5 Proven Methods For Disciplining A Pitbull Properly


The “How to discipline a Pitbull” dilemma can be tricky, especially if you are a first-time dog owner. Why? Simply because these canines are not exactly the easiest dogs to maintain, train, breed, or teach obedience to.

Unlike some other breeds, such as German Shepherds or Poodles, Pit puppies require a lot of patience and work. And, most importantly – they require experienced owners! That’s right! 

If you’re not entirely sure how to properly train your Pitbull puppy, you may want to redirect to a less demanding breed instead.

Still not discouraged? Still there? Then, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee and sit comfortably for the next few minutes as you’ve come to the right place! We’re about to disclose five amazing methods of discipline every Pitbull owner should apply!

Disciplining A Pitbull: How Hard Can It Be?

pitbull on a leash next to the owner

Generally, all types of Pitbulls, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, are known for their aggressive nature. That being said, training one of these vigorous canines is not a walk in the park.

Still, once socialized and properly trained – a Pitbull puppy can be an amazing pet. They are loyal, protective, playful, and affectionate basically, everything you want them to be. But, how hard can it be to train them? 

Surprisingly, Pits are not as hard to train as you may think! In fact, they are much easier to train than many other dog breeds. All you need is consistency, patience, love, and proper Pitbull training tips. And, that’s what we’re about to discuss in the next few paragraphs!

5 Proven Training Methods

two pitbulls with their owner in the park

They may not be the easiest dogs to potty train, but Pits are quite trainable dogs, too! However, if you miss out on implementing the right training techniques, you’re about to deal with an extremely overwhelming dog.

You always need to bear in mind that these dogs are labeled as aggressive for a reason. They may not be aggressive by default, but they do require certain training methods that you need to stick to.

Here’s the Pitbull 101 training guide every owner should know about!

1. Socialization

Socialization is the first answer to the “how to discipline a Pitbull” dilemma! Pit owners should never neglect the power of early socialization in their dog. 

This way, your dog will learn how to distinguish enemies from friends, and at the same time, it gets the needed confidence to live carefree in a new environment. Socialized Pit canines are much more likely to obey their owner than their unsocialized counterparts.

Socializing an adult dog is a much more complex piece of work. It takes time, patience, and a lot of knowledge to get an unsocialized Pit right back on track. 

2. Positive Reinforcement

After socialization training – positive reinforcement is the close second! These canines, despite their vigorous and aggressive character, should never be disciplined with harsh methods!

Quite the opposite… the use of positive reinforcement techniques will bring out the best in them. Interactive dog toys, healthy snacks, petting, praising, rewarding, and playing with your dog are excellent techniques to stimulate good behavior. 

At the same time, retracting these things at times of bad behavior will send an instant signal that they’re doing something wrong. 

Alongside long-term friendship, positive reinforcement will get you an amazingly-behaved dog that is highly unlikely to hurt anyone! And, that’s what you want in your Pitbull puppy!

3. Meeting Exercise Requirements

pitbull dog running in the park

Laziness or sleeping way too much is never encouraged in a Pitbull dog. Why? Simply because these dogs need a lot more exercise than some other dog breeds. 

Denying their exercise requirements (1 to 2 hours every day) will consequently lead to bad behavior and self-destruction.

Some Pits respond to lack of exercise either by sleeping too much or by behaving lazily. Other Pits, though, act overly aggressive and self-destructive

Either way, lack of exercise directly affects their obedience potential, which is why taking them out on a regular basis is a must!

4. Lots Of Love

They may not be categorized in the group of the best family dogs in the world, but Pit canines seek and give love, too! In fact, properly-socialized and obedience-trained Pit canines are probably one of the most desirable dog pets to have in your home!

Instead of giving them a hard time in dog crates – provide them with love! Pits are extremely emotional and intuitive dogs that love being around their owner. That said, denying them love would be a huge mistake!

Most of the time, Pit puppies that don’t get enough attention and feedback from their owner are highly unlikely to obey. Instead, they will go their own way, which can be extremely unpleasant.

5. Acting Timely

Redirecting your dog’s attention is not always the best solution simply because there will eventually be times when you won’t be able to distract them with treats or toys. Instead, acknowledge their bad behavior by acting timely!

For instance, if your Pit is biting during playtime, you should immediately discourage this sort of behavior by making a clear statement. Be decisive. Vocalize your indignation. And, stop playing!

The same goes for all other undesirable behaviors that your Pit might display. Not acting timely in the long term can easily confuse your Pitbull into thinking that they’re not doing anything wrong.

3 Things You Should Never Do In Pit Training

man and his pitbull outdoors

1. Hitting

Hitting your dog is never an option! Even in what can only be called the worst of times – you should stay away from this training method!

Many dog owners misperceive firm leadership with harsh training methods, and there – you now have an aggressive, misbehaving dog!

Hitting, yelling, or screaming at your Pit can cause a long-term trauma, which can directly affect its ability to follow commands. Traumatized Pits are generally unable to perform, listen, or obey their owner properly as their mindset becomes way too burdened.

In fact, some dogs are highly likely to reciprocate these training methods by attacking their owner.

2. Long Training Sessions

Instead of overwhelming your PIt puppy with long training sessions, try using short ones! These canines get easily bored when trained with the same methods over and over again.

Bored Pit puppies can be either lazy or extremely destructive, which is something you don’t want in your dog.

Keeping your dog’s training sessions short, entertaining, and purposeful is much more effective, especially if you’re dealing with a puppy! 

Make the session five to ten minutes long. Take a short break. In a few hours – repeat it. Do this several times a day, and there – you will have a disciplined Pit puppy!

3. Encouraging Negative Behavior

Never encourage negative behavior in your dog, even if that implies innocent, harmless mouthing during the puppyhood stage. This way, your Pit is highly likely to adopt those behavioral patterns as positive, which can eventually culminate in aggression.

Even letting your Pit play-fight with other dogs is a questionable matter due to their extreme power and strength.

Instead, acknowledge negative behavior timely, and discourage them with time outs, ignoration, and treat retraction.


“How to discipline a Pitbull” is never an easy question. These powerful, strong, and at times, stubborn canines require proper leadership and discipline. Otherwise, you may face an extremely overwhelming and destructive dog.

These five training methods listed above should be followed by every respectable Pit owner. Once you carefully read and adopt them – you should not be having any problems making a wonderful companion out of your Pitbull puppy.

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