Why Is My Goldendoodle Becoming Aggressive?


Having a Goldendoodle in your home means having tons of happiness and joy. That’s the ultimate truth about these designer dogs! On the other hand, the “my Goldendoodle is becoming aggressive” issue is almost never rooted in the very nature of these dogs.

Quite the opposite – there are always some external factors that trigger aggression in Goldendoodles as these pooches simply don’t behave that way by default. 

What are those reasons? How can you detect them? And, how long until you get your Goldendoodle puppy back on track? These are the questions that we’re going to address in this article, so my advice is – get comfortable and enjoy the read!

Are Goldendoodles Aggressive?

Goldendoodle running in park

Both Poodles and Goldies are known to be among the least aggressive dogs in the world. Consequently, their offspring, the Goldenoodle, happens to be the same.

These canines almost never display aggressive behavior, even when they are poorly socialized. That’s who they are and how they are made. 

If, however, your Doodle puppy is prone to aggression – you need to revisit your parenting methods or other external factors, such as your dog’s environment.

Having an aggressive dog in your home is never a smart choice, especially if you have small children around. Aggressive puppies are always unpredictable and hard to work with, which is why this issue needs to be resolved as soon as the first aggression signs are noticed.

Why Is My Goldendoodle Becoming Aggressive

Goldendoodle looking up

Both male and female Goldendoodles have their very own unique traits that come naturally. Aggression, though, is not one of them. 

There are a plethora of reasons why these hybrid dogs display aggressive behavior at times. Mostly, this undesirable behavioral pattern derives from poor parenting and an inadequate environment that your dog is living in.

In order to find the cause of this behavior, you need to look into other accompanying signs that your Goldendoodle is displaying. This is not always an easy process as it takes time, patience, and a lot of experience.

First-time Doodle owners are highly advised to look for professional help in this regard as it is much better to address a dog behaviorist than fail in the attempt to resolve this issue on your own.

For those with some experience up their sleeves – here are five most common rationales to the “my Goldendoodle is becoming aggressive” misery!

Lack Of Socialization

That’s right! Even the kindest Golden hybrids are likely to display aggression if they didn’t receive the proper amount of socialization. 

Early socialization training is the first thing to consider by all dog owners as it impacts your dog’s behavior, self-confidence, and further relationships with other people and dogs.

It is much easier to do this job during the early stage of puppyhood than to socialize an already aggressive dog.

Neglecting Your Dog’s Needs

Aside from implementing socialization and obedience training to your Goldendoodle, there are some things you should never leave out, such as timely meals, regular exercise, and mental stimulation.

These pooches are highly dependent on a routine, which is why they are likely to display aggression when their regular needs are neglected. 

Never skip or delay their regular meals. On the other hand, denying their exercise needs is a ticking bomb that’s eventually going to explode. It is only a matter of time.

Lastly, you should bear in mind that these pooches get easily bored. Doodles are naturally intelligent dogs that seek constant stimulation, which is why their owner needs to get creative on a daily basis.

Separation Anxiety

Goldendoodle playing with ball

Separation anxiety is a common trigger of aggression in all dog breeds. Still, this issue may be even more difficult for a clingy dog, such as a Goldendoodle. 

Aggression and self-destruction are unavoidable signs of separation anxiety in these pooches. They are generally human-oriented dogs that are just not used to spending time without their owner.

That’s why these puppies are not recommended to people with busy schedules or to ones with little or no tolerance for patient parenting. Even more, these dogs should never be kept as outdoor dogs as that’s just not who they are.

Fear Or Trauma

Dealing with a traumatized pet is always hard. This is because traumatized dogs are generally unpredictable and high-maintenance. 

Goldies that suffered some sort of trauma are highly likely to display aggression as a self-defense mechanism. Even though they are not aggressive by nature, these dogs respond instinctively to fear and trauma.

Things like loud noises, fireworks, and harsh parenting are major triggers for trauma in dogs. That’s why responsible Doodle owners should always provide a safe, nurturing, and calm environment for their dogs where they can feel at peace.

Inadequate Parenting

Getting your puppy to obey you should never be done by harsh training methods. Quite the contrary – these pooches seek a loving leader who knows exactly what they are doing.

Instead of screaming at your dog, try implementing positive reinforcement methods.

Puppies that are brought up inadequately eventually won’t know the difference between rewarding and punishing, which is the reason why they attack those who try to pet them or give them a treat.

Inadequate parenting generally derives from impatience, lack of experience, and lack of commitment. It is always better to give up a dog at the start than to make an aggressive beast out of it.

How to Get Your Goldendoodle On Track

Goldendoodle running with toy


Even the kindest dog breeds like Goldendoodles need a certain amount of obedience training. That being said, you should slowly start implementing obedience methods in order to discourage aggressive behavior in your dog.

This type of training, though, goes hand in hand with mental stimulation, which is why you should prepare yourself for frequent, creative sessions of work.

Don’t despair. This is a long process that takes time and patience, but it eventually pays off.


If you missed your chance in the early puppyhood stage right now is the perfect time to socialize your Goldendoodle. Even though it is generally harder to socialize adult dogs, we have never said it is impossible.

Quite the opposite – these pooches are highly intelligent dogs that adopt new things easily, which is why their socialization training should not be a problem, even in their adulthood stage.

Socialization training goes gradually, though. A slow introduction to new people, dogs, circumstances, and environments should be done in several shorter sessions. 

During this time, the use of socialization tools, such as interactive dog toys or healthy treats is highly encouraged.

Positive Reinforcement

Disciplining this puppy should never be done by yelling, screaming, or hitting. That’s not what responsible dog owners should do, ever! Instead, try using positive reinforcement techniques to make a decent pet out of your aggressive Doodle.

Pet. Praise. Reward. Then, start over! These are the proven methods to remove aggressive behavior from your dog. Generally, all Goldendoodles respond to positive reinforcement excellently, which is why this particular training method is always encouraged.


Goldendoodle standing outside

Realizing that “my Goldendoodle is becoming aggressive” is the first step towards a solution. The close second is understanding why. 

These pooches are generally kind and friendly, even towards strangers, which is why their aggression is such a strange behavioral pattern. Most of the time, it is triggered by external factors that need to be addressed as soon as the first aggression signs are shown.

If, however, you lack experience in this regard, finding professional help is always encouraged.

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