Witness This Pup’s Brilliant Plan To Escape The Doggy Daycare


If there is one thing that people most certainly underestimate about their pooches, it’s their intelligence.

While I myself have also been guilty of this, there were quite a few instances where I was absolutely shocked to see what my dog was capable of doing.

For example, my dog knew what a bell was and how to ring it despite nobody ever showing him how to do it. 

Even though it might feel like a small thing, it’s in moments like this that you really think: “Wow, our furry friends are a lot smarter than we think”.

This brilliant dog took it to the next level. When his parents arrived at the daycare to pick him up, he did something that absolutely shocked everyone.

A Really Brilliant Dog

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Source: puppetsclub

When dogs stay at the daycare in PUPS Pet Club at their location in New York or Chicago, they often reside in a small area surrounded by walls and barriers so they can’t flee.

However, despite this knowledge, it seems that simple designs like this won’t be enough to stop every pooch from leaving.

Some, like Charlie, were too smart to be contained by this. The PUPS Pet Club shared the camera footage where they can see just how crafty and clever he was.

dogs daycare
Source: pupspetclub

When his parents arrived at the shelter to pick him up, Charlie heard them talking to the daycare attendant and got a bit impatient.

To him, their conversation dragged on, and he didn’t feel like waiting anymore, so he decided that he was going to meet them right away.

At that very moment, he thought of a very clever plan to escape the room he was staying in with the other dogs.

Charlie’s Genius Plan

dogs trying to escape from daycare
Source: pupspetclub

Charlie realized that there was a folded stool hugging the wall, so he decided to move it a little bit. After that, he opened it up, climbed on it and just jumped over the small wall.

Then, he pretty much rushed into the other room where his parents were talking with the daycare attendant.

The other dogs looked in complete confusion and then noticed that Charlie was no longer in the same room as they were.

In the description of the video, the PUPS Pet Club wrote: “You’ve got to see it to believe it! Charlie is one smart cookie.

If this story can really show us anything, it’s that we should never underestimate our dog’s intelligence, as they can always surprise us in many different ways.

Charlie is probably one of the greatest examples of how much our pooches can apply themselves when they want to, and we should always commend them for being so smart.

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