These Are 7 Explanations For Why Does My Chihuahua Lick Me


Your Chihuahua may be licking you for such weird reasons that you wouldn’t ever guess that they are doing so with certain reasons behind it.

Licking is, for most of the dog owners, something cute that their dog does from time to time in order to express its love towards its beloved humans, but what if this behavior doesn’t always have positive connotations?

Let’s learn together about wanted and unwanted behaviors behind your Chihuahua licking you a bit too much!

Why Does My Chihuahua Lick Me So Much

Chihuahua dog licks little laughing child's face on couch with blanket

What is most important for us to understand at this point is that licking, together with body language, barking, growling, as well as crying, is a way for Chihuahuas to communicate with you.

1. Because They Are Seeking Love And Attention

This probably is the number 1 reason behind why your Chihuahua is licking you a lot, especially when it is licking your face. 

These dogs are famous because they get so attached to their owner. They are usually the type of dog breed that will show you their unconditional love by being affectionate towards you.

In order to snap you out of something that you are doing, or when you are not paying enough attention to them, Chihuahuas might start licking you just to get your attention.

After they have reached their goal, and now have your undivided attention, they might stop licking you and start enjoying your cuddles because who would be capable of rejecting this kind of cute puppy love?

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2. Because They Are Showing You Affection

A small dog of the chihuahua breed licks its tongue the palm of the owner.

Chihuahuas are loving dogs when properly raised, socialized, and trained. 

There are several examples where Chihuahuas are acting everything but affectionate and loving, but they are mostly kind to their owner (strangers are mostly out of the question).

Just as Chihuahuas would lick their babies when they are cleaning them or showing them warmth and affection, they might be licking you for the same reason. 

Why? Because they care for you so deeply that they see you as their baby no matter if your Chihuahua is a male or a female.

I mean, how cute can this be? The smallest dog in the world sees you as its baby, even if you are 100x bigger than it.

3. Because This Is Their Way Of Saying ‘Hello! I Missed You!’

When you come home, no matter if you were away for 8 hours or if you just went to pick up a few things from the grocery store, your Chihuahua will be equally excited to see you.

Licking your face is one of the cutest things your Chihuahua can do when it is all excited to see you because you can feel that it is the purest sign of their love and devotion to you.

From the times when dogs were all wolf-like creatures, they have carried a gene for behavioral traits, and the submissive members of the pack usually lick the snout and the face of the more dominant pack members in order to show affection and submissiveness.

However, I think that a cute little Chihuahua puppy licking your face and being so visually excited that you got home from work is one of the best ways to end a stressful day.

4. Because They Are Trying To Be Playful

Little girl with her Chihuahua dog on grey background

When they are bored and want a playmate, Chihuahuas might be the ones that will try to tease you in order to get your reaction.

You could experience your Chihuahua licking your ankle or your face, and then try to run away as if you are going to chase it. 

This is one of the signs that your dog wants to engage with you, and get closer to you by playing and having some fun activities for both of you.

Some scientific research shows that dogs love us so much that they often dream about us. So, have that in mind when you want to decline this lovable call for play!

5. Because They Feel Submissive 

When your Chihuahua licks your leg or hand, usually, this does not have to do with licking your face… this can be a sign of them feeling submissive. 

This is usually a sign of relief because you are now with them, and they are not afraid anymore.

This behavior dates back to the times when all dogs were wolf-like.

Dogs will usually lick the leader of the pack, and by doing so, they show that they are obedient and submissive, and that they now feel safe as you have returned home and reunited with them.

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6. Because Believe It Or Not, Your Dog Might Have OCD

girl holding her chihuahua pet

Right off the bat, you should know that this is not the most common reason for excessive dog licking. 

However, some dog breeds that are anxious by their nature, such as Chihuahuas, can develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder-like condition, known as OCD.

If they lick themselves, their toys, objects around them, or people around them in an excessive manner, it could be a symptom of already-noticeable and developing stress or worry. 

This behavior may often result in some bald spots on their body from the excessive licking. 

If you are worried about your dog having this disorder, it could be a great method where you interrupt their behavior and invite them to do something else.

When they are starting to engage in this behavior, the best thing to do is take them for a walk, start playing with them, do some tricks with them (or learn some new tricks), or even at least give them their favorite interactive dog toy.

Whatever you choose, it would be best to act kindly towards your Chihuahua when it is showing this behavior. If you are overly worried about this behavior, and don’t know how to deal with it yourself, it would be best to talk to a dog behaviorist who could definitely help you. 

7. Because They Are Feeling Anxious

This can generally just be another way of seeking comfort when your Chihuahua feels anxious.

There are many reasons why your Chihuahua might be feeling anxious, including being alone for a long period of time, hearing loud noises when alone, being around new people, etc.

As for the best way to prevent dog anxiety, I would definitely recommend creating a secure routine that you always follow. 

Also, another thing that could help is socialization, which is a big game changer when it comes to dog behavior in general.

However, if your Chihuahua’s anxiety is over the roof, and you can’t find the right ways to manage it, the best option would definitely be to visit the local vet. 

Small dogs suffer from anxiety more often than large dogs; therefore, they get medicine and supplements more often.

When anxious, you might think that they are being mean, but quite the contrary – they just miss you.

Final Word

small chihuahua resting on owner's chest

Most likely, if your Chihuahua licks you constantly, they are just letting you know that you are their favorite person in the world (at least the favorite one of your household), and that they love you.

However, constant licking may be a sign of some other behavioral patterns and/or problems, such as OCD and anxiety (as well as separation anxiety). 

If you cannot manage the constant licking, and you feel as if it is a bit overpowering for you, it would be best to contact the local veterinarian to run some tests just to make sure that there is no underlying health issue.

After you finish with the health tests, a dog behaviorist is your next stop.