15 Best Goldendoodle Haircuts (With Pictures)


Goldendoodles are among the cutest dogs out there, and if you give them a proper haircut, they can look even cuter!

This Golden Retriever Poodle mix combines all the best traits from both breeds. It is friendly, loveable, and entirely adorable. What else could be expected from a dog that looks like a real-life teddy bear?!

For a Goldendoodle to reach the ultimate level of cuteness, you should take it to a groomer to give it one of the best Goldendoodle haircuts out there – or you can even attempt to cut their hair on your own!

To inspire you, we’ll list some of the best Goldendoodle haircuts and explain how you can make an amazing dog hairstyle from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s get started!

Goldendoodle Haircut Ideas – How To Cut Goldendoodles’ Hair

Goldendoodles are adorable dogs that look like they were made for various haircuts! They have medium-length curly coats that don’t shed. As such, they are considered hypoallergenic by many – although no dog can be truly without allergens.

The best Goldendoodle haircuts will not just make these pups look cute, but they’ll also keep the hair out of their eyes. They might even emphasize the many Goldendoodle colors these pups come in.

Here are some ideas for hairstyles you can give your furry companion:

1. Teddy Bear Cut/Goldendoodle Puppy Haircut

goldendoodle standing in sand

This can easily be the best Goldendoodle haircut out there, and it’s the most popular hairstyle dog groomers and owners give Goldendoodles.

Overall, the dog’s hair is cut short, no longer than an inch or two (some groomers might even cut shorter!). The shorter the hair, the less maintenance you’ll have later on.

This is a classic, go-to cut that many dog breeds can rock. This includes not just Goldendoodles but also purebred Poodles, Labradoodles, Bernedoodles, and other curly-haired dog breeds.

The teddy bear haircut is an ideal Goldendoodle haircut style, as it will not only give your dog a tidy look, but it is easy to comb and prevent matting. Not to mention that it will make your Goldendoodle look like a young puppy or a teddy bear toy!

2. Goldendoodle Lion Cut

This is one of those types of Goldendoodle haircuts that will make everyone laugh while praising your groomer and their sense of humor.

The goal is to cut your Goldendoodle to look like a lion. To do this, a professional groomer (although this is a type of haircut you can probably do on your own) will shave your dog’s coat to half an inch or a quarter of an inch in length all over the dog’s body while leaving it long on its tail, feet, and around the chest and neck area.

This hairstyle was often given to pocket dogs, such as Pomeranians, but the Goldendoodle coat only makes your dog look more like a wild feline. In fact, there was once a 911 call as someone mistook a neighbor’s Labradoodle with a lion cut for a real lion!

All jokes aside, this is a great summer cut as it leaves the dog’s coat very short – but not so short that it will cause sunburn. It’s easy to maintain, and, other than the chest area, the hair is unlikely to mat and tangle.

3. Lamb Cut Goldendoodle Haircut Styles

goldendoodle standing outside

Photo from:@goldendoodle.lovestory

The lamb cut started out as a new, trendy hairstyle for Poodles, but it is suitable for all dogs with the same coat type. This is an adventurous cut that, despite how it looks, is easy to maintain. Many people consider this the best dog haircut overall.

The lamb cut starts as a regular teddy bear cut, but the body hair around the dog’s legs is left longer – up to 4 inches in length.

This hairstyle is called a lamb cut as it makes your dog’s legs look fluffy, and it seems as if your pup is bouncing around while walking and running.

Some Goldendoodle owners like to keep the hair on the dog’s tail and around the ears long to give it a nice twist. It all comes down to what you like and want!

4. Goldendoodle Mohawk haircut

goldendoodle sitting on sofa

Photo from: @mookiethedoodle_aalders

Do you want to express your dog’s personality in the best possible way? Then this might be the best Goldendoodle haircut for you! A Goldendoodle mohawk is a stylish and unique cut that is effortless to maintain, and it will make your Doodle the talk of the town. Just imagine a mini Goldendoodle walking around looking like a punk star!

Generally, a mohawk haircut means that a dog is given a Goldendoodle puppy cut, but with longer hair on the top of the dog’s head and around his ears.

Although, some groomers will leave the hair longer all the way to the dog’s tail, giving them an overall more ‘dangerous’ look.

Many dog owners love to color their dog’s mohawk with dog-friendly hair dyes or using Kool-Aid. All you need to do is grab a Kool-Aid in your favorite color, add some water, then apply it to your dog’s mohawk.

5. Goldendoodle Poodle Cut

Goldendoodle Poodle Cut

Photo from: @itbe_abby

As the name suggests, this is a cut that was mostly used on Poodles, but it looks just as great on Doodles thanks to their coat type.

