Rescuers Were Surprised To See This Stray Pup Beg Them To Save Her Blind Friend


People can sometimes be really cruel and demonstrate it in various ways. One of the best indicators of this is their attitude toward pets when many of them show their true faces. 

Two rescuers from Sadies Dog Rescue witnessed that when they found an abandoned dog by the side of the road. This poor pup begged them for help, and the whole time, she was pointing at the bushes that were right across the road. 

When they got to that place, the rescuers realized that this dog actually wanted them to help her blind friend who was lying there helplessly the whole time.

Heartbreaking Condition

two dogs
Source: Laura Myatt

The blind dog was lying in the bushes, and the two bags next to her indicated that these two poor canine girls were dumped together. Since Nellie, the dog that asked for help, wasn’t blind, she was able to fend for herself. 

Unfortunately, the blind dog, Agnes, wasn’t that lucky, as she completely depended on others. Luckily, these kind souls came at the right time and were able to help her and her brave friend. 

They gently took both of them into their arms and transferred them into the van. Due to their poor condition, the way to the rescue center was not easy, but they made it. 

Agnes was immediately taken to the veterinary clinic for a health examination. The vets confirmed that she was in a lot of pain due to her specific condition. 

blind dog standing
Source: Laura Myatt

“Agnes will maybe need to have a specialist look at her eyes as one is quite a bit bigger than the other and our vet believes it’s glaucoma which could be quite painful,” Laura Myatt, Sadies Dog Rescue volunteer, wrote in her Facebook post. 

Aside from that, she was quite malnourished, which was not a surprise considering that no one cared for her for quite a long time. However, they did not want to give up on her, neither the vets nor Laura and her team, and they were convinced that she had a bright future ahead of her. 

Her New Beginning

woman hugging a blind dog
Source: Laura Myatt

Despite all the difficulties, little by little, with the help of all the great people in the center, Agnes healed. Laura provided her with a foster home, and she was over the moon because of this brave girl. 

“Happy Saturday guys ☀️ Agnes, also known as “Aga-do 🎶” because she can do anything and everything 🌟💛 is recovering well after being spayed and having a dental,” she wrote in her new Facebook post. “She makes us smile every day 😁 One of the easiest fosters 💛.”

blind dog with clothes
Source: Laura Myatt

Agnes recovered completely in quite a short time and was soon ready for her new beginning. Her foster mom only had words of praise for her. 

“Agnes is totally blind but manages amazingly well, she knows where the few steps we have are, her hearing is wonderful, she can hear the fridge door open from outside,” Sadies Dog Rescue wrote in their Facebook post. “She’s a snuggly girl, who loves love, she loves people and she loves to be fussed over.”

The evidence for the last statement lies in the sweetest video of her and Laura snuggling together.

It didn’t take long for one dog lover named Sue Edwards to come across Agnes and her touching life story. She didn’t think long but immediately decided to adopt her. Despite all the hardships, this blind dog met her happy ending and finally settled in a warm home. 

But, what about her friend, Nellie? What happened to her? Well, she jumps into the happiest part of this story.

Happiest Reunion

Nellie, just like her blind friend, had to go through a recovery phase before she was ready for adoption. According to Laura’s Facebook post, she was extremely matted, but thanks to the vets and a few makeovers, she soon recovered and was a beautiful dog once again.

guy and beautiful white dog
Source: Sue Edwards

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find a forever home as quickly as her friend, Agnes. However, that was until Agnes’ new mom, Sue, put things together. 

“When the lovely Sue Edwards realized that Nellie was rescued with her little Sadie’s girl, Agnes, she just knew that she wanted them to be reunited once again, forever this time!” Amber Westaway, one of the rescue center employees, wrote in her Facebook post. 

That set the stage for one of the most heartwarming reunions in the history of this rescue center.

Thus, two sincere friends who supported each other in the most difficult moments were together again. Only this time, they were not left on the street by a heartless owner but welcomed into a warm home by a woman with the biggest heart. 

Regardless of all the difficulties, true friendship and love somehow always lead to the most beautiful endings, and this story proves it best.