Couple Surprised To Find Out What Their Dog’s DNA Testing Was Hiding


You think you know someone…

When Dan and Kelsey Bradley adopted their dog from the local Central Kentucky shelter, they thought they were getting a Doxie. 

But, surprise – surprise, destiny had other things in mind.

It turns out that the sweet dog they were getting wasn’t what she was claiming to be.

Instead of a feisty but lovable Dachshund girl, Dan and Kelsey got…

What A Surprise!

cute and little black dog
Source: Reddit

Carolina Honey Maybell was 10 months old when Dan and Kelsey welcomed her into their Kentucky home. The super sweet shelter gal was introduced to them as a Doxie mix. 

It’s quite a venture to raise a Dachshund puppy, and the couple was 100% into it.

“Being a shelter dog, we wanted to have a more holistic view of her so that we could anticipate any potential health issues or concerns,” Kelsey Bradley told for Newsweek. “We were told she could be a dachshund mix because of an overabundance of unethical breeders in the area. We were told that someone dumped her by the back door of the shelter, and she appeared to be a runt.”

A pup that was so cruelly rejected and left at the shelter finally got a home where she would be showered with attention, care, and love.

Life couldn’t be more pawfect!

Well, it turns out it could. 

Since Dan and Kelsey weren’t so sure if they really got a Dachshund mix puppy, they did DNA testing on Carolina. 

She looked like a Dachshund. She acted like one, too. She must be a Dachshund, right?

*buzzer sound*


Lovely Carolina was actually a Beagle and German Shepherd mix! What a surprise! 

A Shelter Dog Is Our Favorite Breed Of Dog

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Source: Reddit

Life doesn’t always give you what you want; it gives you what you need.

Kelsey needed a Beagle in her life to prove to her how pawmazing they could be. Before Carolina, she never wanted one in her life.

“We were so shocked by the results. Mainly because I had always told my husband that I didn’t want to own a beagle due to their destructive nature and need to hunt,” Kelsey said. “But she has been the silliest and most pleasant surprise ever.”

Prejudices can be so wrong, can’t they? If Kelsey hadn’t risked getting a shelter pup, she would never have known that all breeds can be equally fun, loving, and sweet. Example #1 – Carolina.

This new addition truly blessed the family, but the happiest of them all was Bradley’s first dog, Charlie. He desperately needed a companion like Carolina.

“We needed to give our beloved Charlie a friend, wife, and companion. He was having a lonely time. Then we brought her home. He never seemed happier to meet a new dog,” added Dan Bradley.

Charlie didn’t mind that Carolina was a Beagle GSD mix. All he wanted was a friend… someone to share his days with. And, that’s exactly what he got.

It doesn’t matter which dog breed you’re getting, really. Any dog could be a wonderful companion, whether he’s a Dachshund, a Beagle, a Poodle, or even a Doberman. To real dog lovers, the best and the favorite breed has to be the shelter dog. 

Coat color is irrelevant, and so is age, gender, and nature. Once you rescue a shelter dog, your life will gain so much value. You’ll be saving a life and enriching yours at the same time. 

Dan and Kelsey sure had a lovely surprise with Carolina. Maybe you’re the next person that will save a pup in need.