cut, you’re wrong. How could we forget about the topknot cut? All the fashionista Yorkie Poo pups are doing it. Not only is it fashionable, but it’s also quite helpful.

The topknot cut is a combination of different styles, coat types, and grooming techniques. The best part of this haircut is that it suits all Yorkie Poos. While some cuts are more for straight-haired pups, and some are for curly ones, this is the ultimate Yorkie Poo hairstyle.

And, may I add, a signature hairstyle, too!

Stop for a second and think: How many times have you seen a Yorkie Poo fashioning a lovely bow and a topknot?

I bet the answer is a lot.

Topknot is super popular! You can let your dog have any length of coat you want as long as it’s cut nicely. It can be short, medium, or long, and it really doesn’t matter. But, you have to keep the hair above the dog’s eyebrows long so it can fit into a tiny topknot.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can have the hair extra long in the topknot. Let’s make things simpler and easier for our pups. The topknot is there to have the dog’s face free of hair flying around and bothering them.

I recommend you either watch some tutorials on the Internet to learn how to do a topknot cut or brace yourself for a hefty groomer’s bill. It’s better to learn how to cut hair step-by-step than to waste all that money on frequent groomer visits.

I mean… how hard could it be to groom a Yorkie Poo?

12. Mustache Cut

Don’t forget about styling that gorgeous silky facial hair. Yorkie Poos with a straight coat have hair so soft that you’ll think you’re touching the finest silk. And, that special hair needs to be handled, too.

If you’re a fan of complicated hairstyles and you want your dog’s coat to stand out in the crowd, then you’ll need something like a mustache cut. It’s very similar to the Yorkie Poo Schnauzer cut, but the accent is on the facial hair… not just the remaining coat.

I can recommend the mustache cut if your Yorkie Poo isn’t a messy eater. If you constantly need to brush your dog and clean food off his face, then you don’t need this hairstyle… trust me.

Still, even if you have a Yorkie Poo that knows how to behave around food, the hair will get dirty and get mats.

A Yorkie Poo with a mustache cut must be brushed daily. Get a good-sized comb so you can run it through your dog’s stache everyday after he finishes his meals.

Yorkie Poo Grooming Tips

yorkie poo

We come to the part that a lot of you are waiting for… grooming tips.

How do you groom your Yorkie Poo, and what exactly do you need for your weekly grooming routine?

There are lots of useful grooming handbooks online, so you better order some if you want to groom your dog at home.

For now, I can show you some pretty useful tips and tricks on grooming Yorkie Poos.

The first thing you need to know about grooming Yorkie Poos is that not all of them are the same. As you know, we have curly Yorkie Poos, and those that aren’t curly at all. You can’t use the same brushes for curly pups and straight-coat pups.

If your Yorkie Poo resembles the Poodle mom or dad, then the best brush you can use is a pin or slicker brush. These kinds of brushes have their tips covered so you can’t hurt your dog, but you can still solve any knots or matting.

Yorkie Poos with a straight coat prefer bristle brushes and slickers as they have fine, silky hair. You must ensure that their coat is shiny all the time and mess-free. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this list of the best Yorkie brushes.

Although grooming tools like gloves are pretty useful, I’d base myself on the mentioned brushes and buy a good pair of hair trimmers.

Always work your way down to the dog’s back. Start with the neck and move down. I like to do the head first anytime I’m grooming a cute puppy so I can devote myself to making them even cuter!

The haircut style you pick depends a lot on the weather. The Yorkie Poo lamb cut might not be a good idea for winters, but it’s the best option for summer months. The Yorkie Poo shaved cut is also one of the easiest out there, but check out other cuts that aren’t time-consuming.

No matter what kind of dog clipper or brush you use, or how often you groom your dog, the most important thing is to do it with love. Make daily brushing your habit and it will be a time for bonding. Once you establish a trustful relationship with your Yorkie Poo, he’ll allow you to cut his hair any way you like.

Final Words

Clipping the dog’s nails, brushing the hair, trimming the length… grooming can be tiring, right?

Well, I can’t agree because seeing all these Yorkie Poo haircuts makes me want to grab my scissors and start trimming like Edward Scissorhands.

All jokes aside… Yorkie Poos are one of the best dogs for people who want to have spectacular dogs. They’re stunningly beautiful and super cute to die for.Simply put… Yorkie Poos are natural beauties, and seeing them feature any of the mentioned Yorkie Poo haircuts would be a sight for sore eyes!