5 Dog Breeds With The Highest Grooming Needs


Hello everyone! 

I’m not alone here today! I have five of my buddies that are about to share with you their stories. 

I call this the club of notoriously bad dogs for grooming.

Okay, we’ll work more on the name. But, the whole point is to let them present themselves to you and say why they belong in this club. 

Don’t worry… it’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

If they can speak up, so can you and your dog! 

1. Poodle

white poodle dog
Source: Poodls

Hi, my name is Michaela, and I’m a Standard Poodle.

I have no idea why I’m here, but my BFF, Sandrina, the Afghan Hound, brought me. *side eye*

Anyway, why am I in the club of notoriously bad dogs for grooming?

Well, my owner says I’m a handful to handle in all possible terms. But, I’m just a DIVA and I’m spectacular! I can’t achieve my pawfect coat on my own.

Even though nature has blessed me with wonderful white curls, they still need to be groomed regularly. And, to be honest, I’m a huge fan of the bolero cut. It makes me look super fancy.

My hooman says my grooming bills are way too high, and that he sometimes wishes he could groom me at home.

I pray every night for him to forget about that idea and for that Amazon package with grooming tools to never arrive. 

He’s lucky to have me! I never shed on his sofa pillows. So what if I love going to the salon every month? 

2. Afghan Hound

afghan hound dog
Source: iStock

Don’t listen to Michaela. She had to be here! 

I’m Sandrina, and I’m fully aware that I’m both high maintenance and have high grooming needs. 

What can I say? I’m a long-haired dog that must be treated well. Otherwise, I wouldn’t look good.

I once knew an Afghan down the block and his coat was just too sad, full of tangles, and so dirty! I begged my owner never to make my coat look that way. 

I guess the begging worked. My daddy, Simon, really loves dog shows, and he enrolls me all the time. He says all the grooming bills are worth it because I look incredible. 

The worst thing about being groomed all the time is the bathing part. I don’t really love it, but I still behave because I want my hair to look shiny like the stars in the sky.

3. Chow Chow

chow chow dog
Source: Unsplash

Hi, I’m Poofy, the Chow Chow. 

Yes, I know my hoomans named me after my puffy coat.

No, I don’t mind it at all.

But, they seem to mind something else.

It’s about my grooming.

I know I’m a terrific family dog and they love me to pieces. But, I’ve heard them talking about my coat, and they’re not loving it. 

Hooman daddy says it’s too much work, and hooman mommy says it’s everywhere, even in her coffee.


Oh, I can’t do anything about it. I’m a big dog and I’m a big shedder.

At least they don’t have to take me to a professional groomer all the time. I’ve been once or twice and I don’t like it. I prefer my hooman mommy brushing me, thank you very much. 

I told them we should get a house with a yard so they can brush me outside. But, nooo! They didn’t listen. Now, they’re stuck with my hair everywhere and with my constant need to be spectacularly puffy Poofy!

4. Komondor

komondor dog
Source: Diply

Greetings everyone!

My name is Atilla, and I come from distant Hungary. My pawrents brought me to the USA a few years ago, and I’m still learning how to live in the big city.

Back on the farm where I used to live as a puppy, I had all the freedom I wanted. My voice was heard.

Now, the hoomans don’t ask me anything. 

Don’t they know I used to get dirty all the time at the farm? Don’t they know I loved it?

Now, my hooman mother yells all the time at me not to get dirty at the park. She says cleaning me is a nightmare.

Well, lady… you knew what you were getting yourself into. I’m a Komondor, and we don’t have fur like German Shepherds do. I’m a mop dog, and I have corded hair just like that mop that mom uses to clean (I thought it was another Komondor pup the first time I saw it!).

Anyway, hooman mother cleans me all the time and wants my dreads to stay pure white. She also pays a lot of money to the grooming lady to keep me nice and tidy. Hooman mother has a lot of money.

The grooming lady is nice, but even she rolls her eyes when she sees me entering her place. I love it when she runs her fingers down my cords and separates them. That’s how she gets rid of any dirt I catch on my way to her.

I hate to get wet. The grooming lady has some nice shampoos, but it takes forever to squeeze the water from my cords. I stay with her for the entire day, waiting to get fully dried. I don’t wanna go out in freezing-cold Seattle with my hair wet! 

5. Bichon Frise

bichon frise dog
Source: depositphotos

Oh, hi…

I’m Maurice, and I’m a bit shy, so excuse me for not talking a lot.

I don’t know… My hooman says I’m a good boi, but sometimes I feel my grooming sessions last too long.

There’s the bathing, then shampooing, applying conditioner, detangling, rinsing, drying with that awful blow dryer, trimming my nails, and shaping my coat so I’m all round and pawfect…

Ugh, it’s a lot of hard work to be me. 

It’s a lot of time spent at the professional groomer.

I’d rather be at home with my owner, snuggling on the sofa and listening to her talk to me.

She has never complained about my grooming needs, but I hear her everytime she sighs when the grooming lady hands her the bill.