Two Malnourished Puppy Siblings Were Running Out Of Time But Then Something Amazing Happened


There is just something so profoundly heartbreaking about seeing a puppy who just started his life struggling to survive.

What’s even worse is when humans see just how much they are suffering every day, and yet they choose to ignore them.

The dogs in this story were so severely malnourished that it really seemed at the beginning like they would not make it, but they did not want to give up.

Their luck was about to turn for the better when their amazing rescuers came to save them from their terrible misfortune.

They Were So Weak

two malnourished puppies
Source: The Moho

When the wonderful people came to their aid, they were shocked by what they saw there. The two puppies were in shocking condition.

They looked like they hadn’t eaten in days, and they had scabies. Regardless, the two sweet siblings were always together and did their best to survive.

After finding them, they were then placed into a car and had to be taken to a veterinarian clinic immediately.

The rescuers had decided to name them Sandy and Junior. These sweet dogs were now going to go to a bright new future.

close-up photo of two puppies in bad condition
Source: The Moho

Even in the car, they remained inseparable. They wanted to get through their troubles together. When they came to the vet, it didn’t take long to examine them.

Aside from severe malnutrition, they had many skin issues. Due to constant itching, they would scratch their body all the time.

This meant that they either lost some of the hair or even opened up a wound. However, all of that was going to be over soon.

A Real Miracle

two puppies next to a red bowl
Source: The Moho

Their veterinarians treated them, and they were going to make a full recovery soon. After receiving some food and water, it was heartbreaking to see just how hungry they were.

It’s difficult to even know when they had their last meal. A sweet dog should never have to go through something like this.

After a while, the treatment started working and Sandy and Junior were already starting to look a lot better.

sibling puppies lying
Source: The Moho

They started wagging their tails around their rescuers and it was just amazing to see that these sweet dogs now trusted the people who gave them a new chance.

In order to help with their recovery, the veterinarians made sure to feed the dogs several smaller meals every day.

One thing that was apparent after a few weeks was just how much fur Sandy and Junior recovered in such a short time.

The Sweetest Siblings

two puppies wearing a shirt and sitting on blankets
Source: The Moho

They were then discharged from the clinic and transferred to a sanctuary where they will now get a chance to feel what it’s like to live a normal life.

At the shelter, the siblings got a chance to socialize with some other dogs there and they were starting to make new friends.

Their rescuers ensured that they got to walk a lot and learn their new environment. They felt that it would help them learn how to behave around their new owners.

The dogs were placed on an adoption list and the shelter workers are working tirelessly to find them a home.

However, they are still not quite there yet. And, until they find a new family, the wonderful rescuers will continue helping them make a new life for themselves.