Couple Heard Noises During The Night And Realized They Have A Strange Visitor In Their Home


I’m pretty sure our real-life puppy heroine, Suzy, must’ve made a special wish on that cold December night.

How else can we explain the serendipitous string of circumstances that led her to the Philadelphia home of Jack Jokinen, whom she never saw before in her life?  

The whole universe seems to have conspired to help her find a loving family. Let’s see how it all happened.

A Mystery Puppy

injured stray puppy
Source: The Dodo

Every man’s priority is their family’s safety. Jack was confused and scared when his wife, Emily, woke him up at 4 a.m., saying: “Our baby’s fine, our one-month old is fine, but there’s a puppy in our house!”  

He immediately rushed to the living room where he saw a Lab mix puppy, all skin and bones with her ribs sticking out due to malnourishment.

Jack swiftly did a security sweep of their house, making sure there wasn’t an intruder hiding in the closet or somewhere else in their home. With all the windows and doors closed, there was a question swirling in his mind. How did this happen?

Security Cameras Reveal The Truth

dog spotted on camera
Source: The Dodo

It wasn’t until he watched the security footage from the camera by his front door that he realized what had happened. 

That night, when he closed the front door, it didn’t latch and the strong wind blew it wide open. Some hours later, looking for shelter from the storm, the injured puppy limped into their home.

As he continued watching, what amazed him even more was seeing that a passerby who came along that night closed their front door. It was an act of kindness Jack would forever be grateful for.

After the mystery of how the puppy came to their house was resolved, Jack and his family were relieved, and they turned to Suzy, who was in terrible shape. Her paws were badly infected, and there was swelling in her face that was caused by a tooth growing outward.

Reassuring her that everything would be OK, Jack and Emily fed her and gave her a bath to remove all the fleas from her body.

The Big Decision

skinny injured stray dog
Source: @suzynpupman

The next morning, they called Animal Control, and they were left with two options: either to surrender Suzy to the system or take her to the vet. 

Jack could only imagine the hardships she went through before she wandered into their house. It couldn’t be a coincidence. No way.

Being unable to just leave her to the system and never see her again, they decided to keep her and give her the dignified life all animals should have. 

They were in awe of the gift they got, considering all the bad things that could’ve happened that night when their front door was left open.

A Loving Family Every Dog Deserves

owner sleeping with two dogs
Source: The Dodo

After Suzy’s miraculous story had gone viral, her well-wishers donated $15,000 to help cover her medical expenses. Jack said the rest of the money would be donated to charity. 

Suzy finally found her place under the sun, and she couldn’t be happier in her forever home in Philadelphia.

Her adopters were overjoyed to watch her recover and gain weight. As the time passed, her paws healed, thanks to the tremendous care of her new parents.  

Not only was she blessed with a wonderful human family, but she also found a best bud in George, her new family’s dog. She was like the missing puzzle piece that fitted perfectly into this family’s life.

Suzy’s Prior Life

Skinny dog on a leash
Source: @suzynpupman

Since she didn’t have a chip, we can’t know whether she had previous owners or if she had always been a stray dog. Just to imagine that her previous owners abused her so much is too heartbreaking. 

Sadly, there are dogs who still suffer in the hands of abusive people, and many of the dogs who are in shelters dream of having a caring and loving family one day. 

Suzy’s happy-ending story proves that miracles do happen.

Miracles Do Happen

owner and dog sitting and staring at each other
Source: @suzynpupman

Wishing to encourage more and more people to be that miracle for other dogs waiting to get adopted, Suzy and Jack post adoption notices on Suzy’s Facebook and Instagram.

It’s our daily reminder that there are more good people than bad people in this world, and that sometimes, one serendipitous event is all it takes to realize that there is so much more love that we can give and so many dogs who yearn for that love.

All of you who are thinking of buying a dog, please consider visiting your local animal shelter. Perhaps your Suzy is waiting for you, ready to start a new life that all animals deserve.

More often than not, wishing for something and taking a leap of faith is all that is necessary because the universe aligns things to make our wishes come true.