Pup Who Was Thrown Into The Trash Couldn’t Stop Shivering Until She Met Someone Amazing


I can’t understand how ruthless some dog owners can be toward their pups who trust them with their whole heart.

Chia, a small puppy, trusted humans, too, but they ended up hurting her feelings when they dumped her in the trash.

The pup was in a terrible state. The hairless skin on her skinny body was covered in scabies.

The puppy couldn’t hide the sadness that she felt in her heart.

Instead of being treasured and loved like she deserved, she found herself shaking with fear in a pile of trash.

The fur baby kept wondering why she was rejected and whether she would ever find the love that she craved.

A Good Samaritan Finds Her

poor dog shaking
Source: The Dodo 

When a good man noticed the small puppy curled up in the trash, he took her in his arms and cuddled her.

The sorrowful pup seemed glad to feel the loving touch of a human hand.

The Good Samaritan felt worried after he saw the bad condition the dog was in. He placed the sick pooch in a box and rushed her to the vet clinic.

The vet examined the puppy, later named Chia, and gave her the necessary treatment.

Chia’s skin began recovering, but her heart needed healing, too. 

After spending weeks at the clinic, Chia moved in with a great foster family who received her with outstretched arms.

The sweet baby was terrified, and she couldn’t bring herself to enter their home. 

dog on the house porch
Source: The Dodo 

Her fosters were extremely patient with her, and they used food to gain her trust. They gave her immense affection and showed the kindness that she needed.

It didn’t take long for Chia to feel at home.

After she made a full recovery, Chia met her foster sibling, who helped her build confidence and taught her how to be a dog. 

Chia gained weight and became strong. 

She transformed into a beautiful princess who felt fearless.

Source: The Dodo 

Her foster family took her on adventures, and the pooch realized how wonderful life can be.

A few months later, Chia found her forever family.

Before she moved in with her new parents, the adorable canine said goodbye to her wonderful fosters, who restored her faith in humanity.

The Beginning Of Sweet Life

Source: The Dodo 

Chia felt excited when she met her new family for the very first time. Her parents took her in their arms and covered her with kisses.

The pup instantly felt connected to them.

Chia was over the moon when she arrived at her forever home and met her doggy sister. The two dogs became the best of friends and spent wonderful time playing together.

The puppy, who was once overwhelmed with fear, was now a picture of happiness. She finally found the loving parents that all dogs deserve.

I couldn’t be happier for the adorable girl.

Many thanks to the Good Samaritan who rescued Chia and to all the good humans who helped her find a wonderful forever home.