Stray Dog Came To A Random House And Politely Asked The Homeowners For Help


Finding love in their parents’ arms is everything that homeless canines wish for. 

Their hearts never stop glimmering with the hope that someday, their wish will come true. It’s that hope that helps them get through another day on the lonely streets.

Dobby was an adorable stray puppy who lived with that hope, too. She relentlessly wandered the streets in search of food and kindness that she needed. 

One evening, her heart led her to the house of a couple who recently moved in. Despite feeling scared, the pup worked up some courage and paid them a visit.

A Sweet, Furry Surprise

stray puppy outdoors
Source: The Dodo

A week after Sydney and her partner moved into their new house, their security camera alerted them that there was someone in the back of their house. At first, Sydney thought it was a coyote and she rushed outside to check.

Her heart melted when she saw that it was, in fact, a skinny little puppy. She started talking to her, wishing to rescue her.

Although Sydney showed her kindness, the puppy was too frightened to accept the help she desperately needed, and she ran off. 

Sydney kept expecting to see her again. After she realized that the puppy wasn’t coming back that night, she became sad.

Hoping To Rescue The Frightened Pup

puppy walking on gravel
Source: The Dodo

Feeling drawn to Sydney’s home, the adorable fur baby visited her again the next morning. When Sydney noticed that she was back, her heart was filled with joy.

Determined to rescue the little stray, she spent all day outside trying to gain her trust. She left food for her and prepared a crate.

The fur baby noticed Sydney’s efforts and she felt more relaxed. She kept circling around the house every 20 minutes. However, she wasn’t ready to be captured that day, and she took off again. 

photo of stray puppy
Source: The Dodo

That night, Sydney heard a coyote howling in the distance and she felt frightened and worried for the puppy.

The next morning, she saw that the coyote was chasing the stray pooch. Sydney scared the coyote off. She knew she had to rescue the pup as soon as possible.

In the evening, the couple’s neighbors captured the little canine and brought her to the couple’s house.

Feeling The Warmth And Comfort Of A Home

puppy next to a bowl of food
Source: The Dodo

The puppy was happy to spend the night in a warm home. She finally felt at ease after a long time. She knew that she had chosen the right house.

Her rescuers were enchanted with her and felt relieved that she was no longer on her own. 

The couple took the canine to the rescue. The staff scanned her, but found no microchip. After determining that the delightful baby didn’t have owners, Sydney and her husband gave her a forever home. They named her Dobby.

The only thing they worried about was how Gary, their Frenchie, would react to having a sibling. Soon, they sighed in relief after they realized that Dobby had captivated Gary’s heart, too.

close-up photo of two puppies
Source: The Dodo

“I was shocked at how much they have become best friends and how much they really love hanging out with each other,” Sydney told The Dodo.

The siblings snuggled with each other all the time.

Dobby became a loving member of their family. The puppy couldn’t contain her happiness. She enjoyed cuddling with her parents on the couch, soaking up all their love.

“She is just part of the family now, and it feels super normal. Feels like she’s been here forever,” she added.

The couple believe that Dobby was destined to find them and they are over the moon that the fur baby chose their house.

woman and puppy
Source: The Dodo

Whenever they see her looking out through the window, they remember how much Dobby’s life changed. 

She used to be a hungry and frightened stray who desperately needed some love and care. Now, she gets showered with love and she enjoys the wonderful view while sitting on a couch in a cozy home.