Shelter Pup Who Was Hoping To Find A Forever Home Finally Smiles When Her Wish Is Granted


All dogs dream of living in a happy home, surrounded by their parents who shower them with love.

While a Red Husky, later named Luna, was hopelessly roaming the streets in Othello, Washington, she kept thinking about the home she once had.

The pooch looked around and observed the passers-by in hopes of recognizing the familiar faces of her previous owners.

Luckily, the rescuers at Adams County Pet Rescue came across the pooch, and they took her under their care.

The canine was a real sweetheart, and the staffers were convinced that she had a family of her own at some point.

They kept hoping that her owners would claim her, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

The Pooch Tries To Escape The Shelter

dog standing on the roof
Source: Adams County Pet Rescue

Living in a kennel represented a drastic change for Luna. The shelter environment was too noisy for her. 

The pup yearned to find her previous family and reunite with them.

Only ten days after arriving at the shelter, Luna ran away from her crate and climbed to the shelter’s roof.

“It’s happened again, except this time it’s a Husky on the roof! Maybe Luna’s climbing skills are the reason her owner decided not to pick her up,” Adams County Pet Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

The pup stood on the roof and observed the area, hoping to catch a glimpse of her beloved family members.

As soon as the shelter staff noticed her, they rushed to rescue her, and they lured her back to safety.

Luna Receives A Lot Of Love

happy dog in a new home
Source: Adams County Pet Rescue

The wonderful staffers gave Luna a lot of love, which she missed. 

They knew that her heart longed for a loving home, and they promised to help her find her happiness.

Luna hoped to attract the attention of the potential adopters who visited the shelter.

The pup finished training courses in the upcoming months. She got along wonderfully with the other shelter residents.

The more Luna started trusting her shelter friends, the more her personality shined.

The lovely girl kept waiting for someone to take her home, but sadly, nobody gave her a chance.

A year later, Luna became one of the shelter’s longest residents. 

The staff loved her deeply, and they never stopped believing that one day, she would find a forever home. They knew that she would make a wonderful family member.

Enjoying A Sweet Foster Life

family posing with new dog
Source: Adams County Pet Rescue

When the shelter established a fostering program together with the Ahtanum View Reentry Center in Yakima, sweet Luna was the first dog they chose.

The canine felt over the moon after she met the foster program’s coordinators and the rest of her foster family.

Luna stepped out of the Washington shelter with a smile on her face. The pup had been waiting for this moment for so long.

After she moved into her foster home, the lovely girl quickly captured the hearts of her fosters.

happy husky dog sitting
Source: Adam County Pet Rescue via The Dodo

“She is seriously the [chillest] Husky I have ever seen, and I don’t know how she had been at the shelter for over a year. She is the biggest sweetheart, and everyone adores her,” Brianna wrote to Adams County Pet Rescue, later shared on Facebook.

Luna enjoys her life in her temporary home. 

The pup loves napping on the floor with her legs against the wall and eating delicious treats her fosters give her.

The wonderful pup has a lot of love to give, and she often snuggles with her foster family.

I’m glad that Luna finally got a chance to relish life outside of the shelter. I hope that she will soon land the perfect home and find the true love she has been waiting for.