Abandoned Pup Believed His Family Came For Him Whenever He Heard A Car At The Shelter


The biggest wish of every dog ​​is a warm home and people who will love and care for them. Unfortunately, many canines do not have that privilege and are forced to fend for themselves, or at best, settle for a shelter.

The situation in which a 10-year-old Chihuahua, Chico, found himself is somewhat different, but his fate is just as heartbreaking. This dog had a loving family and a warm home since he was born, but then, when he needed his dearest people the most, they left him stranded.

He was very confused and could not accept the fact that those he loved the most were no longer there.

The Hope That Kept Him Alive

little puppy in the car
Source: Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County

For 10 long years, Chico enjoyed every moment with his family in a loving home. He couldn’t imagine life without them but, unfortunately, they didn’t think like that. They left him in a facility in North Carolina, and the reason was heartbreaking. 

According to McClatchy News, the family surrendered him because “they still had trouble potty-training him after 10 years.” However, the North Carolina shelter to which he was transferred confirmed that “Chico’s kennel has been clean since he arrived at the shelter.”

When he came to the shelter within the Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County, located in Concord, North Carolina, he was still baffled and didn’t want to eat. 

But, what caught the shelter employees’ eyes the most was his reaction whenever he saw a car pull up. 

“Every time a car would pull up in our driveway, he would be looking aggressively to try to get to that vehicle thinking it was his people coming back,” Judy Sims, executive director of the Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County in Concord, North Carolina, told McClatchy News. “We see this so often when people surrender their animals.”

These people knew that it was the hope that kept him alive, and they were all very touched by it. Fortunately, this only motivated them to help Chico meet his happy ending as soon as possible. 

Finally, The Car With The Right People

dog dressed up in green costume
Source: Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County

The shelter soon wrote a Facebook post about Chico and presented him to their followers and the general public. 

“Chico is an older gentleman that recently came to us after losing his home of ten years. He quickly attaches to certain people and can often have choice words for others he doesn’t know. Chico is a guy that needs to build trust to feel safe, and we don’t blame him due to what he’s been through,” they wrote. 

They added that he would prefer “a low traffic home that has plenty of free time and love to give him.” It was also emphasized that he must be the only dog ​​and that it would be ideal if the family did not have any other pets. 

This post quickly attracted a lot of attention and Chico’s life story was shared by many. Numerous offers for adoption started arriving at the shelter address, but not one of them met the specific requirements for this dog.

dog named chico covered with a blanket
Source: Janice Boney Webb

Just when Chico began to lose hope that he would ever again experience the happy moments of a loving home, a miracle happened. A car with the right people pulled up in front of the shelter and picked him up. He was finally on his way to the place where he belonged.

After all the hardships, Chico met his happy ending, and his new family vowed not to give up on him until he was potty trained.