How To Clean Goldendoodle Ears At Home Like A Pro


Goldendoodles are fluffy, cuddly, and adorable. But, they do come with floppy and quite hairy ears. This means their ears are prone to wax build-up. They will need regular ear cleaning.

So, how can you clean Goldendoodle ears at home like a pro?

It’s actually not that hard. But, you will need to be patient, and not give up if it doesn’t go as planned once you try it.

It all takes practice, but the good thing is that you don’t need some fancy equipment. Let’s lift our Doodle’s ear and see what’s inside. It’s time to clean the Goldendoodle’s ears – step by step like a professional dog groomer.

How To Clean Goldendoodle Ears

a woman raises a goldendoodle's ear

If you have a Goldendoodle puppy, it is a good idea to start with the ear-cleaning process early on so that the puppy will get used to it. Most dogs love it later when they get used to it.

I know my dog loves it. Even though he’s not a Goldendoodle, it doesn’t matter – his ears are big and floppy, and they need the same amount of cleaning.

However, the Goldendoodles’ ears are not just floppy – they also have a lot of hair, and the inner side of the ear has a lot of crevices, perfect for the mentioned wax accumulation.

That’s why it’s of utmost importance to keep the ears clean.

Otherwise, your doggo might have ear infection problems – and quite often.

So, let’s do it step by step.

First, what do you need?

What Do You Need?

I’ll go straight to the facts. To clean your Goldendoodle’s ears, you will need:

  • Ear cleansing solution or lukewarm water
  • Flat cotton pads or cotton balls (NEVER q-tips)
  • Gloves 
  • Patience
  • Dog treats
  • A familiar and safe space for the dog

You can go without treats, but if you want to teach your Goldendoodle that ear cleaning is a good thing, giving him treats after you clean his ears is a very good positive reinforcement step.

You don’t need an ear cleansing solution, but if you want to completely do it like a pro, always use vet-approved ear cleansing solutions for dogs. But, you can clean their ears just the same by using lukewarm water.

As for the cotton pads or balls, I personally use flat cotton pads because they make it easier to clean those deep crevices in your dog’s ear. And, they are firm, which means it lowers the possibility of leftover cotton fibers in the ear.

Gloves are also a preference. If you don’t want wax debris on your hands… use gloves. I use them most of the time; however, it has happened a few times that I forgot the gloves. But, this has nothing to do with the dog, but with you – if you are squeamish – wear gloves.

Patience and a familiar space are very important. You can’t clean your Goldendoodle’s ears if he’s jumpy or scared. You have to calm him down first.

1. Lift The Ear

The first step is to examine the inner side of your dog’s ear. Lift the ear and put aside the hair. Don’t forget to look into all parts of the ear, and gently move it in all directions to get a better look inside. You might notice black gunk inside or wax of different colorations.

Of course, keep telling your dog that he’s a good boy.

If you think you need help keeping your dog occupied, for a couple of first times, you can bring someone to help keep the dog calm.

But, too many people holding your dog is not a good idea. It will only make your dog more nervous. So, keep it relaxed.

Take as much time as possible, and don’t yell at your dog even if he doesn’t want to comply.

2. Apply The Solution

If you are using the ear cleansing collusion, apply the solution directly to the ear. Don’t worry – it won’t hurt your dog, and it is not dangerous. That’s why you are using the vet-approved version. 

There is no need to warm the solution or cool it down, or anything else you think it might need before using it. It is as good as it is. 


If you are using water, there is no need to pour water into the dog’s ear. Just dip the cotton pad into the lukewarm water, and squeeze the pad to get rid of the excess water.

3. Massage The Ear

After you apply the solution, massage the base of the ear. This will help break the wax build-up, especially big chunks of it. Also, it helps the solution get into all the tiny spaces in your dog’s ear.

It also relaxes your Goldendoodle. Massaging their ears makes them feel good, and helps them get more relaxed.

Of course, if you are using water, there is no need to massage the ear.

4. Use The Cotton Pads

the woman holds a cleaning cloth in her hand

It’s time to clean the ears and remove the wax. Use the cotton pads and remove the wax you see. Once you finish using a pad, for the next part of the ear, you must use a new, clean cotton pad.

This is the same whether you are using an ear-cleansing solution or water. Never use the same pad multiple times, especially not for both ears.

5. Final Check

If you think you have cleaned everything, check it one more time. If you are using water, make sure that the ear is dry. You can use one last (new and clean) cotton pad to gently go through all parts of the ear in order to be sure there are no wet parts.

You can do this for the solution as well; however, these products are specially designed for the ear-cleaning process so they evaporate quickly, leaving the ear dry.

However, drops of water can last longer, and potentially become the perfect spot for bacterial infection.

6. On To The Next Ear

Once you finish one ear, you should give a treat to your dog, and check if everything is alright. If you think the dog is feeling OK, you can continue. However, if you see your dog getting more agitated, don’t continue. 

You can clean the other ear once the dog is calm and feeling safe again. Don’t forget to give your dog some treats to reward him for good behavior.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

two cute playful goldendoodles
Photo from: @babyhenrythegdoodle

This depends on the breed of dog, and its grooming needs. Because we are talking about the Goldendoodle (or any other Doodle), it is important to clean their ears at least once a month. 

It would be best if you could check the ears and clean them every two weeks. But, if you don’t see any wax or other kinds of dirt that shouldn’t be in the dog’s ear, you don’t have to clean it.

So, in essence – once a month is the bare minimum. 

Don’t let months pass before you clean your Goldendoodle’s ears again. Dogs with long or floppy ears are more prone to developing ear infections than other dog breeds that have pointy ears or rose-shaped ears.

Floppy and hairy ears are more susceptible to bacterial and yeast infections. Both organisms love dark and moist places. Most people pluck the ears of their dogs as well. This lowers the amount of wax build-up, and it keeps the ears clean for a longer period of time.

If you think you cannot clean your Goldendoodle’s ears, or if you are squeamish, or if your dog won’t listen – you will have to take your dog to a professional dog groomer or the vet.

Whatever you do, just don’t leave your dog’s ears dirty.

The Conclusion

If you were wondering how to clean a Goldendoodle’s ears, you are on the right track to becoming a professional dog ear cleaner. It’s not a joke. Practice makes perfect.

And, if you follow these steps, you will become one, too.

Of course, don’t worry if you feel like you are not up to it.

There is no shame in accepting you can’t do something for the sake of your doggies. Take your Goldendoodle to a professional groomer and it will all be OK.

It might cost a bit more, but it is all worth it if you have a dog. Having a designer dog, such as a Goldendoodle requires more than just feeding him.

They need proper grooming and lots of care to keep them clean, healthy, and happy. But, that’s why they are one of the most beautiful mixed dog breeds in the world.

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