Witness How This Owner Prepared A Breed Reveal Party For His Adorable Dog


Many dog owners absolutely do not care about their dog’s breed because they love them the way they are. However, taking a DNA test of your dog can be beneficial in certain situations. 

For example, if you have this information about your dog, you can more easily determine his ideal diet and predict certain diseases, consequently improving his health. Some people also like to know what breed their puppy is so they can determine the size of his living space. 

As you can see, the results of this test reveal information that can be important for many things. Yet, one man brought this to another level when he was about to reveal the breed of his dog after DNA testing. 

This legend threw a big party and invited his best friends to discover together what is actually hidden under the fur of his furry companion. 

A Moment They All Been Waiting For

man kissing the dog
Source: @gossamerwingedknit

On April 13, 2024, a TikTok user @gossamerwingedknit posted a video from the party in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania organized in honor of the dog named Franky. That day, a fur baby was celebrating a birthday, but more importantly, he was about to find out his breed

Everything was at the highest possible level – gifts, cake, balloons, and many friends with the most positive energy… just as befits a special day like this.

photo of dog on tv
Source: @gossamerwingedknit

However, at the moment when this video was being recorded, the focus of everyone in the room was neither on Franky nor on the gifts. Instead, it was directed toward the TV screen, which was about to reveal the information that everyone was eagerly waiting for. 

After counting down from six, a change finally happened on the TV screen, and then the cheers erupted. Franky’s breed finally appeared!

dog's breed written on tv
Source: @gossamerwingedknit

“Don’t know why we were so hype about 22.9% Chihuahua,” the caption stated. 

Regardless, there was no end to the excitement after this revelation. Poor Franky was so confused, but he was still over the moon that there were so many smiling faces around him and that they were hugging him and showering him with endless kisses. 

Although he will never know why, this probably will remain the best birthday of his life. His human friends will most likely agree.


Dont know why we were so hype about 22.9% chihuaha #fypシ

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Amazing Reactions

Not only friends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania discovered Franky’s breed, but also numerous others whose attention this video attracted. There were truly many of them, and most of the TikTok users were delighted by this party idea

social media comments
Source: @gossamerwingedknit

“this is so unbelievably pure and beautiful 🥺,” one user wrote. 

“this is how excited i want my friends and family to be about my dog 😭,” another wrote. 

And, the third quipped: “Literally the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.”

However, many wondered what the other percentages were. One user partially managed to find out, and wrote in response to one comment: “Pause and Zoom! 17.8% Beagle, 14.2 Australian Shep, 12.6% Lab, and 14.1% something I can’t read 😅”

Others only speculated, so one user wrote: “The other 78% is made up of treats, gas, cuddles and naps. Can’t forget that he’s also a 100 percent good boy.”

Any way you look at it, you can’t disagree with the last statement.