Witness This Sweet Dog’s Amazing Superpower That Will Absolutely Make Your Day


I’ve heard of many unusual things dogs do, but this is definitely a first. 

At first glance, Katie looks like any other dog – an average indoor pet, some might say – but she’s actually a superhero in disguise. 

She’s both smart and hilarious, and she has learned a skill that’s actually pretty impressive for a dog. 

This skill has quickly turned into a regular habit that even prompted her owner to seek an opinion from her veterinarian, which eventually brought the whole office to laughing. 

A Dog With A Superpower

dog with clothes sitting on sofa
Source: Michelle via The Dodo

Everything started quite randomly a couple of years ago when Katie’s owner, Michelle, noticed her doing something unusual. 

“Katie taught herself the basic workings of static electricity,” Michelle told The Dodo. 

Katie was basically rolling around on the carpet, which she usually does for fun, when all of a sudden, she got up and approached Michelle’s foot for a quick sniff. 

But, when Katie’s little nose touched Michelle’s foot, it happened – zap!

Katie gave Michelle a light electric shock, which probably built up through the friction of rolling around on the carpet. 

And, it turned out that Katie absolutely loved it. Her tail immediately began to wag. 

happy brown dog
Source: Michelle via The Dodo

It didn’t take long for her to learn that by rolling around, she could produce these ‘zaps’, and she was obviously doing it intentionally after some time. 

“She got better at building charges. The zaps became more noticeable to the point where you could hear the static cracking in her fur before she zapped you. It became pretty obvious it was intentional,” Michelle said. 

‘Zaps’ are now a regular daily habit of Michelle and Katie’s lives. 

Whenever Katie sees Michelle, she greets her with a zap. “We’ll usually thank her: ‘Thanks for the zap, Katie. Very much appreciated,’” Michelle said.

Katie’s Love Of Wielding Electricity 

dog with yellow cloth on it
Source: Michelle via The Dodo

It’s obvious that Katie just loves being zapped and giving her household members little electric shocks. 

Everyone is convinced that she thinks they love it, too. 

Generally, they love her superpower, but there have been a few times when it turned out to be problematic.

Once, Katie’s zap broke an e-reader, and another time, it caused Michelle’s laptop to bug.  

“We now do our best to keep the newer, more expensive electronics out of zapping range from her,” Michelle said. 

To be completely safe and at peace, Michelle eventually contacted her veterinarian to ask them for a professional opinion. 

To her surprise, the veterinarian and their whole team found it hilarious.

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Source: Michelle via The Dodo

Katie’s zaps were nothing but hilarious, and she even got professional approval to keep doing it. 

She takes it seriously, so she keeps zapping her owners a couple of times a day. 

“She seems to honestly enjoy the sensations. In fact, the bigger the zap, the faster her tail wags, and she’ll run off to try to build a bigger charge in those cases. She seems to think the zaps brings us as much happiness as it does her, so we’re typically happy to oblige and give her a head scratch. Dogs are so precious, each one filled with their own special quirks,” Michelle said. 

In the end, those little zaps do indeed bring happiness to the whole household because having Katie with all her special quirks equals a lot of happiness.