This is the best Goldendoodle haircut if you’d like your dog to look as similar as possible to its Poodle parent. The groomer will cut the dog’s coat extremely short on its face and belly areas but leave the hair longer around the ears, on its tail, and on the top of its head.

Some groomers and owners also like to leave the hair around the legs longer.

The Poodle cut does the exact opposite of the puppy cut – it makes him look more mature and intelligent instead of giving your dog a younger puppy look.

Not just that, but this hairstyle is effortless to maintain as the majority of the dog’s coat is cut short.

6. Goldendoodle Kennel Cut

goldendoodle lying on bathroom floor

Photo from: @calliemae.doodle

This haircut is known as the kennel cut as it doesn’t give your dog much uniqueness and personality but is effortless to maintain and clean. It is also the best Goldendoodle haircut for the summer months, as it leaves the majority of the hair short.

In fact, a kennel cut simply means that the entirety of the dog’s body hair is cut very short – often shorter than an inch. While it looks more stylish on curly dogs than dogs with straight coats, it still looks as if it kills the dog’s personality – but it is extremely functional.

In fact, this is the cut with the most financial incentives as it’s very easy to do, it doesn’t require professional groomer visits, and the overall amount of Goldendoodle grooming is brought down to a minimum.

If you don’t mind the lack of style and would like to keep your Goldendoodle low-maintenance, this might be a perfect haircut for you.

7. Goldendoodle Flag Tail Cut

Goldendoodle with Flag Tail Cut

This is yet another of those Goldendoodle hairstyles that give your pup plenty of personality and a sense of style. The haircut will make your dog’s tail look like a flag and make his coat appear shiny and curlier than ever.

The dog’s entire body hair is cut similar to a teddy bear cut, except for its tail. The base of the tail is cut short, but the rest of the hair is kept long.

This will make your doggie look stylish, and it’ll still be easy to maintain. The only thing you need to do is brush its tail with a slicker brush every now and then to keep it from matting.

8. Goldendoodle Clean Face Cut

white goldendoodle

Photo from: @oliverslife2020

This isn’t a complicated haircut. In fact, you don’t even have to cut your dog’s coat for it. As the name suggests, the Goldendoodle clean face cut implies that your dog will be left with short hair on its face.

Goldendoodles naturally have long hair on their cheeks and muzzles. If you let the hair grow, it can give your pup a messy look. Not to mention that having long hair around the muzzle area isn’t very practical.

A clean-cut means that the hair on your dog’s face is cut to about an inch, exposing your pooch’s cuteness. The rest of the body can be cut in any other style you’d like.

9. Goldendoodle Bell-Bottom Cut

Goldendoodle Bell-Bottom Cut

If you like fashion and fancy clothes, this might be the best Goldendoodle haircut for you and your dog. Things get even better if you love wearing bell-bottoms!

As its name would suggest, this hairstyle implies that your dog’s coat is cut to make it seem like it is wearing bell-bottoms. To complete this look, the top of the dog’s legs will be cut short, and the rest of its legs will have long hair.

However, to prevent your pup from looking like he has round feet, it’s necessary to take him to a professional groomer who will know how to layer everything.

10. Goldendoodle Round Face Cut

goldendoodle lying on table outside

Photo from: @thefriendlypuppy_

This is the best Goldendoodle hairstyle to further emphasize the Goldendoodle’s charming face and facial structure. It gives them that adorable look Goldendoodle owners love.

This facial cut looks the best when combined with a puppy haircut, as it will give your pooch an instant dose of cuteness.

11. Medium Length Cut

goldendoodle sitting on grass

This isn’t a standard way of styling a Goldendoodle’s hair, but it is still seen on dogs from time to time. This is the best Goldendoodle haircut when you’re unsure about cutting your dog’s hair short or growing it out.

A medium-length cut is a great option for when you need to maintain your dog’s coat but still don’t know how you’d like to style it later.

This is a good first-time cut for dog owners who don’t have enough courage to cut their dog’s hair much shorter but would still like a hairstyle that can easily be maintained.

12. Pom Poms

This is another hairstyle that can make your Goldendoodle look like a purebred Poodle. In fact, if you look at Poodles in cartoons, chances are they’ll be animated with this specific hairstyle.

With this grooming style, most of the dog’s body should be kept at a short length – almost as with the kennel cut. However, the groomer will add rounded balls of longer hair above the dog’s feet and often on top of its tail and head.

In fact, these cute little balls of fur are how this hairstyle got its name.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a good hairstyle to begin your DIY dog grooming with a pair of Amazon-bought clippers – quite the opposite. If you want it to look right, you should let a professional groomer deal with this.

13. Goldendoodle Round Feet Haircut

white goldendoodle with pink and purple paws

Photo from: @tinatalksdogs

This haircut might sound similar to the bell-bottom cut, but the end result is quite different. To achieve it, the groomer must leave the dog’s leg hair at just the right length to make it seem as if he is wearing boots.

To do so, you should first cut your dog’s hair similar to a teddy bear cut. Feel free to leave the hair closer to 2 inches than 1 inch in length, and you’ll easily be able to cut it shorter if you end up wanting to.

However, when it comes to the hair on the dog’s feet, you should scissor it neatly to make it appear fluffy and round, in line with the rest of the dog’s body.

Also, you should make sure the dog’s nails stay hidden underneath the fur instead of sticking out. This will keep the illusion of footwear.

14. Goldendoodle Topknot Hairstyle

This is another Goldendoodle hairstyle that is challenging to achieve, which is why you should always let a professional groomer do it – at least if you want to do it right.

With this haircut, you need to focus on the top of the dog’s head. Then, trim it neatly and make sure the shape stays round and that it blends into the dog’s neck and body.

A good idea is to pair this hairstyle with a clean face, as it will make your pooch appear fluffy and toy-like.

15. Goldendoodle Plume Tail Cut

Plume Tail

Finally, we have another Goldendoodle haircut that can be combined with various other hairstyles, such as the teddy bear cut and the kennel cut.

The plume tail cut is similar to the flag tail cut, making it versatile and creative. Also, it’s very easy to achieve, as Goldendoodles naturally have rather fluffy tails, especially compared to purebred Poodles.

The biggest difference between this cut and the flag tail cut is that you should leave the dog’s tail long from its base, instead of cutting the base short, just like the rest of its coat.

How To Brush A Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are calm dogs, and most of them will love brushing sessions. Just to make sure all goes according to plan, here are a few tips and tricks:

• Bring dog treats to help calm down a restless pup. You can even pick a healthy alternative they’ll love, such as Fig Newtons.

• Make sure to pick a dog brush that can reach the dog’s undercoat – we’ll explain more in a bit.

• Before you start using a comb, finger-comb your dog. This will help loosen up its curls.

• Goldendoodles have sensitive skin, so make sure the brush doesn’t have sharp pins that might hurt them.

Best Goldendoodle Hair Brush

While you should always pick a brush that works the best according to your liking, there are some general rules you should follow.

Overall, most dog owners will say that the best Goldendoodle brush is a slicker brush. This is especially the case if your Goldendoodle gets its coat type from the Golden Retriever side.

Bristle brushes are also a good idea if your dog struggles with mats and tangles. However, they might not be able to go as deep as slicker brushes, so your best option is to combine both of them.

If you happen to have a Goldendoodle that sheds, you might want to get a deshedding tool as well. Just remember that you shouldn’t use it too often, as it might damage your dog’s skin.

When To Cut A Goldendoodle Puppy’s Hair

goldendoodle puppy sitting in grass with leaves

Now that you know some of the best Goldendoodle haircuts for your pooch, it might be time to think about when the right time to cut your dog’s hair is.

If you’re talking about a first cut, you shouldn’t touch a dog’s hair until they are 6 months old. Not only can a visit to the groomer stress out a small puppy, but it can also be tricky as this is the time its coat changes.

Goldendoodle puppies have a soft, fluffy puppy coat when they are born. When they are around 6 months of age, it will be replaced by a wavy or curly adult coat.

If you cut their hair earlier than this, you might end up with a messy-looking dog as you’ll have no way of knowing what its coat type is.

For example, if your Goldendoodle has a fairly straight coat like his Golden Retriever parent, they’ll shed a lot but will require less maintenance as it won’t mat or tangle as much.

On the other hand, curly and wavy coats are low-shedding, but they require daily brushing and combing to keep them from tangling. All of this can influence your decision on the best Goldendoodle haircut for your pup.

As for later cuts, this is entirely up to your preference. Goldendoodles don’t mind their coats most of the time. They don’t care about their looks and won’t care if their coat grows.

However, if the hair gets in its eyes or if it starts matting, it’s time to consider giving your pooch a haircut as soon as possible.

Dogs don’t need summer cuts to feel cooler in the winter, but they might feel a bit more comfortable if you make their long coats shorter. However, don’t shave your Goldendoodle, as this will remove the undercoat and insulation it provides.

Not just that, but if you shave your Goldendoodle, it will leave their sensitive skin exposed to sun damage. The only reason you should ever shave your dog is if the vet suggests it.

Other than that, feel free to give your dog any of the best Goldendoodle haircuts from our list. Your Goldendoodle will love the attention it’ll get from passers-by, and you’ll spend less time maintaining their golden locks.

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